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Chapter 130 – Dear Tenma, All Was Due to Stress IV

“That time was considered the golden age of ‘The King’s Sword.’ For Instructor Vincent, who lived that era, the current state of the silver star is so disappointing that he often said that it only lowered the value of the star.”

Firth also earned one silver star due to his efforts of continuing to maintain his top grade and his good work as the director, but according to Vincent, Firth wouldn’t be good enough to earn a star in that golden era.

That’s quite a thing to say, thought Sophie in astonishment.

“I am aware that the period when Lorenzo-sama enrolled is considered a golden age, but weren’t those things that happened many years ago? If one is still attached to the glory of the past, they won’t develop at all.”

Since he was a teacher, he ought to just do his job. Sophie felt like saying sarcasm like, “A teacher was an easy job if complaining was considered a job of a teacher.”

“In the end, he just wanted to preach to the current young generation since it felt lacking compared to the beautified past. What a stereotyped cliché. A really capable person would read the changing times quickly and proceed to foster human resources accordingly. Just because he couldn’t do that doesn’t make a good reason to neglect his students like that.”

Sophie recalled her time as Tasuku when he heard his boss’ complaints, so her opinion felt too personal.

Firth didn’t know how to respond to the words that were unlike what one would expect coming from a 14-year-old girl and ended up dumbfounded with a stiff expression.

“Well, that being said, you people shouldn’t look away from reality just because of trivial reasons like lack of charisma, and you should think how to make him eat his own words instead. Are you okay with being told like that?”

“That… you’re right, I’m terribly sorry. We’re thinking of a breakthrough point, but…”

As Sophie listened to Firth’s confused voice, she finally noticed what she just said so she withdrew her remark and apologized to Firth.

“No, I’m sorry. I guess my remark is too arrogant.”


Firth blinked his eyes in confusion at Sophie’s sudden apology.

The reason Sophie withdrew her statement was because she remembered her previous life self in the diary entry she just wrote earlier.

Even Tasuku lived awkwardly during their age.

The reason he managed to shed away his awkwardness was because of adults in the form of Tenma’s parents who had a broader view of future guidelines. It was thanks to them that Tasuku managed to grow as a proper adult and set his own dreams and goals. That was definitely not something he could achieve alone.

Firth would be troubled to suddenly be told of things that Tasuku himself failed to do without any sort of guidance whatsoever. It might be easy to say, but it was normal to not know what they ought and wanted to do without any guidance. In that case, it wouldn’t be different from what Vincent said.

“It might be too high of a goal to aim for another golden age, but I would like to at least wipe out the poisonous remark of lowering the value of the star. Although I can’t do much, I would like to help in any way I could.”

Firth’s expression brightened for a moment, but he immediately shook his head and refused.

“I couldn’t afford to let Sophie-sama, the purple star, bother in such a matter.”

“Is it annoying for you?”

“There’s no way it is! However, I just couldn’t afford to trouble someone who came bearing a great task to put effort into something boring.”

“In exchange for my help, I want you people to help me with my task. Isn’t it a win-win relationship?”

“Um, I thought it was natural for us to help Sophie-sama in your task to begin with…”

Firth couldn’t afford to go against the will of the girl who was acknowledged by Lorenzo Forsell, the highest peak of the silver star, so it wasn’t possible for s win-win relationship to begin with, but the person in question was already saying, “Well then, how should we start with?” and thought of her plan.

“That’s right. I heard the people of the silver star don’t get along well with the people of the gold star.”

Lars mentioned that gold stars didn’t get along well with silver stars.

[“The people of the silver star saw gold stars as a group of fools who can only speak the language of money, while the people of the gold star saw silver stars as a group of parasites who sucked most of the donation money of the gold stars without producing any decent results.”] Lars mentioned so back then.

Sophie thought that was Lars’ subjective opinion, but seeing how Firth’s gaze swamped at Sophie’s remark, it seemed it wasn’t just a subjective opinion on Lars’ part.

“First of all, how about deepening the interaction with the gold star?”

When Sophie made such a suggestion, Firth’s eyebrows twitched and his expression showed how much he hated the idea. Apparently, they really didn’t get along well.

“If you said the gold stars are too attached to money, why not try to learn why they have become that attached to money? You might not be able to understand in the beginning, but if you abandon the attempt altogether, you wouldn’t be able to understand the truth of the world for the rest of your life. Isn’t it a silver star’s way of doing things: to pursue truth through repeated verification and experimentation?”

Although Sophie herself wasn’t interested in the truth of the world, she made use of an appropriate sounding excuse to persuade Firth which made him mutter, “That… might be true,” as he nodded.

Seeing Firth obediently respond in understanding, Sophie got worried instead.

Why are both students of the gold star and the silver star so easy to deceive… I mean, is this honest?

It’s not like I tried to deceive them anyway, Sophie hurriedly corrected her thought, but the former was her real thought.

The gold stars were only cheeky at first, and their attitudes were rapidly softening.

If it was Bart or Creto instead, they would give Sophie a gaze of suspicion and speak out. They had the spirit to never get deceived.

Not realizing that was the harmful effect of getting swayed by the heretical young lady for many years, Sophie thought that the aristocratic young masters were surprisingly cute.

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