Refuse Harem

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Chapter 142 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ The Breakthrough of Lars Rydholm II~

“Well, Conrad still followed ojou-san’s instructions properly, so I guess all is well.”

Sophie told the gold stars, silver stars, and copper stars.

Even if people of the black star said something about her, they were not to fight back.

[“The moment a quarrel takes place, both sides are already losing. I don’t want to create the opportunity for you people to be disgraced because of me. Besides, once you enter a social circle, such exchanges will become your daily occurrence. I want all of you to consider their actions as practice for your future and just laugh to brush it off.”]

Although Lars would normally agree to all Sophie’s words, he just couldn’t feel convinced by those words immediately.

After all, she was the bearer of the purple star.

It was the greatest star recognized by the successor of the throne, yet she asked them to endure the unprovoked insults, which shouldn’t be tolerated in normal circumstances.

Unable to put up with it, Lars suggested it would be better for them to reprimand black star severely for their actions, but her fruity lips formed a smile and she said in a lovely voice,

[“I also thought that the dignity of the purple star granted by His Highness would be damaged if we kept laughing off every insult. So I intend to dispel all the sparks. All those that attempted are to be thoroughly crushed to the point they can’t stand back up.”]

Even though she appeared to be a lovely girl, the words she said were more radical than anyone else.

[“However, that doesn’t mean I want to be hostile to the black star. I didn’t come to this place to pick fights, and I don’t intend to involve you if conflicts do happen.”]

Sophie smiled as she told them not to worry.

[“I came here to accomplish my task. Therefore, there’s only one thing I ought to see and aim for. If I keep making detours, I will only lose time meaninglessly.”]

Being stared at by her eyes that seemed to oversee everything, which made it hard to think she was a girl of the same age as him, Lars swallowed the words he wanted to say.

Recalling that time, Lars tilted his head.

“What should I eat to achieve a mindset like Sophie-sama? Would I be able to achieve it if I could tolerate dismantling a bird?”

“Don’t run off in a weird direction, young master. If it’s a heart that tolerates dismantling birds, I also have it.”

Lars wondered if there was some sort of secret of dismantling a bird, as he didn’t get to witness it, but it was denied by Marcus, who experienced dismantling birds many times.

“Besides, even if you said ‘achieve mindset’, the words that ojou-san said after that…”

[“But if they go too far provoking you people, please tell me about it! I will make sure to make my move then. I’ll thoroughly crush them so they can no longer attempt such actions!”]

Sophie clenched her both fists tightly as she made a disturbing declaration, with the cute words “I’ll tell them it’s a no-no!”  

However, it sounded like “I’ll destroy them!” in Marcus’ ears. Rather, that was the only interpretation he could come up with.

“That ojou-san is definitely a dangerous one once she snaps.”

I’ll evacuate as far as possible when it happens, muttered Marcus with distant eyes.

“If we go with such judgment, I think the behavior of the black star is about to go too far. Perhaps it would be better if we dealt with it ourselves before Sophie-sama’s anger reaches its peak.”

Lars’ words made the other two wear difficult expressions. Lars himself also understood how difficult it was, but he couldn’t help but say it anyway.

“The rudeness of the black stars in the last few days is remarkable.”

Just because Sophie didn’t take any actions toward their behavior, the black star arbitrarily interpreted Sophie Linier as a purple star only for appearance’s sake.

Geez, muttered Marcus in dismay.

“Those black stars should have learned about the person they pick a fight with before doing so. If it was me instead, I would definitely not pick a fight against that ojou-san. Once she considers me as an enemy, she might hinder me for a lifetime.”

“For a lifetime… that sounds wonderful!”

Lars got intoxicated with ecstatic eyes, completely ignoring the word “hinder.”

“Things would be easier if those black stars were as intoxicated as this young master is with that ojou-san, though.”

Dry laughter leaked out of Marcus’ mouth.

“As of now, far from being intoxicated, those black stars completely think that ojou-san as some sort of villainess. They definitely think her title as the purple star is only the stepping stone for her to enter the royal palace in the future.”

What Aaron meant by that was Sophie becoming a concubine of His Highness. At those words, Lars and Marcus looked at each other.

“Concubine, huh…”

“According to what I heard from Sophie-sama, it sounded like an impossible thing, though.”

“But Lars, that’s unfortunately what the black stars think.”

Aaron, who saw the first prince’s fiancée at a tea party, continued his words with the preface, “It might be a rude opinion, but…”

“Sophie-sama would appear to be a neat, adorable, and quiet girl if she only kept silent. On the contrary, Christina Wellin, who is the fiancée of His Highness Ferio, has a gorgeous appearance, so they have different types of beauty. That’s why some doubted that, rather than a gorgeous beauty like Wellin-sama, His Highness Ferio seemed to prefer quiet girls like Sophie-sama, and most of the black stars believed such rumors.”

“She might look neat if she kept silent, but she’s totally a rampaging horse once she opens her mouth…”

Although that wasn’t the point, Marcus couldn’t help but make such a retort. Aaron then denied him, saying, “We’re talking about her appearance here.”

Lars furrowed his eyebrows as he listened to their sloppy words about Sophie.

“Marcus-dono and Aaron are rude toward Sophie-sama! Even though Sophie-sama’s heart is filled with pure love!”

“…Young master, if you really see that as a heart filled with pure love, you should see a doctor. That part of ojou-san is already an illness.”

As Marcus mentioned that part of Sophie like it was an illness, Aaron tilted his head in confusion.

“If His Highness really had a woman other than his fiancée, some people might actually die due to her impulse.”


Aaron was surprised and took a step back at the dangerous words of “some people might die.”

The thing that Marcus meant by that thing took place at the tea party after the discussion at the Institute of Medical Science was over.

Sophie held the tea party as her gratitude for them accompanying her, but during the peaceful conversation, Marcus asked Sophie something that should never be asked.

“Hey, are ojou-san and His Highness lovers?”

When Marcus casually asked such a daredevil question, both Lars and Firth spurted the tea they were drinking. Luca, who was standing behind them, also had a tense expression.

—It was a forbidden question that probably ran through everyone’s minds at least once.

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