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Chapter 154 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ Miscalculation of Gerald Forsius IV~

If the students of the black star were stripped of their stars due to their disrespect to the purple star, then Gerald, who was in charge of escorting the purple star, wouldn’t come out unscathed either.

Sophie had a hard time understanding the intention of that question.

In the first place, why is Geragera convinced that the black star behaved rudely?

The behavior that came to mind was the black star students’ gazes and attitudes toward Sophie, but honestly, some degree of slander was expected in social circles. If one felt indignation over every single slight, the person might even get insulted for having low tolerance.

It was especially the case for the unprecedented purple star.

That was why Sophie gracefully pardoned the black star students’ attitudes toward her like a lady.

Sophie was considering some measures if the damage spread to Lars and anyone else instead of her, but they were surprisingly bold, and they began to give a gentlemanly response to the black star’s sarcasm recently, and they also held a discussion on how to make a tasteful response among themselves.

Sophie peeped and listened to their discussion, but what they said were responses mixed with sarcasm that Sophie might say, so she had mixed feelings about it.

Speaking for the silver stars, Firth said, “A silver star would listen to the words of fellow silver stars, but they wouldn’t bother to listen to anyone else’s words. Most of those who couldn’t even pass the entrance exam for the silver star meant their intelligence was lacking, thus their words were worth less than the sound of falling leaves.”

When Firth said that with an innocent smile, Sophie couldn’t help but hold on to her head and mutter to herself, “All of you should listen to the words of people other than silver stars as well,” like a mother teaching her children.

And when it came to the copper star,

“I get hungry whenever I see ojou-san lately.”

“Yes yes! Me too!”

“I want to eat those things we ate during the mountain exercise again!”

“Can I try that ‘black drop’ next time?”

They only complained about their hunger.

They were more shameless than Sophie thought.

Given that, it’s hard to think someone would bother to give a warning to Geragera. In that case…

As Sophie glanced at Gerald’s eyes, she couldn’t see the fluctuation that was reflected from his eyes earlier, but they were now staring at her as if trying to observe her.

—Is it appropriate to think that those words came out exactly because he had no idea?

If Sophie, who received the purple star, considered something rude, then that thing would be rude, no matter how trivial it was.

But as long as she didn’t say it, it was still something that could be overlooked. There was no need to bother making the situation rougher.

However, as the person in charge of her escort, she needed to judge whether things were really rough.

There were incidents with Lars and their participation in the mountain exercise.

Based on their earlier exchange, Gerald should have understood that Sophie didn’t feel the need to obediently report such things to him.

Although it was important information for the person in charge of escorting her, such information wouldn’t be delivered to him if Sophie thought otherwise.

In that case, how should she deal with this?

What would she do?

There was only one answer.

This Geragera is trying to set me up!

His unusual straightforward remark would shake her, and Gerald should be trying to draw a conclusion about the black star’s behavior from Sophie’s expression.

Most people usually tried to squeeze out answers to whatever they were asked.

In particular, being asked questions that they weren’t prepared for beforehand made it easier for the person to slip and speak their true thoughts.

If Sophie shook even a bit at this moment, he would be able to draw a conclusion, regardless of her answer. That was only if Sophie shook, though.

Did this man forget I am a daughter of a merchant?

No, even if he hailed from a count family, the Forsius family was among the top aristocrats.

As the son of a famous family that was said to be on par with a duke family, it was natural for him to have no idea about that.

Moreover, even as a daughter of a merchant family, Sophie was considered an unusual case since she actually made business deals in person. Be it her previous life or present, she had been confronting people that couldn’t be dealt with in a conventional manner.

Unfortunately, Sophie wasn’t that obedient to be caught in such a setup.

I’m sorry. I’m not that free to have my time taken away from me by the cute sarcasm of a black star.

“No, there’s no such a thing.”

For a moment, Sophie made a confused expression as if she didn’t understand what he meant before replying.

The two black stars who waited for Sophie’s words with timid expressions had a blatant relieved expression, but Gerald didn’t break his expression.

The same eye color as her beloved Christina was staring at Sophie.

Being stared at by such strong eyes that wouldn’t miss a single gap would make a normal girl shake, but for Sophie, no matter how beautiful the eyes were, since they belonged to a man, her heart wouldn’t shake.

However, Sophie acted confused at being stared at by those eyes instead.

“Um… Why are you asking that?”

Sophie put her fingers on her white cheeks and tilted her head in a slow, slow motion.

She blended it with a little embarrassment, making a gesture of an ignorant girl who knew nothing, which made Sophie think she was quite an actress.

In her previous life, putting on an act in front of a person of the opposite sex was a difficult technique, but she could do it without hesitation in her present life.


“Ah, I almost forgot! I have urgent business.”

Before Gerald uttered something, Sophie clasped her hands as if she just remembered.

“I’m terribly sorry, but please excuse me.”

After gracefully greeting and apologizing like a lady, Sophie slowly turned around and walked away.

All while smiling inwardly at her act of a weak and adorable girl.

As a lady, unnecessary conflicts are to be avoided gracefully and with dignity. My lady self was wavering recently, but wasn’t this the first time for me to make a praiseworthy act of a lady?

If Bart were here, Sophie would’ve puffed her absent chest proudly.

While Sophie was satisfied alone, Luca asked in a whisper,

“Sophie-sama, is it really okay? If it’s Gerald-sama, he would be able to make the black stars obey, wouldn’t he?”

Certainly, if Gerald gave the order, then the black star would follow.

“It might be so outwardly. However, the human heart wouldn’t move from such an order.”

If things went badly, the black star would think that Sophie didn’t seduce just the first prince but Gerald as well.

If someone spouted that she seduced Gerald just like when they gossiped about Ferio, she wouldn’t be as calm as before.

When did I seduce Geragera!? What hour, minute, second, and how many planet revolutions occurred when it happened?! She could easily imagine herself making such a childish outburst.

She had to avoid doing such unladylike behaviors, but she had no confidence whatsoever that she would be able to endure it.

When the other party is Geragera, the hateful index increases!

Suddenly, a question arose in her mind.

Why did she become so irritated when the other party was Gerald?

It should have been more annoying when she was said to seduce Ferio, even when he was her beloved “elder sister” Christina’s fiancé.

Was it because he was the model of Leoleo, who was loved by Lana?

Was it because the facial deviation value had a higher order of magnitude?

…No, that’s not the number one reason.

When she thought about it, that feeling wasn’t expressed as annoyed, but somewhat bitter instead.

Indeed, she had bitter feelings about it.

When she saw Gerald, a distant memory made a small opening.

The thing that opened like a wound reminded her of someone similar to Gerald.

It was my hateful—


Upon hearing Lars shouting at her from some distance away, Sophie ceased her thoughts and raised her head.

The remnants of the past that nested inside her scattered, and Sophie recalled her original purpose.

The urgent business Sophie told Gerald was definitely not a lie.

“Lars, Aaron!”

Now, more than anything, the two who ran toward her in a hurry should be prioritized.

Looking at the two who panted in front of her, Sophie was about to ask “How was it?” but decided to refrain.

It was because she knew the answer without asking.

There was a color of joy that couldn’t be hidden from their faces.

“Sophie-sama, we did it! The principal said our written opinion we passed had no defects and was eligible!” 

“All of the gold star students were granted one star and we’re given permission to use the stored money as long as it is within the range that benefits the academy!”

Looking at Lars and Aaron who reported with excited voices, Sophie blinked once and gave them a big smile.

“You did it!”

Even though there were many things she could have said, the reason that was the one that came out of her mouth was because she was joyful together with Lars and Aaron.

As Sophie gave a warm smile like a sunny day, the two happily answered, “Yes!”

“Ah, we need to tell everyone of the gold star! They were worried, after all.”

Aaron said so in a hurry and ran as he left.

As Sophie saw his leaving figure, Luca, who was dumbfounded since he was the only one who couldn’t understand what happened, tilted his head.

“Um, what is happening there?”

Why did the two, who were summoned by the principal, look so joyous?

Then there were the things that Aaron said, “all gold stars were granted one star” and “permission to use the stored money”.

Luca had no idea what was what.

“Remember, didn’t the students of the gold star hold a discussion regarding the dining hall before?”

“Things that summarized from that were submitted under the name of all students of the gold star, and today, we were summoned regarding that matter.”

At Sophie’s and Lars’s explanation, Luca raised his voice in surprise.

“However, didn’t Sophie-sama say, ‘there is no expectation,’ back then?”

“Yes. Bad expectation, that is.”

As the lovely girl put her index finger on her mouth, Luca was stunned as he couldn’t understand.

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11 months ago

What hour, minute, second, and how many planet revolutions occurred when it happened?!

What’s the point of using such flowery language for something that means days?

11 months ago

Hm, could it be that Gerald is Tenmas reincarnation?:0

11 months ago
Reply to  H20_Mel0n

That’s what I’ve been assuming for a while, since they were both described very similarly, one after the other, including the MC’s initial reaction to Tenma having been pretty much the same as to Gerald in this life.

11 months ago

Thanks for the chapters!

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