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Chapter 157 – Dear Tenma, Men Are Creatures That Are a Little Insensitive, Aren’t They?

During my previous life, I was often told “You’re slow on the uptake!” and “You’re thick-headed!” by Suzuka nee-san.

Even though I was just having an everyday conversation, I had no idea why I was told those. It happened quite a few times.

Tenma, when I glanced at you for help, you instead looked at me with eyes that seemed to say, “Uwah, isn’t he an idiot…?” Fufuh, it felt nostalgic.

――I am still holding a grudge over the fact you didn’t come to my rescue even now, okay!!

Cough, excuse me.

Well, the creatures known as men were made to be less sensitive than women, and I had such a thought in my previous life.

In the first place, the reason women had a better sense of perception compared to men dated back to the period when men went off to hunt while the women protected their houses. It was an ability cultivated to quickly notice the physical state of the members of the family.

In that case, since I was a man, I think the fact that my ability to perceive was a bit lacking was something that couldn’t be helped.

…This was definitely not me making excuses for not being able to clarify the reason for Suzuka nee-san’s anger even now, okay?

U~hn, but it sure is a wonder. At the company I worked with, I had the reputation as a person who was rather caring and attentive, but when it was with people I was close with, I was treated as stupid. 

I surely earned the evaluation of being caring and attentive, but maybe my true nature was like what Suzuka nee-san said, an unbelievably dull guy.

Therefore, reflecting on my previous life’s self, I am proud of my tolerance toward how insensitive men can be.

Yes, I was still being considerate despite my attitude, you know? I thought it couldn’t be helped for men to be a little insensitive.

……But you see, I think trying to proceed with the situation while ignoring my opinion was still too much.

This was definitely not insensitive, right?

If anything, it was more the work of the devil.

Indeed, for example, there was this one――

What’s this?

Involuntarily, her thoughts became Tasuku’s.

A group of black lined up in front of her. Needless to say, they were the students of the black star.

The group was all bowing their heads and greeting Sophie. It wasn’t a normal greeting, it was an apology.

“Please forgive the rudeness of the black star.”


The figure of Gerald, who stood at the forefront and had his head lower than anyone else, was reflected below Sophie’s eyes. Sophie involuntarily held her own head.

I’m having a headache. Why did things end up like this…?

Just when Sophie thought she gave the perfect behavior of a lady to deal with him, this was the result.

Sophie didn’t ask for the whole black star faculty to come to apologize to her.

Since Luca was away due to being summoned by Lorenzo, Marcus, who served as the escort for the day, also had a dumbfounded expression, which was rare for him, as he looked at the people of the black star. 

No, it wasn’t just Marcus. Even the passersby had their eyes wide at the scene.

If it was done in a place where no student could see, perhaps Sophie wouldn’t feel as bad of a headache. However, students would pass by this place when they returned to their dorm and, time-wise, it was also when people gathered the most. Considering the choice of location, it made Sophie want to grab their chests and ask whether this was some sort of harassment instead.

Perhaps Geragera happened to hear what happened in the dining hall yesterday? But isn’t that a trivial thing?

The “trivial thing” was about how she was slightly irritated at the disagreement and threw a slightly cute tantrum.

Wasn’t it normal for teenage girls to throw a tantrum?

Sophie also asked Luca and Lars after that. “I wonder if my remark just now didn’t sound ladylike?”  To which they answered, “That’s not the case,” and shook their heads. Then they spent their lunch peacefully after that.

In the morning, when Sophie asked Marcus, who came in Luca’s stead, about what happened after she left, Marcus casually answered, “Even if you ask, there’s nothing in particular though?” 

Above all, Marcus’ expression, which was as surprised as Sophie’s, showed that he also didn’t expect this to happen.

Even though I showed an attitude that I knew nothing, why did this man bring up the topic again!?

At that time, Gerald should have clearly read Sophie’s intentions.

And the result of that was “this.”

It was forcing an apology. It was comparable to being forced to sell products even though the goods weren’t requested.

――However, it was certainly the right choice for the black star.

If they ignored the malice toward the purple star, punishment was unavoidable.

Things might be different if they hid it well, but teenagers were under the delusion that what they believed was the right thing, and they couldn’t help but try to eliminate what was evil to them.

It might be different if they calculated all the possible results, but they, who only moved based on their emotion, could only come up with childish actions.

Pointing out such childish actions and trying to fix them, which Gerald, the bearer of three black stars, did, was definitely not wrong for a human being.

The reason they chose the location with a lot of students’ eyes might also mean to make the black star understand the significance of the matter.

Certainly, I can’t say it’s completely wrong…

However, the method was so makeshift and hasty. No matter how Sophie saw it, she didn’t think the students of the black star were convinced to bow their heads.

They might be filled with indignation inwardly, but since Gerald said so, they couldn’t say no and bowed their heads.

Did this man not understand what kind of emotion it produced?

Since those students bowed their heads, Sophie couldn’t see their expressions, but there was something she could tell.

The fact that they felt anger toward the girl who caused not only them but also the bearer of three black stars, Gerald Forsius, to bow their heads to her.

I didn’t even want this guy to bow his head to me!

“…Gerald-sama, I have a hard time understanding why I am being apologized to, but that’s enough, so please raise your head.”

Even as Sophie tried not to speak with a vain tone as much as possible, Gerald’s posture didn’t move at all.

He had no intention to make the apology never happen―that should be what he meant.

This bastard…!

Even though it was only within her mind, it wasn’t only Sophie Linier, but also Tasuku was irritated. She had felt that way ever since they came to apologize.

Ever since the man in front of him bowed his head and apologized faster than anyone――

Author’s Note:

It’s update at a turtle pace, but thank you for your comments, evaluation, and bookmarks for my work ( ;∀;)

Thanks to everyone, I’m pleased to inform you that volume two of this novel is released (`・ω・´)ゞ

It will be the second year of Reiwa, December 16th.

The newly written side stories had a similar word count of around 25,000 like the first volume.

The side stories would be from the women group’s perspective, so for those who missed them, please read it!

I received comment that “I want to know about Lilina’s feelings” so I wrote the,

I didn’t think much when I wrote it, but when I checked it three times, it made me think “It’s it feel like a yuri? It smells like yuri? Isn’t this considered a yuri for the Morishita standard???” instead, so if anyone who read it and also thought it was yuri, please tell me. We were comradesヽ(^o^)丿

If there were people who had thought: “no, that’s not it! You don’t understand how yuri supposed to feel like!” please tell me as well. I would do my best to improve (‘◇’)ゞ

There was also another story about the girl’s academy after Sophie left. There was a bomb left there, so if anyone asked “Which one?” please search for it (`・ω・´)ゞ

I also revised things, so Sophie’s interaction with Lorenzo would feel a little different to the web novel version.

Due to the change, I had to remake the scrapped part, so I ended up work harder than one volume worth, so I would be grateful if you read it ( ;∀;)

Of course, I’m still thankful for you reading the web novel version!

Please take care of me from now on (*´▽`*)

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