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Chapter 1

The shimmering flood of gold that had filled my entire field of vision disappeared.

I slowly opened my eyes, which I had closed reflexively due to the glare.

My vision, which was still suffering from the glare’s afterimage, slowly adjusted.

What I saw before me was the interior of a stone building. Was it marble?

Before me was a polished white floor with a beautiful grey marble pattern.

The walls were the same colour as the floor, with high ceilings and evenly spaced columns.

The columns, which looked similar to Greek ruins, surrounded the centre of the chamber where I was standing, which was one level higher.

And then, there were the astonished faces of the people standing in line in front of me.

The people standing in line looking at me were foreigners from a Japanese point of view.

They had gold, brown, or red coloured hair. Some of them had black hair, but their finely chiseled features did not look Japanese to me.

They were wearing period costumes that reminded me of fantasy movies.

When I saw what looked like swords on their waists, I unconsciously fell to my knees on the spot.

Correction. I slumped down.

My name is Sakura Keigo, and for the first time in my 35 years of life, I experienced a shock that had brought me to my knees.

I was a lowly salaryman, a full-time employee of a listed company, so I guess I was on the winning side, but I myself lived the life of a loser.

I didn’t have a wife. I’d never even had a girlfriend.

When I claimed (or made excuses) that I didn’t have time for anyone due to my busy work, people around me didn’t make fun of me. Rather, they smiled at me with pity.

Their gazes told me, “You don’t have to say anything more.”

… The kindness of people is something that can really make tears roll silently down your cheeks…

The one thing I could be quietly proud of was the 20 million I had saved up for my own home.

No matter how much money I had managed to save though, it would never be enough for my old age.

So, I decided to swallow the blood that I wanted to throw up at the idea that it was originally for a wedding preparation without a partner. ……

So on that weekend, I took a direct route back to my apartment after working overtime.

While I was on the train, I looked forward to a can of beer after coming home. But somehow, I found myself in this movie-like world. I couldn’t find any cameras though.

From among the cosplayers lined up, a refined gentleman at the front of the line walked up to me.
He was wearing a flowing white tunic which had embroidery on the chest.

From my modest fantasy knowledge, he must’ve been a staff-wielding priest.

Based on his appearance, he was 10 years older than me.

His pale hair, which had streaks of gray running through them, was pulled back loosely.

The gentleman smiled gently at me and reached out with the hand that wasn’t holding the staff.

He asked me in fluent Japanese as I remained frozen.
“… Can you stand up?”

I nodded awkwardly and stood up with his help.

“Do you understand my words?”

Yes, I responded.

He smiled and nodded at me as I replied, though my voice was muffled from nervousness.

“I’m glad you could understand me. What’s your name?”

I breathed a sigh of relief at his gentle tone and replied politely.

“My name is Sakura”


Instantly, the cosplayers started getting worked up and talking among themselves.

I was scared. I was seriously terrified.

My throat let out a small cry as I was suddenly exposed to hostility, murderous intent, and other emotions that were almost unheard of in modern Japan.

I mean, the red-haired man had pulled out the sword at his waist. He was definitely going to cut me down.

A young black haired man and a silver haired man clung to him and stopped him from moving forward. They seemed to be the redhead’s subordinates based on their cosplay costumes.


“No way”

“No matter how we look at it, you’re not a girl though?”

“Are you trying to trick us?!”

“Of all people, Sakura-sama is …”

“Sakura, Keigo. Sakura is my surname and Keigo is my first name …”

At this rate, I felt like they’d deny everything, even my very existence!

As such, I hurriedly introduced myself and gave them my full name.

It’s true that my surname could’ve been mistaken for a woman’s name, but the kanji was different.

I wanted them to understand that … Could these foreigners even understand kanji?

He didn’t understand the kanji, but he seemed to understand that it was a family name.

The cosplayers, who had been agitated, relaxed as if my explanation had relieved their concerns.

A strong looking blond haired man stopped the redhead from drawing his sword with a slight hand wave.

With that gesture alone, the redhead eased his battle stance and sheathed his sword once more.

That blond person must have been the most important person in this place. He was the only one wearing a fur-lined cloak.

He wore large jeweled ornaments, and he was just as gorgeous as the very jewels he was wearing.

He was probably a bit older than me.

It seemed like the word arafo didn’t apply to good-looking guys. 1

He was the perfect embodiment of a mature man’s sex appeal.

Uh, I’m not feeling jealous at all!

…… I don’t really like my youthful face.

I put aside my jealous feelings.

There was a handsome silver-haired man who looked to be the same age as the blond-haired man. He had been standing next to him, but then stepped forward.

If the red-haired man was a military officer, this one must’ve been a civil officer.

The silver-haired man gave the impression of an efficient person with sharp good looks. He suddenly called out with a calm, controlled voice.

“Head Priest”

The man who had been holding my frightened hand in his, turned around at his words.

“Who is that person?”

“He understood our language, and the colour of the eyes is black. He must be a Japanese native who has crossed into this world, guided by the benevolent goddess. “

The whole group’s gaze then focused on my shocked face.

I’m sure they were probably checking the colour of my eyes, trying to confirm the dark colour that is common for Japanese people.

I also scrutinized the colour of their eyes.

As far as I could tell, none of them had black eyes.

“Isn’t he Sakura-sama? Did the ritual fail?”

“Your Excellency, Prime Minister. Could you please wait a moment? He is still a person from another world who has come here by the power of the Goddess. Please allow me to explain this world to him.”

The Prime Minister quickly glanced at the blond-haired man, who nodded.

The Head Priest started to talk, still holding my hand.

“I’m sure you must be very surprised that you were suddenly summoned here. This country is called the Shirokia Kingdom. The world itself is different from Japan, the country where you used to live.”

“My language … but you can understand me …”

“All the otherworlders who had been summoned here from Japan could understand the language from the very start. This proves that you have been recognized by the Goddess.

“… Summoned here …”

I was ashamed of myself. I couldn’t get the words outright, and my tongue was lisping.

After all, this place was too scary.

The red-haired man was glaring at me, and the silver-haired man was looking at me with cold eyes.

There were a few other people here, but they’re all pretty much the same… however it felt like the blond-haired man was looking at me with amusement.

Only the gentleman in front of me seemed kind.

This warmth was my only lifeline and, thinking that, I squeezed the hand that I was holding.

The benevolent gentleman noticed and smiled compassionately, as if he really was a priest. He gently squeezed my hand back.

“In this world of ours, dragons are born from time to time.
Imagine a dragon that existed as a legend in your world. They are almost the same as the dragons that live in this world, even in appearance. If left unchecked, dragons can bring terrible calamities to this world. But unfortunately, the humans here could not defeat the dragon on their own. The power of the dragon would always be stronger. To answer the wishes of the people, the goddess then decided to summon a girl from another world, Japan. She would be the one who would have the power to vanquish the dragon. And sure enough, she was able to successfully defeat it. That girl’s name was Sakura. Now, every time a dragon is born, we perform a summoning ceremony, and a girl named Sakura always appears to save the world.”

In that moment, what came to my mind was a beautiful fighting girl in a sailor suit.

No, a beautiful fighting girl who battles using cards?

This is bad.

I hadn’t seen any of these anime. I really had no idea about any of this.

… Is such an understanding really ok?

TL note: This is a harem novel. You will get a lot of ikemen(good looking guys). I don’t like the harem genre very much even though I don’t mind having my own harem. This makes me hooked on the harem genre. I am even looking for another harem novel to translate. Hope you will enjoy this. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter! This will officially be my 4th harem novel! I love these types of novels so much, especially ones with ikemen!!

Cherry Boy
Cherry Boy
2 years ago

I’m pretty sure the Sakura that pummel people in sailor suit is Kasugano, and the one fighting with cards is Kinomoto xD

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Although harem isn’t really my style, this story sounds kinda fun! I’ll stick around! 🙂

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