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Chapter 10

What kind of building do you imagine when you hear the word “castle” in a fantasy world? 

If you are a Japanese person who is not interested in anime or movies, it might be a dark gray castle towering in the center of the country. 

I imagined the castle would be like the one in that one movie. You know, the movie where they travel to destroy the golden ring. 

However, in reality the castle was extremely… realistic. 

It’s a strange way of describing it, but that’s the only way I can describe it.

What stood at the top of the hill was a three-story feudal lord’s mansion…? 

Yes. Apparently, the castle I had imagined was too big in scale. 

I believe that in Europe, such mansions could be recognized as castles. 

I’ve never traveled abroad, but I have watched documentaries on TV. It was probably that sort of type. 

The structure of the temple I had just come from looked like that of ancient Greece, so I grossly misunderstood.

The outer walls surrounding the city, which were smaller than expected, were not very high or thick. 

The houses along the street are two-story buildings. Occasionally there is a tall watchtower…. Ah, that hung a fire bell. 

You did a good job, Sakura-chan. 

The cobblestone-paved road was elevated in the center and had gutters at both ends. 

There was a fountain in the plaza and an accessible public water supply for drinking water. 

The level of civilization is probably around or above that of medieval Europe, but not as high as that of Japan today.

Unexpectedly, people were wearing shoes on their feet. 

I had wondered if they were sandals, but it seemed that sandals were for indoor use only, since you can’t ride a horse with them. 

I was relieved to hear that they did wear straw sandals instead of expensive shoes when they work on the farm, although sandals are rarely seen in the city. 

Yeah, that’s the right way to use sandals. 

“I haven’t seen a woman since earlier today, do women not go around the city?” 

I couldn’t hide my surprise at the sight I saw from the window, and Saneto answered my question politely with an amused laugh.

“No, that’s not the case, but then again, there are only a few. Pregnant women don’t go outside, and there’s a lot of indoor activities, so you only really see men outside.” 

“Gilliam and Farangis, Are you married?”

The black-haired young man sitting in a carriage seat narrowed his beautiful green eyes.

“I have no plans to marry. I am the fourth son of a poor knight. Farangis supposedly has a fiancé but…” 

Perhaps it was a topic Farangis didn’t want to talk about, but the silver-haired man sulkily interjected with a pouting expression.   

“I don’t intend to settle down yet.”

Even a pouting gesture is charming if you’re handsome.

“Be careful, both of you. This guy makes moves fast.” Gilliam warned, peering at the man sitting next to him.

Saneto turned to me and took the opportunity to further explain.

“Ah, Keigo-sama. In this world, men and women are usually strict about virtues, but between men, things are pretty loose.

If you are married to a woman, it is considered adultery to have relations with anyone other than your wife, but single men don’t mind having multiple simultaneous relationships with other single men. I highly recommend free love.” 

I contemplated Saneto’s words for a brief moment, “I don’t think multiple simultaneous relationships are something to be applauded…” 

“Gilliam is too stuffy. It’s better to have more fun if both parties agree than to be with just one person, right?”

Farangis’ comment touched my sore spot… 

I see, I guess the one who enjoys wins.

When men get together, there’s no denying that they want to talk about dirty jokes, but it’s so blatant that it makes me turn red. 

I’m going to put my body on the line and do my best… but I don’t really want to do my best…

The city was enclosed from the front gate of the outer wall to an inner wall, and had three districts. The area in the front was the commoners’ area, the nobles’ area in the middle, and the royal castle was located in the rear.

We proceeded through the gates in the inner wall that separated the blocks. 

It seems that the back of the royal castle leads directly to the territory under the direct control of the royal family. 

I thought to myself, If the enemy is going to attack, they’ll definitely go for the back… but I refrained from commenting for now. 

There might be circumstances or something I don’t know about.

The carriage passed through the castle gate guarded by soldiers and continued heading for the building in the back.

“First, you will meet with our superior, the General. The Prime Minister and His Majesty will eventually call upon you when they have time to spare,” Farangis explained.

“In that case, I will head for the temple in the royal castle. I will come and visit you later, Keigo-sama.”

Saneto alighted from the carriage in front of the barracks, bowed his head and walked off in the other direction. 

It seems like the temple building is located further away from the barracks. 

I’m not sure which, but either by rank or age, Gilliam was in a higher position than Farangis. 

Gilliam walked ahead, followed by me and then Farangis. It was in this order I was led to the room with that redhead.

Mid-boss appeared ! ! !

Yes, I like games. 

Games are good, aren’t they? If you buy an RPG game, you can suck it dry like a dried squid for a year. 

Mobile games seem to be the mainstream these days, but I don’t play those. 

Commuting time is my sleep time. 

Besides, I don’t really like puzzles or falling games… because I’m clumsy…

However, I didn’t expect a mid-boss in the opening. 

I could tell even when sitting at his desk,that the redhead has the physique of an American comic book hero. 

He boasted a firm chest that enlivened the coat of his military uniform. 

His big arms and neck also showed at a glance that he often worked out. 

Through the uniform you could tell he had ripped abs, tight hips, and his snug pants, worn only by soldiers who rode horses, created a beautiful view of his thigh muscles. 

His tough appearance was further complemented by his flaming hair that reminded me of a lion’s mane. 

With a somewhat sullen expression, the man waved one hand as if shooing a fly. 

His two subordinates immediately obeyed. 

Gilliam and Farangis left, saying, “We will wait for you in the hallway.” 

The double doors were closed and I was left alone in the room with the redhead.

The General stared at me as he sat in his chair. 

I quietly received his intense stare as I stood in front of him across the desk. 

I didn’t feel any bloodlust, but he was intimidating as hell. 

But I felt that something bad would happen if I turned my eyes away, so I tried my best to withstand the silent pressure.

“… Black eyes…”

The redhead muttered to himself. 

I looked into his eyes. They were deep brown. 

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anyone with black eyes in this world. 

Black was the color that only Sakura, a foreigner, possessed. 

“Fuu…” he sighed.

“Foreigner….. Have you ever met the goddess?”

“Yes I have,” I nodded at him.

T/N: Keigo, darling, I think you’re gay or bi or pan. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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