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Chapter 11

It was in that moment of affirmation I realized… Ah, he’s the one.

The one that the goddess said she gave the oracle. 

The man who would become my accomplice.

Good choice, Goddess! 

He was the one who had scared me the most upon my arrival to this world. 

In my mind, there would be no one more reassuring than this man to have at my side. 

In contrast to me crying and rejoicing in my heart, the redhead let out a miserable sigh as if he was crawling under the ground.

“…… I see, so you are certainly ‘Sakura’……”

I couldn’t help but feel remorseful upon looking at his dejected expression, and I unconsciously apologized to him. 

“There’s no need… ” the redhead trailed off.

“Goddess Rudia’s profound insight is not something we humans can understand. I understood the oracle. If you have the potential to possess the power of Sakura, then I, Bard, will wholeheartedly cooperate with you.” 

The red-haired general seemed to be called Bard. 

“Th-thank you very much.” 

“Ahh, I’m sorry. I suppose we should move rooms, but I’d like to take some time and talk with you alone for a while longer.” Bard then gestured at the chair stationed at the slightly smaller desk that was placed next to his. “Why don’t you come over here and sit in the adjutant’s chair or something.”

I did as I was told. I nervously walked over, pulled out the chair, and sat down. 

Bard didn’t move from his desk, but I noticed his eyes carefully inspecting my entire body. The general then briskly ruffled his magnificent red hair as if resigning himself.

“… Umm, did you also like men in Japan?” 

“I’m straight.” I affirmed.

I do prefer women, but I decided to continue with my reasoning. 

“Or rather, I suppose it is better to say that while it’s not unheard of to date someone of the same sex, it is very rare. I was surprised to hear that it’s a common practice in this world.” 

“I suppose so. It seems the testimonies of successive generations of Sakura have remained true. They also said  that they were extremely surprised to find out that it’s so common here.”

The general let out a gentle but deep chuckle.

“If the world is different, common sense will be different too. That can’t be helped. However, ‘Sakura Summoning’ cannot be settled like that… because the dragon is involved. “

Bard’s face turned somber and his voice lowered.

“Twice before, a man had come in place of a girl ‘Sakura’. The goddess had disclosed the secret, but those men could not conceive the power.” 

“… Ahh.” 

“Yes, they were unable to embrace another man. Although, It seemed like they had tried to make an initial effort. However, it took two years to prepare to summon the girl ‘Sakura’ as a replacement. And until the next one came, this world was overrun by the dragon…”

… Even though the old tale that the General told was serious, I found myself thinking about something stupid. 

Just what type of person did the Goddess choose for my predecessor? 

I guess it would have been better if she had chosen someone like me who was quick to compromise (resign oneself) from the start, but the fact that it failed means he must have been a different type. 

Was he a Japanese man? A Bushido person?1 

The goddess had described me as, ‘Easy-going and doesn’t care about the details. Doesn’t mind pleasure and open to sexual taboos.’ 

If he’s the exact opposite of what I’ve been told that would make him… ‘Sensitive and stubborn. Abhors pleasure and will not accept sexual taboos.’ 

And then on top of that description, not only is he not a pretty boy, but rather a middle-aged man.

………… That’s unreasonable. Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible. 

But I unfortunately understand why the goddess chose that type of person. 

That lady is an S character. I guess she was too deep into her own preferences to consider those of others. 

But, you know what they say, “the third time’s a charm,” and I suppose after considering the past mistakes “I” just happened to be her third charm.

… I felt sympathy for the guy, but I wanted him to do his best. I wanted him to try his damn best as if his life depended on it…… 

Still, there’s no guarantee that I wouldn’t have been summoned anyway, which sucks.

Is being a virgin until 35 a rarity?! That’s not true, right ?!

My lamenting thoughts passed and I returned my focus to Bard’s words.

“… Apparently, the dragon was harmless for about a year after its appearance. But sooner or later the dragon will threaten this world again. If possible, we need to do something before that happens. I’ll also do my best, but I’d appreciate it if you could learn to use your holy powers too.” 

“I-I will do my best.”

In other words, have sex all the time. 

Even though I thought I had made up my mind, I was once again annoyed as I was confronted with the reality of the situation. 

When I realized that my face was turning red, I cast my eyes downward. 

While I should have been looking down at my lap, a force on my chin made me look up. 

The general had reached out and gently lifted my chin. 

He made me look up, and he locked eyes with me at close range.

“You’ve no experience, right?”

No, I’ve already done it?… Of course I couldn’t say that. 

The goddess’s desired premise is “no experience.” 

I guess I have to let the other man dream… 

After some hesitation, I nodded silently. 

I’m sorry, I’m lying. 

This is also part of the goddess’s profound insight. So…

“I will make love to you.”

My body trembled at the strength of the deep and clear voice. 

My frivolous mood was blown away at once. 

The general’s gaze was earnest.

“To be honest, I’ve just had a proper talk with you so I’m not qualified at the moment, but I will look at you, get to know you, and when I feel you are desirable, I will definitely make love to you. No matter what you think of me, I plan to make love to you — even if you cry and hate me. I will do anything to protect this world from the threat of the dragon.”

I pulled my entire chair away from him, making an unpleasant scraping sound on the floor. 

He laughed self-mockingly as I ran away.

“If you find a man you like, you should make love with him first. Cause even if it’s your first time, I’ll ravish you without mercy.” 

“… If you feel any affection for me at all and do so, I think I can accept you too.” 

“Even if there’s no affection for you, you are prepared to be embraced?” 


I felt slightly guilty. 

Mostly because I’ve come to understand that this man is seriously concerned about his world. He is willing to do anything to save it. So much so that he is determined to take the blame, even if it means hurting a complete stranger. 

He is much kinder than he looks. A noble person. 

I’m sorry I didn’t think about anything else except my twenty million.

I am really sorry. 

During my moment of self-reflection I decided that I will change the way I think just a little bit — I will also think about peace in this world.

“Well… if you say something like ‘I love you’ before you embrace me, even if it’s a lie, that’s fine. I also don’t want to be killed by a dragon, and I want to go back to the world I came from. Also,it breaks my heart to think that this world that you and others love and cherish so much could be destroyed due to my lack of effort…”

“………… The goddess chose you because……”

The general was muttering something in such a low voice that I couldn’t hear what he had said. 

From now on, I will take this seriously again. 

For the time being, there is a target at a close distance. 

I must make the most of this chance. 

I would use the cursed pow… no, I mean the goddess’s blessing to stare into the general’s eyes. 

Work, the miracle of the goddess! 

Welcome, sex! 2 

Plus, this way the general would feel more comfortable if he fulfilled his assignment(?) in a snap. 

Come on, don’t be shy! Feel free to do so… Ah, and please don’t take it as no count. 

I only request a little bit of affection. I don’t like suffering losses.

The color of his eyes seemed to have changed as I looked into them. 

I thought they were deep brown, but upon closer inspection, I saw that they were mixed with bright colors as well, reminding me of sparkling amber. 

A pair of stunning gems. 

It was beautiful… I couldn’t help but forget my purpose and gaze into them.

“… What’s wrong?”

Did he get charmed? 

The general lifted the corner of his mouth in amusement at me as I was intently staring at him.

“… No, the color of your eyes is so beautiful, that’s why…” 

“Ahh, I get hit on a lot with that kind of dialogue.”

The general throatily chuckled as I made another noise and fled with the chair. 

This half-hearted good-looking man! 

I wondered if he had actually seen through me… and I sheepishly told him what I thought.

“They’re like amber.” 

“… Thank you”

The beautiful red-haired lion showed me an embarrassed look.

I left the general’s room just like that without being pushed down. 

I’m really sorry that I am not charming enough.

T/N: Bard is really sweet. He is one of my favourites in Keigo’s harem.

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