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Chapter 14

I had a refreshing morning.

After Hans had left, I rubbed one out in the guest room toilet. 

To my surprise, there were flush toilets in some places in this world! 

To put it bluntly though, the main reason for having one here was that there was a canal running underneath this section of the castle. 

It seem that they gave me this room because otherworlders were particular about toilets and daily baths. 

Baths were widespread, but flush toilets not so much. 

Well, in general there were baths, but they were mostly public baths. The majority of the toilets were supposedly the dry type. 

When I was being educated at the temple, I was told that dry toilets were more common because they would provide material for making compost. 

Sakura-chan, were you also from a farming family? 

For now, let’s just breathe a sigh of relief that the evidence has been destroyed.

As soon as I woke up, I pulled the string on the side of the bed. 

Then Hans came into the bedroom carrying toiletries. 

While I was still in bed, he set up a footed tray with toiletries in front of me and then began choosing and preparing the clothes that I’ll wear for the day. 

I brushed my teeth and washed my face on my own. Then the pretty boy sat me down and provided me with a close shave. 

I stood up and took off my pajamas, he then helped me put on my outfit for the day. 

Hans pulled the string by the bed while I finished readying myself. 

Just as I finished dressing, a hot breakfast was brought into the living room by another servant. 

“Um… Hans, I can apparently get ready in the morning by myself. So, you don’t have to help me tomorrow. Can you just get me my clothes and toiletries ready the night before?” 

“… of course.”

He seemed puzzled by the eccentric otherworlder’s request, but he readily accepted it. 

The breakfast served was delicious. 

White rice and miso soup would have been my preference, but it seemed that bread is the staple food in this world. 

As I was eating my breakfast, I couldn’t help but admire Sakura-chan’s touching efforts so far. I guess she had done her best. 

I myself didn’t even know how to produce miso and soy sauce, but it seemed that Sakura-chan did since they also existed here.

As I finished my breakfast and was leisurely drinking my tea, Gilliam came to pick me up. 

Well, it’s finally time for my Knights’ debut!

** Knights’ debut — End. **

I wasn’t suited for it. I was devastatingly unsuited. 

First of all, I didn’t have the basic physical strength. 

Why? Because I’m 35 years old?! I am a white-collar worker?! 

If I had been in sales, I would have at least worked out my legs and feet by visiting clients, but I was an office worker. 

For more than a decade, I only exercised in my commute between home and work. 

Sure, the crowded train was tough and mentally draining, but it’s basically just standing there. 

Plus, most of the time while I was standing there, I was asleep.

Farangis sighed as he looked down at me, slumped in the corner of the training area, “What a useless otherworlder.” 

Gilliams face slightly soured and only muttered a stern, “Farangis.” in reaction to his harsh words.

“I’m prepared to risk my life to protect Sakura-sama, but I can’t take care of this extra one as well, you know?”

At first, during my training, I was exhausted just from running. 

Then, I was even more surprised at my complete lack of physical strength. 

They had given me a long sword to practice swinging, but it was so heavy that I had difficulty even lifting it. 

So, they switched me to a more lightweight wooden sword. However, rather than me swinging the sword around, I ended up being swung around by it. 

This training was impossible without some basic physical strength! I suppose that’s where I should start! 

The two handsome men were talking to each other, looking down at me as I gasped for breath at their feet.

Farangis spat with an incredulous tone, “… You know, I had thought that previous Sakura-sama wasn’t physically strong simply because she was a woman, but are young men from the other world the same?” 

“Well, he doesn’t have any muscles on his body. I can guess he rarely had to use his physical strength. And if you look at his hands, while they have pen calluses, the skin is still soft.” 

“He has the body build of a civil official, or a nobleman. All that means is that we have one more piece of baggage to protect with our bodies.” 

“Farangis! Sakura-sama is not baggage, alright?”

Yes, I am the baggage. I’m very sorry.

Sakura-chan’s dragon slaying setting was on easy mode, matching the girl’s physical strength. 

Apparently, all she had to do was cut through the dragon’s body in one place with the sword in her hand. 

That’s all it took in order for her holy power to come into play. 

The ones who truly had a hard time were her companions. 

They had to protect her from various threats along their journey, and if they saw the dragon, they had to weaken it first in order to get her close enough. 

They could weaken the dragon, but they couldn’t defeat it. 

Only maidens from the other world could do that. 

In other words, only me.

…… Can I be honest? 

I think my spirit will break before I depart to slay the dragon… 

It’s impossible to slay a dragon in this current state. 

It is said that all I have to do is to land a single blow, but the opponent will inevitably resist—so in all reality that’s not all I have to do.

Gilliam went on to defend me, “We have two more years before we can summon Sakura-sama again. After two years of training, Keigo would probably become useful in his own way.” 

I responded between ragged breaths, “……I don’t think there’s much room for growth. I am already at a certain age. But I will try just in case…”

Gilliam tilted his head in confusion at me, “… How old are you, Keigo? I think you can still grow.” 

“I just turned 35 this year, though.” 


“….eh ?” 

“I’m 35 years old.”

Even the people around the training grounds who had been listening in on the conversation all fell silent. 

Huh? I hadn’t told you guys yet?

I could hear the murmurs of the other knights in response to my declaration.

“… He’s a monster …” 

“… Isn’t he a scammer?”

The knights were talking however they pleased. 

No, how young did I look?!

It was often said that Asian people, especially Japanese people, looked younger than other ethnicities. 

It seemed that even in this world, people thought I was younger than I really was. 

At home, even among Japanese people, I was often seen as a young man. 

I had assumed that I had first told them my age when I came into this world, but… had I not? 

By the way, Gilliam was 27 years old and Farangis was 24 years old. 

It seems they thought I was the same age or younger than them. They’re joking, right?

Gilliam looked disheartened and solemnly remarked, “… But it’s hard to train you when I hear that. You will hardly grow.” 

“Isn’t it enough to teach him how to ride a horse and use a shield so he can run and hide?”

As I took a drink of water offered by a kind person walking by, I was thinking…

I wonder if this training will cause muscle pain tomorrow. 

I hope it would be tomorrow. 

Please don’t let it happen the day after tomorrow. 

I don’t want to be thought of as a young man, but I don’t want to think of myself as that old yet… 

I heard that as you get older, muscle pain doesn’t come the next day, but later. Is it true?

The muscle pain I had feared would come was avoided thanks to Hans, who expertly massaged me before bed when I told him what had happened. 

The capable worker had even mastered the art of massage. 

Secretly, I desperately tried to hold back the strange, coquettish voice that came out of my mouth in response to his exquisite technique. 

TN note: Sakura-chan is too awesome. I would be as useless as Keigo too if I got isekai’d. I really should learn some survival skills. Keigo!!!  Build up your stamina. It’s necessary in getting holy power too. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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