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Farangis looked sexy with his silver hair dyed in the scarlet color of the sunset.

“You’ve worked hard, Mr. Babysitter.”

He let out a snarky laugh. 

Gilliam immediately rebuked him, but I didn’t really care. 

Because it was true.

“I will leave Keigo to you, Farangis.” 

“I’m just bringing him back to the royal castle. It’s no big deal. More importantly, your family’s waiting for you, right? Just go home quickly.” 

“Thank you. Well, Keigo. I’ll be leaving now. Next time, let’s go see a play or something—”

Smiling brightly, the figure of the black-haired knight disappeared into the crowd. 

Farangis, who was waving at his back explained, “Gilliam spends his weekends at his parents’ house. Wouldn’t it be twice the work if he took you back to the royal castle and then returned here? That’s why I took charge of your return.” 

“Ahh, I see…” 

“The gate of the royal castle is closed at nightfall. If we had reported the outing today, we could have gotten through, but we didn’t this time. I’ll show you around and take you on a side trip another time. We’re going straight home for today.”

Following the urging of Farangis, I started walking down the street alongside him. 

Since I wasn’t wearing the special jodhpur pants, I didn’t ride the horse, but rather I pulled the rope and let him walk. 

Sure, I could straddle the horse in my normal clothes, but I was told that it was easier if there was a slit in the back of the jacket. 

I hadn’t really thought about needing to ride a horse at all. 

It was true that there might be a situation where I’d need to ride a horse suddenly, so I decided to consciously wear clothes with a slit from now on.

“… Though, I’m surprised that straight-laced person took a liking to you.”

For some reason, I sensed the cynicism in his words and tilted my head to look at the silver-haired knight. 

As I looked at Farangis’ well formed profile, I noticed him giving me a side eye glance as he continued to face forward.

“The best honor student of the Knights is also adept when it comes to interpersonal relations, albeit he’s rather blunt. I’ve seen a lot of guys lament because of his indifference to them, but I’ve rarely seen him laughing together with someone.” 

“I—I’m honored…?” 

“Are you wondering if it’s strange? If I remember correctly, you were also treated like everyone else when he met you for the first time. How in the world did he come to be friendly with you?”

…… That was probably because I was making eye contact with Gilliam.

The goddess’s cursed blessing seemed to be effective even if I looked from the sidelines. 

As they say, “Even a bad gun can hit the target in a few shots.” This blessing constantly receives rave reviews and is now on sale! 

In the meantime, I decided to look others in the eye when I talked to them. I believed that by doing so, my hard work would pay off one day. 

Oh well, I guess it was paying off… 

……Although, I wasn’t even a little bit happy about it …

More than that though, If I had to choose, I was more surprised at the change of Farangis rather than Gilliam. 

First time we met, you were definitely feigning to be friendly, weren’t you? 

When did you stop feigning?

“Are you okay with returning to the royal castle, Farangis?”

I asked him if he had any mansions in the noble district, and he shrugged his shoulders.

“I do, but I don’t go home unless I have some kind of business. I’m living in the Knight’s quarters. It’s more comfortable for me.” 

“You’re the son of the Prime Minister, right?” 

“Are you interested in my father?”

He was wearing a cheerful smile, but his piercing blue eyes were not smiling at all. 

I shook my head vigorously as I realized that the relationship between father and son was taboo.

“I am sorry, I had no intention like that.” 

“Are you not interested?” 

“It’s not about whether I am or not, it’s just a courtesy …….And a wrong choice of words on my part.” I glanced down towards my feet. “I’m sorry,” I told him honestly. 

I heard bursts of laughter from beside me, but I was too embarrassed to look up at him. 

I felt like my social skills have been declining lately… 

That wasn’t good. 

I was full of motivation to return to my world. For the sake of 20 million! 

I didn’t want the identity I had developed so far to collapse. 

…… I felt like I was screwed since I was constantly thinking about how to make men fall for me all the time.

The sun hadn’t set yet, so we were able to pass through the gate of the royal castle easily. 

Just in case, I was wearing my ID card around my waist, but we got in with a face pass.1 

Farangis was awesome. 

After all, his silver hair was rarely mistaken for anyone else.

Hans was in the square just after passing through the gate. 

The boy clad in servant clothing had seemingly been waiting for me and came running up to me.

“Welcome back, Keigo-sama! It was your first outing outside the castle, so I was curious… er… I had come to welcome you…”

I couldn’t help but pat the lovely boy on the head, since he was being so cute as he shyly spoke.

“Thank you, Hans. Here…” I handed him the candy I had bought. ”This is a souvenir for you.”

The boy looked inside the bag and shouted with joy. 

Yes, yes, I’m glad you are happy.

“Then Keigo, l will excuse myself.” 

“Ah, wait, Farangis. You’re going to take the horse back to the stable, aren’t you? I’ll help you too.” 

“I’m fine on my own though?” 

“Since it’s been a while, let me practice. I’m not very good at it yet, so I will probably trouble you.”

After having stopped Farangis from leaving, I handed the heavy cloth bag to Hans.

“I’m sorry, but could you take this to my room? I won’t have dinner this evening. I’ve eaten at quite a few food stalls. I can take a bath anytime, so after you drop off my bag, you can rest for the day.” 

“Yes, of course. Then Keigo-sama… It’s early, but good night.”

Holding my bag, which he graciously took, Hans bowed his head. 

I hurriedly left Hans in the square as he was seeing me off, to catch up to Farangis who was waiting for me up ahead.

“… Are you okay with it?”

Farangis indicated Hans by pointing with his chin.

I guess he’s referring to the fact that I refused the help of a servant. 

“It’s not a problem. The baths are spring-fed, so I can take a bath 24 hours a day. Besides, after that, I’m just going to sleep.” 

“No, aren’t you going to sleep with him?” 

“Eh? ………… Ah, aah!”

Th—the attack came a little unexpectedly. 

I blushed and was flustered by the man who asked me if I wasn’t going to have someone accompany me at night. 

I replied in a low whisper as I walked quickly to the stable, “… That, I am not going to do that kind of thing.” 

“Why? You should be able to embrace him without holding back. He’s in a position to do so.”

…I wondered if this was the difference in common sense between Japan and this world? 

I couldn’t find a good answer, so I groaned in agreement and went to draw some water. 

I returned with a bucket of water and wiped the sweat off the tied horse with a whisp of straw. 

Farangis took off the horse’s harness and went to clean it up.

Meanwhile, I combed its mane and fed him. 

I took a deep breath. 

It was pretty exhausting to just take care of even one horse all the way through the day. 

Generally, servants and specialist servants looked after the horses, but there was no one stationed in the stable on the night of the half-day break.

“… Farangis. I won’t embrace Hans.”

I belatedly replied to the previous question asked by the young man, who was untying his hair which had been tied together from taking care of the horse.

“I don’t think it’s a commendable act to have a physical relationship with someone you don’t really like…. Doesn’t it make both the person embracing and the person being embraced feel…  empty? Ah, maybe this is the sense of value in Japan? No, before considering that, I don’t have the experience of embracing, so I can’t claim that either, can I? 

“… They both feel empty?” 

“You’ve never had that kind of experience? Farangis?”

Farangis was laughing under the moonlight shining in through the high transom windows. 

I saw the beautiful smile framed by the silver light and realized that I had misspoken.

T/N: I am interested in your father, Farangis. But after you tied up your hair, I am interested in you as well. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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