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The gentleman was finally getting to the point of his explanation.

“This place is the Temple of Rudia near the royal city of Shuraorumu, the place for the summoning of Sakura-sama.  We have received an oracle that the dragon, which the previous Sakura-sama had destroyed, has been reborn. We were in the middle of praying to the Goddess to summon a new Sakura-sama.”

“And that’s when I appeared?” 

“Yes. In the summoning circle that had been activated.”

I unconsciously looked down at my feet. 

If you looked closely at the marble steps, you could see something is carved in thin lines all over them. 

I didn’t know anything about the structure of the summoning circle, but for some reason I could understand it. 

Just a moment ago, the summoning circle was brightly glowing gold.

I now understood that the golden light that flooded my vision was from the summons. 

The gentleman explained that as a result of summoning me, the summoning circle had run out of magic power.

They were trying to summon a beautiful maiden warrior to save the world, but instead they got an old man. 

Who would benefit from this? 

Of course, no one would. 

No wonder the Prime Minister was so angry…

The visibly angry, but handsome, Prime Minister spat out in a displeased tone,

“The summoning ritual was a failure. A man appeared not an innocent, untainted girl! What does this mean? All the previous ‘Sakura’ who came so far had been virgins.” 

“Your excellency, A girl’s chastity is not a condition for exercising the power of the Goddess. As long as she does not bear a child, the divine power will continue to reside in her body. If a man and a woman have a relationship, they will inevitably have a child, so they were asked to refrain from doing so until the dragon had been defeated.” 

“If you give birth, you will lose the power of the goddess and you will not be able to defeat the dragon. So is this ‘Sakura’ the same? Since he’s a man, does that mean he has the power of a goddess as long as he hasn’t impregnated anyone? If he hasn’t impregnated anyone, can a man from another world defeat a dragon? 

… How did the flow of the conversation suddenly become about whether or not I have a child? 

Ahh, did it have something to do with the power of the goddess? 

For some reason, I could now understand how Dazai felt when he apologized, “I’m sorry I was born!” Or in this case, summoned. 1 

When a beautiful maiden warrior was supposed to appear, but then suddenly it turns out to be just an old man, you would want to complain about it, wouldn’t you? 

You certainly would want to complain about it…

Holding his forehead, the Prime Minister glared at me. His contempt of the situation was obvious. 

“Otherworlder, do you have children?” 

“I… I’m not married.” 

“Any children?” 

“No, I don’t have any.” 

“Is there any chance that you just didn’t know?” The Prime Minister asked in annoyance.

“Your excellency…”

The head priest politely tried to stop the barrage of questions.

“If you have children, you would not get summoned by the goddess. In other words…” 

“Yes, that’s right… I’m a virgin! There is no way I can have children!!” I cut him off before he finished his sentence. 

Admitting the truth was both embarrassing and painful. I felt the stinging pain creep deep in my chest, down into my heart.

I’m embarrassed to even admit to myself that I’m not even an amateur virgin, I’m a genuine virgin… damn it!2 

It’s because of my hatred of wasteful spending that my savings account has already hit the twenty million mark in my thirties! 

The handsome men’s faces quickly changed from expressing contempt, annoyance, and anger to an expression of pity.

In an effort to comfort me, the head priest tightly squeezed my hands. (This was the most painful response out of them all.)

“… I’ve seen some of the old documents …”

It was not the head priest who opened his mouth, but the handsome blond-haired king.

“There was a time in the past when summoning a ‘Sakura’, a man appeared instead of an untainted maiden, wasn’t there?” 

“… Yes.”

Another gentleman wearing glasses and dressed in slightly simpler clothing compared to the head priest, stepped forward from the corner of the room.

“It’s been recorded in the temple records that similar events have happened twice before. The male ‘Sakura’ appeared to have supported the female Sakura-sama, as her vassals, after she was brought here by a second summoning.”

“There seems to be a precedent, Prime Minister”

The handsome blond-haired king nodded in agreement. 

“By the power of the goddess, he has crossed the plane between worlds safely. We can’t afford to treat him carelessly. As a guest of my castle, it is only proper to treat him with respect. Can you arrange that for me, Prime Minister?” 

“… certainly.” 

“And now, Keigo Sakura,” the blond king then announced in a deep, penetrating voice, “Our country is now under threat from a dragon.” 

“Your return to your original world will have to wait for a while. It will take some time to prepare and carry out a second summoning ceremony. But the dragon’s power grows stronger with time. We will summon ‘Sakura’ again, and after the dragon is destroyed, we promise to send you back to Japan. Until then, I would be grateful if you could familiarize yourself with this world and lend your strength to the new Sakura we are summoning.”

“Can I go home?” 

“Everything is as the goddess wills it.”

The whole situation sounded shady, however, I bowed my head sincerely as a sign of affirmation.

The king nodded as if satisfied with my response.

“First of all, I want you to learn about this world in the temple, just like the previous generations of Sakura. When you’re ready, I’ll arrange for someone to pick you up from the castle.

I’ll leave it to you, head priest.”

With a flick of his cloak, the king turned away. 

The others in the room followed him as he walked out of the room. 

I stayed where I was and stared at their backs. 

The king took the lead. 

Following closely behind were a young man and a boy, both with the same hair color as his. 

I was thinking they could be his sons, since they wore shorter elegant cloaks and similar luxurious clothing as the king.

As I was looking at the both of them, curious to know if they were princes, I felt the glare of the young man as he turned around the corner. 

The next to leave was the handsome silver-haired Prime Minister.

The red-haired warrior walked behind the Prime Minister with his own two subordinates in tow. 

I couldn’t help but think that all of them were beautiful. 

I wonder if only handsome men are allowed to exist in this world…?

As the group left the room, only the temple officials dressed in identical outfits remained in the summoning area. 

The head priest, who had taken my hands again and spoke with haste, “Now then…”

“You must be exhausted after crossing between the worlds. I’ve prepared a meal and a bath for you. For the time being, please take time to relax today.”

I turned to follow him as he led the way when the feeling of being watched crept over me.. 

There was a beautiful statue of a woman, large enough to reach the high ceiling. 

Her hair was rich and flowing. Her smile was full of compassion. 

Her appearance was divinely beautiful.

“……That is……” 

“Ahh, that’s the Goddess Rudia. She’s the one who protects our country, and controls life and love.”

I stared at the statue of the goddess with a vacant expression. 

Ahh, yes… I know her well.

TL Note: You will find out why the title is “Seduction Strategy” in next chapter. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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