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Chapter 20

A stunning young man with dignified blond hair appeared in a garden full of beautiful flowers. 

What a sweet situation! 

…If only the person in front of him had been a lovely, beautiful girl instead of a middle-aged man…

As if I were under a spell, I found myself staring at the beautiful young man approaching me. 

Which reminded me… this is a fantasy world. 

Of course, there must be a prince in a fantasy world. Yes, one with a presence that could be understood without explanation.

He was a dashing young man who looked like he came out of a fairy tale book. 

His golden hair glistened in the sunlight, with a dazzling halo like cuticle. The color of his eyes were a deep blue, as if the ocean had melded into them. 

A well-defined nose, well-shaped lips, long and thick eyelashes… err, he has so many strong points that it’s almost a hassle to list them all. 

What I felt most though, was his elegant manner and presence, which only further convinced me that he was this way naturally. 

What was unfortunate however, was that he has a sullen air around him? 

I think it would look better for a prince to be laughing with sparkling white teeth…

The young man now stood before me. 

I was sitting on the bench, blankly staring at his beautiful face. 

After facing each other for a while, I suddenly noticed that half of the bench was available.

“Um… would you like to sit down?”

The (presumed) prince’s blond eyebrows raised when I gestured next to me.

“Are you asking me to sit next to you?” 

“Ah, yes. If I’m not mistaken I… I was wondering if you had something to tell me. If you don’t mind,” I said as I scooted over to give him more room to sit.

“Do you not know who I am?” 

“I am sorry. I can guess that you’re an important person in the castle, but I don’t know many names because I tend to stay indoors. If you don’t mind, could you please tell me your name?”

I encouraged the (presumed) blond prince, who looked suitable with his arrogant demeanor, to take a seat while remaining modest. 

I wasn’t sure how important of a person he was, but it probably wouldn’t be a problem in my position. 

I was summoned by the power of the goddess Rudia, and although I was living in the royal castle, I was under the custody of the temple. 

I was in the type of position where I wasn’t respected, but also not allowed to be harmed—a position I was very grateful for. 

Of course, I had no intention of abusing it.

He sighed, which made me slightly wonder about the meaning, and he sat down next to me. 

I was starting to wonder if I made a mistake…  at this point it was probably too late—but I was already beginning to regret it.

“Sieval,” the beautiful young man replied bluntly.

“I’m Keigo Sakura.” 



I realized. 

I probably did something wrong somewhere. 

The blue eyes glaring at me were super scary….

Given my current situation, I understood that I made a mistake, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly how or where I made the mistake. 

It didn’t seem like I had any other choice, so I tried to use the special Japanese skill called, “Lethal skill: The forced smile.” 

I persisted with my strained smile, thinking I might be able to persuade him. After a while, the young man seemed to be won over by my efforts. 

Gradually, the creases between his eyebrows dissipated.

I sat on the same bench as the handsome young man in the garden with beautiful flower fields. 

I noticed that he was fixedly staring into my eyes and not at the flowers, and I hurriedly tried to avert my eyes. 

At this rate, the goddess’s (cursed) blessing would be activated. 

But he abruptly ordered, “Don’t move.” 

It was the tone of someone who was accustomed to commanding others.

He murmured just a few words,”… Really black eyes…”

With his voice sounding somewhat pained and sad, he continued, “Both the previous generation of Sakura and even the one before her had eyes of that color. It’s a unique color that only other worlders possess. I believed that during this past summoning, a girl with such eyes would appear… “

I felt a pang of guilt as I realized that this young man knew about the previous generations of Sakura.

I… I’m sorry that the beautiful maiden warrior has been replaced by an over thirty year old man! 

I really want to get down on my knees and apologize if it’s allowed…

“…..’Sakura’ is summoned to defeat a dragon that appears almost every 20 years. She often falls in love with one of her comrades, with whom she has fought alongside. That’s what my grandmother told me when I was a little boy, so I’ve been wishing for it since then. I always told myself that, if it came true, I wanted to marry her. My grandmother and the previous Sakura were wonderful women.”


“I was present at the summoning to see if there might be a chance for me. Although I feel bad for the people who want peace… I’ve been waiting for the dragon to appear, and for her subsequent summoning. And because of that, I’ve been turning down all the offers of marriage so far…but, I guess I can’t wait any longer for another summoning and a few more years of dragon slaying.”

………… Ehh?

“Unfortunately, I can only select one wife. Well, I don’t know if she would have chosen me or not, but… time’s up, so I will accept it that way.” 

“Hi… His Highness, the Prince?”

As it turned out, the (presumed) blond prince was the genuine first prince of the Kingdom of Shirokia without the need for the presumption. 

My mind hastily replayed the situation at the summoning. 

Come to think of it, I remember being glared at by a blond haired young man who was trailing behind the king…!!

I stood up involuntarily, but the First Prince, Sieval, ordered me to ‘sit down’ with a wave of his hand.

“… You didn’t know?” 

“… I am sorry…” 

“It’s rather amusing. Since there is no one in this country who doesn’t know me.” 

“I am really sorry……”

“I forgive you.” The blonde prince chuckled. “It can’t be helped since you are an other worlder. Keigo Sakura, do your best for ‘Sakura’, who will be summoned again. She is the one who will be the savior of this world.” 


The prince looked at me fondly and murmured, “I prefer the tone of voice you had in the beginning. It was friendly and gentle…”

I was frozen on the bench where I had sat back down, unable to make any sound. 

Suddenly, the prince put his hand over his mouth as if to confirm his words.

The prince stood up and walked back towards the arch of roses he came from. 

Feeling as if I was daydreaming, mentally I went down on my knees and screamed internally with all my might towards the back of the beautiful young man,

I…I’m really, really, really sorry for destroying your dream — ! ! ! 

T/N: You have nothing to be sorry about Keigo. Everything is the fault of the goddess Rudia. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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