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Chapter 24

In this fantasy world, my routine consists of doing desk work for the first three days of the week. 

Why was it that even though I was called an assistant, but treated as a part-time worker, I felt at ease by simply being a working member of a company…? 

There wasn’t ’t a device to insert a time card, instead once you enter the room you turned over your name tag that was hanging on the wall. 

At the start of the workday, the supervisor checked attendance with name tags, the bell rings, and the day began. 

Ahh… What should I do? 

This sense of fulfillment. 

I was never going to be able to start a business. 

I was fine with being one of the cogs in the corporate machine until I retire… 

The more I thought about it, helping out as an assistant in the Government Affairs department has been heavenly. 

I supposed it was nice that there was no such thing as needing to meet absurd sales quotas. 

I was actually working quite leisurely compared to when I was in Japan. 

There weren’t ’t any calculators in this world, so we used an abacus—which I was surprised about that it even existed here—to do our calculations. Not to brag, but I’ve always considered myself to be pretty good at doing calculations. 

Thanks to that, it was currently my job to do the final check on the expenses. 

The finances of the Kingdom of Shirokia now depend on the deft fingers of this right hand!

…And the peace of the world depends on my ass, but I’ll give that up… Ah, I can’t do that?

I’ve heard that even though the laid-back government work usually ended on time, there were still a few days of required overtime a month. 

So when the time came, I readily accepted my boss’s request for overtime with an immediate reply. 

The dinner from the guest room building was always delivered warm, no matter how late you requested it. So, it wasn’t as if I was going to skip out on a hot meal to help him out.

As I was checking on the last of the documents, my supervisor called out to me, “I’m sorry. I requested you to do this on such short notice.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I replied with a smile.

“It’s a great help since Jade and Hugo would have to go through the gate after dark. Especially for Hugo, he’s from the Civilian district and the gate-check procedure is a pain to deal with. I’m lucky that you live in the castle and are willing to take this on.” 

“I may not be of much help, but if you need me, please call on me anytime. Does Walter-san live in the Aristocrat district?” 

“Yes, even though my title is of the lowest rank. The third son of a noble family has no other option than to become either a knight or an official.” 

“No, I actually think it’s a calling in your situation. This country is lucky to have you. It’s fortunate to have you in charge of one of its domestic affairs.”

There was no one else around, so I spoke honestly, though in a whisper, “Otherwise, this workplace or rather this administrative organization wouldn’t be running smoothly, would it?” 

Walter chuckled as he pushed up the frame of his glasses with his fingertips. 

No, it wasn’t that the government officials in this country were incompetent. 

Should I say they didn’t work very hard, or they didn’t work that fast…?

I heard that the current Prime Minister was selected based on a meritocracy system and he was embarking on structural reforms. 

I was looking forward to them very much. 

Yeah, I know they weren’t good at calculations, but I wanted them to at least double check the documents… That was all I wanted for now. 

I didn’t think I was asking for much.

“Keigo, will you return to Japan once Sakura-sama defeats the dragon?”

Other than the head priest and the general, who received oracles from the Goddess, others only recognized me as the guardian of Sakura-chan, the maiden warrior who was set to be re-summoned in two years. 

“Yes,” I affirmed. 

Because my beloved twenty million is waiting for me!

“From the standpoint of the Government Affairs department, I’d like to see you remain in this country for good. I shouldn’t wish for that though, should I…?” 

“I apologize. Well, I could understand if I was a female Sakura, but you are the only one who would want me—a man—to stay.” 

“… Has no one ever told you that?” 

“Hahaha, and for what purpose would they say that? Now then, I’m done with my work. I’ll take my leave for today.” I brought the stack of documents to my supervisor’s desk. “Please confirm.”

While I was at it, I also brought the sweets that I had kept in my desk drawer.

“For you. Please. I hope it’s to your liking.”

With an awkward movement, my supervisor accepted the paper bag I held out to him. 

Apparently, in this world, it wasn’t common to eat something sweet for a midnight snack. 

I briefly explained that sugar was good for reducing the fatigue of the brain. 

At that moment, I decided that if I’m going to be asked to do overtime frequently from now on, I would have to refill the stock in my drawer. 

My supervisor looked satisfied with the sweets in his hand. 

I‘m scared of his sanpaku eyes. 

But I am glad that he is a fellow sweet tooth enthusiast.

“Pardon me for leaving first,” I left the room. 

I’ve learned that once you have finished your work, you should promptly leave. That was the secret to avoid dying from overworking. 

In this world, there was probably no such thing as death from overworking. 

Thank you, thank you. 

… Yeah, I’m sure there is also no such thing as death during sexual intercourse! …Though I’m the bottom.

I went back to my room and immediately asked for dinner, thinking that rice is the most delicious after a hard day’s work. 

It wasn’t Hans who brought the cart with the dishes, but another servant boy. 

I had let Hans know that I would be late returning to my room, so it seemed that he was taking care of the other guests.

When Hans is away on break, etc., other servants took care of my personal needs. 

It seemed that it was their job to be there for their guests and take care of their meals, but in my case, they said it was easy for them because they only had to put the dishes on the table. 

“Everyone wants to be assigned to Keigo-sama,” the boy beamed. 

Yeah, I was the kind of guy who basically did everything myself, so I was easy to deal with. 

I was flattered to hear that from all of the exploited servants, who were probably more at risk of dying from overwork than I was.

After the boy had finished setting up the dinner, he left the room with a cheerful smile. 

My after meal routine was to put the plates back in the cart and to leave them out in the hallway. 

As was taking a bath at the end of the day.

I soaked myself comfortably in the bathtub, which was continuously filled with warm water. 

The bath was the best. 

The source of the water seemed to be at a high temperature, and the hot water that was being added was a little lukewarm because it was summer. 

You know it, Sakura-chan! 

After all, if you’re Japanese, you take a bath—not a shower!

As I was letting my body relax in the hot water, I somehow sensed that my name was being called from somewhere.

T/N: Keigo: Bath

Kagura: Oh sht! Not again.

Seduction Strategy: 40% plot 40% smut 20% bath(not accurate)

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