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Chapter 25

For a moment, I imagined that I was just hearing things, but the uneasy voice that called my name was definitely the voice of the young boy who had been taking care of me on a regular basis.

I called out that I would come right away and got up from the bathtub. 

I was glad that I hadn’t washed my hair yet. I got out and wiped myself down briefly, put on my pajamas, and rushed out of the bathroom. 

The youth was standing near the door of the guest room. 

When he noticed me coming out of the bathroom, he flinched. 

One of his freckled cheeks was red and swollen as he looked at me with a tearful expression.

“Hans? Your cheek…” 

“…I’m sorry to bother you in the middle of the night, Keigo-sama. I wanted to thank you no matter what, Keigo-sama…” 

The handsome youth started crying, tears falling down his face. 

I walked up to him and pulled his hand, leading him to the place where the water jug was.

Thankfully the bathroom necessities had already been prepared for the next morning. 

I poured water from the jug into the bowl that was left out and soaked a cloth. 

The water wasn’t very cold, but it was better than nothing. 

I sat down and looked closer at him. I studied his red cheek—which looked like it had been hit—and gently pressed a wet cloth against it. 

The youth’s brown eyes were wet with tears; I could see my reflection.

“Th-thank you, Keigo-sama. Because of what you said, I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.”

Hans explained what had happened in between sobs. 

Apparently, a certain local noble who occasionally stayed at the guestroom building fancied him. 

However, the youth hated the violent sexual acts that the man performed on him. 

Hans was always in charge of me, but since I wasn’t around tonight, he was sent to take care of the noble who had requested him. 

Then, the man forced himself on him.

Hans had refused, saying he didn’t want to. So, he was smacked on his cheek. 

Nevertheless, Hans didn’t give up and asked his supervisor for help. 

The supervisor covered for Hans, saying that since Keigo-sama had talked to himself personally, he couldn’t force Hans to serve guests. 

As a result, Hans didn’t have to serve that local noble anymore.

“…It’s all thanks to Keigo-sama. The truth is, I hated it so much. But thanks to you speaking on my behalf, I don’t have to serve anymore. Thank you very much. I really wanted to thank you!”

I gently hugged the youth who was crying and clinging to me.

He seemed to be well adjusted most of the time, but he must have had a lot of hard times for his age after all. 

I continued to gently pat the youth’s back as he buried his face in my shoulder. 

After patting him for a while, the sobs I had been hearing eventually diminished. 

Before long, Hans, who had been silent, took a deep breath.

“…Thank you, Keigo-sama.” 

“Have you calmed down?”

After a short pause, Hans nodded in agreement. 

“Thank goodness,” I tried to separate myself from him but I was stopped midway. 

I tried to separate myself, but Hans pressed his body against mine as if he didn’t want to separate from me.

“…I like you very much, Keigo-sama” 

“…Yes, I like you very much too.” 

“I adore you with all my heart.” 

“…Thank you.”

While the youth was holding me in his arms, I was breaking out in a cold sweat. 

If I wasn’t mistaken, if I wasn’t imagining things… 

By any chance, that hard thing that was pressing against my body right now…

…Isn’t that the handsome youth’s erect cock…?

The thing that was pitching a tent from underneath his servant’s clothes was telling me the difference between his “like” and mine. 

The youth breathed fervently against my ear. 

Apparently, he was serious. 

It seemed that he really felt something for this ordinary middle-aged man.

This is ridiculous,” I thought. 

I had no intention of holding the handsome youth, no matter how cute he was. 

No, it was a crime regardless of whether he was handsome or not. It was a crime to lay a hand on such a child. 

No matter how much he might’ve been ok with it, an adult should never do that. 

Underage partners were out of the question. 

…Besides, I couldn’t embrace anyone, though I could be embraced. 

The handsome youth whispered as if in pain, “Please. Just once is enough, Keigo-sama.… Please let me hold you.”

…That one? 

That one… is ok… right?

That was how I ended up being involved with someone almost 20 years younger than me, with the promise that it would be a one-time thing. 

I got on top of the big bed in the bedroom. 

Hans, who came up after me, lowered the thin drapes that had hung from the canopy on all sides. 

An enclosed space. 

Feeling trapped, I wanted to run away, but as I sat there the handsome boy approached my side.

“Are you feeling…nervous?”

My face flushed as I was asked that by someone who might have been as old as my own child. 

Yeah, I feel like I’m about to commit a crime, so my chest hurts unbearably…

“…It’s only just this once…Ok?” 

“Yes. I’m sorry, Keigo-sama. I took advantage of your kindness…”

No, no. It’s me who’s taking advantage of you. I’m sorry. 

Since you seemed to really like me, I’d like for you to hold me as much as you want, but I can’t help but feel like a criminal because you’re a minor. 

I don’t think I could hold on to it for much longer, this guilt… 

If anyone under the age of 15 was considered to be a crime, even if it was consensual, I wonder—how old was Hans? 

Was he just barely old enough? 

Well, no matter how old he was, the feeling that I cherished him like a younger brother or nephew wouldn’t go away.

The youth got down on his knees, straddling my legs as I sat down, and came face to face with me. 

Hesitantly, I accepted the lips that covered mine.

“…I will be gentle, Keigo-sama. So please, just feel good and enjoy it…” 

“Bl-blow jobs are absolutely forbidden.”

With a chuckle, Hans said he understood. 

Just then, the youth gently pushed my body down onto the bed.

TN: Hans is 15 years old. He is one of the youngest among  Keigo’s harem. 

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