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Chapter 27

That was the first time that I’ve had sex in about a month, and it was intense…

I sighed, letting the memories of last night linger in my mind. 

My back was still sore. 

It wasn’t like I was injured, so it wasn’t a painful feeling, but I could tell that I had overdone it. 

It seemed that the lustful days spent with the head priest in the temple were indeed a part of the tutorial; he had been such a gentleman. 

The next day, I felt more tired than I ever had before. 

To be fair, Hans was also gentle, but the number of times he did it was too much. 

Being young sure was amazing… 

If he’d cum inside me every time, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand up this morning.

All of that considered, I was really glad that today was not my training day with the knights. 

I would have been more useless than usual, probably. 

Even though I was in the office working overtime and feeling overworked, all I was doing at the moment was sitting here…

“What’s wrong?”

My supervisor called out to me, perhaps curious about my sighs. 

It seemed that he has realized that the number of times I sighed this day was indeed too much to ignore. 

“Err…” and I started thinking of something to say to cover up what was on my mind. 

I couldn’t think of anything, so I decided to be honest and just talk about my current issue.

“No…I just realized once again that this world is a place where love between men is okay.”

I am sorry, it is a rather sexual topic. 

You can laugh at me if you don’t like it. 

My supervisor, unaware of my inner voice, pushed up the frame of his glasses with his finger and said, “…Ah… Did you see someone doing it in the middle of the day, behind a bush somewhere?” 

“A-are people doing something like that?!” 

“I’m starting to feel like I should be telling you to just do your work.”

ーIt was natural for these things to happen.

Looking at the documents in his hands in a nonchalant manner, the supervisor began to speak, “You would want to have a relationship with an attractive man, wouldn’t you? Cause there aren’t that many women out there.” 

“…By the way, Walter-san. Are you married…?” 

“I’m single.” 

“…Uhh, I’m single too.” 

“I know.”

Of course, he knew. 

Come to think of it, I knew very little about this boss of mine. 

Our workplace, where work was properly done (though not efficiently), didn’t give much opportunity idle chatter or private interactions. 

The only exception to this was with Hugo-kun, who sat to the left of me. 

He talked a lot, anyway. 

Thanks to him, I have learned about his family structure, the names of his neighbors, the trends of the city, and even that a stray cat in his neighborhood has given birth to kittens. 

Tis was in contrast to my neighbor to the right, Jade-kun, whose voice I didn’t even hear sometimes except for greetings in the morning and after work. 

I wished I could mix them up and split them into two.

I decided to talk a bit more with my supervisor to establish better communication within the workplace.

“Walter-san. What about a lover?” 

“I don’t have one now.”

It seemed that he had one before. 

This cold but composed-looking supervisor must be very popular with people with that kind of taste1.

“…What about you?” 

“I’ve never had one, now or in the past!”

I replied vigorously for no reason… 

My supervisor looked surprised. 

Yeah, “in the past” may have been unnecessary, but considering that overall, “there wasn’t one” I couldn’t help it.

“…Then, should I act first?”

Walter-san, a fast-working government official, stood up. 

He walked straight towards me with a determined stride. 

With the quill still in my hand, I tilted my head at my supervisor, who then stood next to me.

“What is it?” 

“Keigo. Will you be my lover?”

ーPardon, one document was ruined because I just dropped my quill!


“Wouldn’t it be a relief if I made him mine before another man got his hands on him?”

You didn’t realize it but you just switched to your inner monologue, Walter-san.

More importantly, is this my popular period? 

Has my popular period finally arrived? 

I’ve been refraining from using it lately, but I remembered that the Goddess’ curse (which I no longer called a blessing) played a huge part before.

“It was love at first sight.”

It has been confirmed; it was because of the curse.

Walter pulled out my neighbor’s chair and sat down, crossing his long legs. 

It seemed that he decided our conversation was going to be a long one. 

The handsome man was wearing all-black clothes and glasses that accentuated his sanpaku eyes. Somehow even though he has all three elements of being an S, his charms seemed to win everyone over.

He looked at me and asked, “Do you already have someone you have feelings for?” 

“…No, I don’t have anyone in particular.” 

“Then why not? We’re both without lovers. There is no inconvenience. Or am I just not your type?” 

“My type and such is…” He stared at me with his sanpaku eyes, making me falter. “…As you know, I’m an otherworlder, and in Japan, the same sex is basically not a love interest. So if you were to suddenly ask me to be your lover…well, I’d say I’ve never thought about it.”

Yes, all I thought about was having sex! 

I didn’t have thoughts of starting a relationship from the first step of the procedure. 

On that subject, I was thinking about how healthy relationships were supposed to start with a confession and then go through the steps, but…


The rough sensation I felt must be from his growing beard. 

Most men in this world shave their facial hair properly in the morning, but it still grew a little longer by nighttime. 

The slight pain I felt on my cheeks silenced my quivering lips.

“…I’ll teach you what lovers do to each other.”

No, if we’re going to date, let’s start by holding hands! 

Why are you pushing me down on the floor!! 

It seemed that the demonic man in glasses was planning to teach me about the things that lovers do, here and now. 

In the office at night, while working overtime… What kind of AV was this? 

As a man, I didn’t really object to that kind of scenario. 

If only I wasn’t the one who has to spread my legs!!

“…Pl-please stop, Walter-san.” 

“You can just call my name. It is after work hours.”

His hand, which had been hugging my waist, slipped in between the slits of my outer garment and caressed my thighs through my undergarment. 

I turned my face away to escape his kiss and placed my hands on his firm chest, trying to peel myself away from him. 

My resistance was easily blocked, and my clothes were expertly removed, but I still couldn’t let myself be carried away today.

If I were to have sex outside of bed now, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand up permanently…!!

“Walter! Um, well, the things you’re about to teach me are…extremely, extremely troubling. I can pretty much figure out what you’re trying to do, but we’re not on a bed…So, stop.” 

No matter how explicit the words were in my brain, I wasn’t comfortable saying them out loud. 

As I scrutinized his broad chest, I desperately pleaded with him to avoid “sex in the office.”

“It’s the first time someone’s asked me to be their lover. I felt flattered when you said that. I am flattered, but… if you want to do that kind of thing, even if you invite me with the momentum following the confession, I can’t…”

The implication was as follows:

If you ask me to have sex with you right now, I’m going to veto it because I don’t think my body can keep up. I know you want to shove your cock up my asshole right now, but are you planning to fuck me on the stone floor? I’m glad it wouldn’t be a no count, though. Even if you push me down with vigor, you probably won’t be able to do it without lotion or something.

…No, actually you could do it without lotion, though. 

But I’d rather not think about the damage I would suffer if we fucked at this moment. 

It’s a set meal, although the positions are reversed, what a waste. 

But I can’t. Not today. 

I too am disappointed that there’s no other way, but I look forward to the next time…

“Please stop…” 

When I desperately pleaded for a reprieve, the demonic man in glasses seemed to have understood. 

I let out a sigh of relief as my body was released from being pushed down.

A few more documents fell off the desk and were ruined. 

Damn you, demonic supervisor. Please take responsibility and handle this. 

It wasn’t my mistake, ok?!

T/N: I really like how Walter asked Keigo to be his lover. Finally, someone asked him out first.

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