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Chapter 3

The evening trains on weekends were often a bit more crowded than the usual weekday hours due to the influx of drunks. 

In other words, you couldn’t find a single open seat. 

I had resigned myself to the fact that seats on the commuter train were something I couldn’t take pleasure in, whether it be morning or night. 

So I, Sakura Keigo, had mastered the art of sleeping while holding onto a train strap.

It’s not that unusual of a technique for a salaryman. 

Especially since I didn’t ever expect the seats to be available. 

It’s the kind of sleep that was not affected by the vibrations of a train swaying from side to side. 

If my knees lost strength and buckled, I would be forcibly awakened, but I could quickly get back into position and back to sleep. 

So the sudden sensation of being pulled backwards made me think that the train had come to an emergency stop.

… Has there been a train crash? 

I hope there hasn’t been a fatal accident. 

Although, now that I think about it I didn’t hear the high-pitched screeching of the brakes…


“De… I’m dead—?!!!”

I found myself in a pure white space. 

Inspecting my surroundings, it seemed that there was no up or down and no depth… it’s just a single white coated space. 

I unconsciously dropped the bag I was holding. 

The bag should have been fairly heavy, but there was no sound of it falling near my feet.

What happened to the crowded train just now?! 

This was impossible. It’s impossible to be in this empty space. 

Which meant… I’m dead… here… in the afterlife…  

Wait a minute! 

Did Armageddon just happen? 

Wouldn’t I at least wake up if I got stabbed?! 

For a moment, I tried making sense of why I might have been stabbed. Was it a stalker? No — I couldn’t think of anyone who would take such a strong interest in me to go as far as stalking. Since that was the case, I could only surmise that it was the act of some random deviant.

How scary, a deviant! Stabbed me in the heart?!

“You are not dead though?” 


I jumped sideways at the sound of a woman’s voice whispering from behind. 

I covered my ears and turned toward the voice. Standing there was an unrivaled beautiful woman.

“… It’s hopeless. I really am dead.” 

“Didn’t I just say that you are not dead?”

A beautiful woman of European Caucasian descent was right in front of me.

Her golden curly hair flowed gracefully down to her feet. 

She wore a long white dress, which draped beautifully over her clear white skin. 

The only color that could be seen on her was in her golden pupils, which matched both her hair and lightly colored lips. 

So, not only was I transported from a commuter train to this empty white space — I now found myself speaking with a beautiful foreign woman I could miraculously understand.

“Then this must be a dream, right?!” 

“It is also not a dream….It’s a reality for you.”

The beautiful woman cheerfully smirked. 

…Oh no. She’s an S1.

It was the smile of a predator — a smile of an absolute winner, with a sexy, lustrous scent. 

…My heart fluttered for a moment and I thought, This is also good… but I’m not much of an M2…..

“My name is Rudia. I am the goddess of life and love in a different world from where you came,” the self-proclaimed goddess declared while folding her arms, lifting her plump breasts.

By the way, I was listening to the goddess while in seiza3.

There was no salaryman who does not submit to the feeling of intimidation.

I’ve got a knack for getting caught up in lengthy situations. 

In the white space, there were steps, though they were hardly visible to the eye.

“My world is under a trivial threat right now. I need you, the otherworlder, to please cooperate with my ambitions.”

As I listened to the self-proclaimed goddess I wondered, why did she speak in such a lordly manner? 

And what ambitions? That’s not a typical word a goddess would say, right? 

As I wondered, the goddess met my gaze and smiled cheerfully.

“I know what you’re thinking… I’m a goddess, afterall.”

… She was reading my thoughts…!

“What? You don’t have to worry. Don’t let it bother you that much. You’ve always been the kind of person who doesn’t care about the minor details, but I have strengthened that trait in you even more using my power. Now then, I’ll explain it to you. Since you can’t reject the situation anymore, I will give you what you call, an ‘after follow up’4 explanation.”

Then, the goddess began her explanation.

“First, as for my tone. I intend to speak in a normal, friendly way, but it is designed to sound different so that you can easily understand. Hmm, is it similar to the way your country’s royalty and nobility used to speak?” — I nodded in affirmation — “I’m glad to hear that. It’s proof of the respect you have for me.”

The beautiful woman chuckled, but I was not happy at all. 

I guess it was because I knew deep inside that I was being forced to draw the short straw.

“Fufufu. You also look cute when you’re scared. I like men like you, you know. You are my ideal type — perfect for my ambitions. 

“… Please continue your explanation.” 

“Erm. It’s a rather long story… Actually, in my world, dragons are occasionally born. A dragon is a fragment of my power. Therefore, no one from my world can defeat it. Only those who have been summoned from another world, such as Japan, can defeat the dragon with their holy power. That’s how I’ve set it up.” 

“… Isn’t that setting wrong?” 

“Sometimes you need excitement. This world of mine is dull.”

The source of all this evil, I can assure you, was not sorry at all. Even though she was a goddess…!

“Even gods are subjected to passion. The result is the existence of dragons. It is inevitable that they are born. So, I decided to let a pure maiden from another world slay the dragon. Isn’t it fun to watch? The heroic tales of a saint.” 

“… I won’t deny it.”

In fact, I liked it very much. 

I agreed, and the goddess agreed too.

“When I summoned an otherworlder into my world, the women would gain great power. However, the power is lost when she gives birth to a child. So I let the pure maidens from another world slay the dragon, but sometimes I grow bored of the same old story.” 

“Are you bored now?” 

“Yes, I have grown quite bored.”

The goddess wore a radiant smile.

“So, sometimes I summon men instead. Only, the holy power that women have is not available to them. However! The power can be obtained through a secret technique.” 

“…And what specifically, is that technique…?” 

“It’s ‘sex’ between men.”

“…………Excuse me?” 

“The secret technique is ‘sex’ between men.”

The smile of goddess Rudia-sama was shining divinely.


T/N: This chapter is a flashback. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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2 years ago

Imagine being a straight man and just being forced into this… Kinda cruel.. I honestly would’ve denied the offer on the spot lol, so many Sakuras find another one lmfao.

Thanks for the chapter!

3 years ago

oof. that’s.. quite the evil goddess. are we sure that world’s problems won’t be solved if the poor MC didn’t just stab her? eh, probably not that simple. but hey, if that world wants to achieve lasting peace, they should probably start seriously discussing how to kill tjat ‘goddess’.

3 years ago

The goddess is a sadistic fujoshi lol!