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Chapter 32


I sat on a bench in a daze, looking over the garden in the back of the castle. 

Sunday was a free day. 

Normally I would go to the library, but for some reason I didn’t feel like taxing my brain by reading books today. 

Saneto, who would normally keep me company by conversing with me, was not here today. 

It was a holiday, so he seemed to have gone to visit his lover. Curse you, Riajuu1!!

As I leaned against the back of the bench, I thought about what Farangis had said yesterday.

Although he said that it had nothing to do with me, it seemed that the failure of summoning Sakura meant that the disaster would get worse for this world. 

Though it wasn’t really a failure. 

However, no one would ever know that except for the very few people who were involved. 

There might be some people who didn’t like me because I was called by mistake (not that I was).

Despite the fact that the summoning was perceived as a failure… somehow everyone around me had a resilient mantra like, “Okay, it’s tough, but I’m going to do my best!” so if they did dislike me, I didn’t sense it. 

I’ve already seen a number of Knights leaving for the subjugation, and they were all very much in high spirits. 

So they people of this world were basically positive, and the goddess was too. 

I think both the temple and the kingdom have been very good to me, a supposedly useless summoned person.

―Now that it has come to this, I have to acquire the power to slay the dragon, or something like that, at any cost…!!

I reaffirmed my decision.

I couldn’t be shy anymore. 

If the dragon’s power grew stronger with time, then I needed to obtain the power as soon as possible as well. 

The sooner I obtained the power, the less harm would be caused.

I had been saving the Goddess’ curse (aka blessing), but I had to use it after all. 

I’m going to stare at them, stare at them all the time, and make them feel like doing it. 

I don’t care about no counts anymore. 

Even a bad gun will hit a few targets in the end.

From now on, I will be reborn and become a manhunter!! 

Come out, come out, wherever you are!! The next man I meet will be my prey!!!

“… Keigo Sakura?”

While I was in the middle of clenching my fists and making this vow, a clear voice called out to me. 

I thought to myself, “It is the same voice I’ve heard here before…” and I turned my head awkwardly, like a broken robot. 

There was the real “prince,” no metaphor needed.

My determination screamed, “Retreat!” and withdrew at once. 

It vanished completely. 

No! No matter what, the heir to the throne was a bad idea. 

He himself said, “I will give up on Sakura and marry another woman for the sake of the country,” didn’t he? 

What would happen if I, who was determined to have sex in name of justice and push down men, used crooked means on the prince who had made such a sad decision?

Sieval, the first prince of Shirokia Kingdom. 

A blond-haired, blue-eyed prince who looked like he came out of a fairy tale was standing right in front of me.

“…It’s been a while. How have you been?” 

“Yes, many thanks, Your Highness. I am glad to see that you are still the same.” 

Suddenly, a pretty boy popped up from behind the prince. 

“Brother, are you acquainted with him?”

If I wasn’t mistaken, the royal family of this country had two princes who were half-brothers. 

They looked different, but other than the color of their eyes, there were enough similarities to tell that they were brothers. 

No, judging from their appearances you might think of them as brother and sister. 

It was a beautiful doe-eyed girl who appeared from behind the older brother, no matter how you looked at it.

His blonde hair was a bit curly and was draping over his lovely doll-like face. 

His long eyelashes were the same as his brother’s, but his big eyes were bright green. 

If you looked closely, you could see that he has the physique of a boy. 

But I stopped caring as I was overwhelmed by his cute image.

“Sirius. He’s Keigo Sakura.” 

“Please call me Keigo, Your Highness Sirius.”

I stood up and bowed, saying it was an honor to meet him. 

The beautiful boy smiled cheerfully and nodded back at me. 

The older prince was watching over the interaction between me and his younger brother. 

While I was reflecting on whether my manner was a little too forward, he opened his mouth, as he seemed to be thinking about something.

“…Keigo. Do you have any plans right now?” 

“No, not at the moment.” 

“Then I’ll take you to a place that might be interesting to you. Sirius, we’ll take him with us.” 

“Yes, brother.”

The two princes, who seemed to have plans to go somewhere, invited me to come along with them. 

Of course, I didn’t have the right to refuse. 

From the back gate of the royal castle, we rode our horses and went outside the castle grounds. 

The land behind the capital city of Shuraorumu is under the direct control of the royal family. 

Like the garden in the castle, private territories can only be accessed by royalty and those with permission. 

Since it was not specially fenced off, I asked what would happen if I entered without permission. 

Without hesitation he simply replied, “Death penalty.” 

…Yeah, there seemed to be a patrol of soldiers, and I definitely wouldn’t enter in future.

Once I passed through the gate, the first thing I saw was an open field of flowers. 

The meadow was filled with colorful flowers blooming and swaying in the breeze. 

In the middle of the field of flowers, a path as wide as a horse-drawn carriage led to the forest beyond. 

It seemed that the princes’ destination was not the field of flowers but somewhere in the forest.

“Keigo will be surprised when he sees it.”

On a horse next to him, the younger prince who looks like a beautiful girl happily explained.

“It’s built in the royal territory, but it’s not actually the property of the royal family.” 

“ーSirius. Hold your tongue.”

The younger brother backed down, saying, “Yes,” when the older prince reprimanded him. 

I was led down a path that stretched into the bright forest, and a view that took my breath away appeared.

“…Is this…” 

“…This is the house that every Sakura loved.”

It was a one-story house with a thatch roof that stood in a vast open area in the woods. 

Old Japanese architecture, often seen in old rural landscapes. 

There was a creek flowing. 

A wooden water wheel, covered with moss, was spinning.

I got off my horse and approached the house, which felt somewhat nostalgic to me. 

There was a sliding door at the entrance, and a porch facing the garden. 

Perhaps the tanzaku2 had been lost, so there were wind chimes hanging from the eaves that made no sound. 

Paper was pasted on the shoji3

The buildings in this world were built of stone, so it should have been glass panels that were fitted into the windows. 

On the stepping stones leading down from the porch to the garden, there were a pair of small geta4 arranged.

It was a pair of women’s geta with an old red strap.

Tears were running down my cheeks. 

I’m glad,” I whispered in my heart.

…I’m glad, Sakura-chan. 

You were cherished. 

A girl was summoned to another world alone and told to defeat a dragon. 

It must have been tough for you. You must have felt sad too. 

Still, you were treasured enough to have a house like this built for you.

A beloved Japanese house. 

The women, who fought for this world and decided to stay in this world, loved this building that resembled the ones from their homeland.

“…I grant you permission to freely enter the royal territory. You may visit here any time you like, Keigo.”

The older prince pulled me to him and lent me his chest as I cried. 

I took advantage of his kindness and cried on his warm chest for a while.

The Japanese-style house with a thatch roof was apparently used as Sakura-chan’s vacation home. 

The previous Sakura-chan, the grandmother of the princes, used to stay here from time to time. 

I was told that it had always been taken care of and that I could stay there, but I declined to do so because it was the girls’ secret castle. 

Yeah, even if there was a futon prepared, an old man shouldn’t use it. 

Instead, I planned to enjoy it to the fullest.

I threw myself down because there were tatami mats, and I sat in seiza position on a cushion. 

What a surprise, the princes were able to sit in seiza position. 

It seemed that their grandmother had taught them. 

I found some writing paper and a needle box that had been put away and repaired the tanzaku for the wind chimes. 

The younger prince made a hole in the shoji, so I covered it with paper cut into sakura flowers.

As expected, the house had been uninhabited for a long time, so we could not eat or drink there. 

What a shame. 

Next time, I wanted to eat onigiri 5 on the porch while drinking warm tea.

On the way back, I asked them to wait for a while and decided to pick flowers in the field and then go home. 

The reason was that upon closer inspection, many of the flowers looked like ones I had seen in Japan. 

When I told them that I planned to display these in my room, the younger prince got off his horse and helped me.

I told the younger prince to collect flowers that resembled bellflowers. 

The young prince couldn’t remember her very well, but he told me that it was his grandmother’s favorite flower. 

He was so eager that he collected a lot of flowers, and soon we had a bouquet that we could barely hold in both hands.

“Look!” I smiled and showed the finished bouquet to the older prince who was waiting on his horse. 

However, I hurriedly averted my eyes when I saw the prince’s gaze on me.

ーーーIt’s dangerousーーー

The gaze directed at me was feverish, and I couldn’t shake the bad premonition that welled up in me.

T/N: Good luck, Keigo. Thank you for reading. 

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