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Chapter 35

[One Person Grand Reflection Session]

There was a huge banner hanging in my mind at this moment. 

What was I reflecting on? Last night’s foolishness, of course!! 

In addition, I was reflecting on the person I was today too.

I ended up skipping work at the office. 

I didn’t want to go to the company (even though it wasn’t actually a company)! 

You know what I mean, as a salaryman… You know, the feeling of reluctance to come to work the day after you’ve made a huge mistake!! 

I woke up in the morning, rolling around in bed, feeling hopeless about myself and Hans, who came to wake me up because I was running late, was worried about me and arranged a day off for me.

…Still the blessing of the goddess was amazing. 

The power of ‘no matter how extreme the intercourse was, once the other party has left, all traces of it will disappear’ was no joke.

When I woke up in the morning, my bed, which had been dirtied with fragrance oil and semen, had not a single stain on it. 

My body, which was supposed to be worn out, wasn’t sluggish at all. 

…It was amazing, but I felt like if I were to thank her, I’d lose something important as a person…

The goddess didn’t appear in my dream, so I figured it shouldn’t be a no-count. 

In other words, the first prince and I had sex with love

It was a joyous thing, but I didn’t feel better. 

In the past, no matter how unreasonable the acts seemed, I was always on the receiving end

I convinced myself that it couldn’t be helped. 

But being in a position of having to do something myself was different. 

After thirty-five years of having a normal sense of values, sucking the genitals of a person of the same sex was pretty nasty for me.

I kept rolling around. 

By the way, I wasn’t in bed anymore. 

I didn’t want to be in that bedroom. 

I wanted to be out in the open, in the bright and open air, not in a gloomy and immoral room. 

With that in mind, I was in the flower field in the royal domain behind the castle that I’d just been told about.

…Fufufu, there is no way the princes are going to show up today after being here just yesterday! 

Because royals have work to do, too! Although I am in the middle of slacking off!!

I got tired of rolling and stopped moving. 

When I threw out my hands, which were covering my face, out onto the grass, I saw the blue sky spread across my entire field of vision. 

A few white clouds drifted in the wind without sound. 

I could hear the birds chirping faintly in the distance.

It was the kind of scenery you’d never see in everyday life in Japan, being surrounded by concrete buildings.

I’m in a different world…” I thought. 

Strangely, I wasn’t sad, but I did feel a little lonely.


At the sound of the voice, I only turned my head. 

A man stood with his back to the sun in a flower field that only royalty was allowed to enter.

There are three direct descendants of the Shirokia Kingdom’s royalty. 

I knew all their faces. 

The man in front of me was not one of them. From the color of his hair, it was black like mine, not the blond of royalty. 

I straightened up my body, which was stretched out in the flower field, and stood up to face the person who had shown up. 

Only royalty and those who have been authorized by them were allowed to enter this place. 

I was at a loss for words when I saw the man in front of me, and I was about to ask his identity.

The man’s pupils were gold, the same color that only the goddess can have.

“…Are you affiliated with the goddess…?”

His golden eyes narrowed, and the young man replied, “Yes.”

At his urging, somehow, we both sat down in the flower field. 

The appearance of the young man was somewhat similar to the goddess Rudia. 

His hair was black in color and short, but it was curly and flowing just like hers. 

What he was wearing was the brilliant white casual wear in this world. 

I wondered why he wasn’t dressed like the goddess, but, well, he was a man, so I figured he couldn’t wear a dress. 

When I asked him if I could get his name, the young man tilted his head in curiosity.

“Is it necessary?” 

“If there are circumstances that prevent you from telling me, of course, that’s fine.” 


The young man’s outstretched index finger gently poked my forehead

“ーーYou can call me ‘Roy’.” 

“I-is that possibly the name of my family’s dog…” 

“I don’t mind.”

The young man smiled, saying, “It’s a great name.” 

When the thought crossed my mind that his golden eyes were indeed similar to our golden retriever’s…his name became Roy in my mind.

Like a person affiliated with the goddess, Roy’s language was somewhat old-fashioned. 

When I asked if he could read my thoughts too, Roy frowned like he was troubled.

“I do not possess as much power as the goddess. I don’t know for sure, but I can somehow tell if I am near like this.” 

“I-is that so?” 

“Ahh, I showed up today because I wanted to ask Sakura something.”

I was startled when he said my family name, Sakura. 

Although I am not a girl with the same name, I was also an otherworlder summoned to slay the dragon.

“Is Sakura not good with swords?” 

“…I…I am sorry, I haven’t improved…”

I felt like an elementary school student who hadn’t done his homework and curled up my knees. 

Yeah, my enhancement training hasn’t progressed much at all. 

With the careful guidance of the knights, I’ve been able to build up my basic physical strength, but it seemed that I didn’t have any talent with a sword. 

I was confident on the desk. Couldn’t the dragon just be defeated by an abacus?

“Abacus? The way the Sakura of this generation thinks is amusing.”

Roy chuckled. 

It seemed that my thoughts were being read. As expected of the goddess-affiliated person.

“I’ve been wondering why there is so little determination in your thoughts to defeat the dragon at any cost.” 

“I-it’s the question of whether or not I’ll be qualified to defeat it, not yet, not at this stage. Ah, no, I’m willing to work hard. I’m going to try my hardest!” 

“…I see. Then let me tell you some good news.

There are other ways to slay a dragon than with a sword, you know?”


My neck turned 90 degrees!! 

Roy blinked his golden eyes at me as my eyes opened wide and took in his words.


“I don’t lie.” 

“…Y-yay, a ray of hope…!! I can win without being a battle character?! Hooray!!” 

“I can’t tell you how to do it, though, because it’s forbidden. I’m sure there are some remaining old documents regarding the previous Sakura, so you should refer to them.” 

“No, no, no, it’s enough that I got some advice. Thank you very much!”

Yes!” I clenched my fist involuntarily as elation took over my thoughts. 

If it wasn’t with a sword, it might be possible somehow. Let’s go read up on the documents of all the generations of Sakura! 

For some reason, Roy next to me was also watching over my happiness with a satisfied look.

“…They just wielded the sword recklessly. I pitied such pitiful Sakura. Sakura’s pain is my pain. Sakura’s joy is also my joy. I like the honest spirit of you, the current Sakura. I also like how you’re not obsessed with killing the dragon…” 

“What? I’m sorry I didn’t hear that!”

I turned off the “Beethoven’s Ode to Joy” that was playing in my head because I was so excited, and looked at Roy.

“No… Work hard.”

With a gentle laugh, Roy disappeared. 

In this fantasy world, miracles seemed to occur even if magic didn’t exist. 

Well, I suppose, I’ve always benefited from the goddess’ miracles.

I had recovered.

I could win. I felt like I could win…! 

If I didn’t have to fight, then I think I can go back to my world…!! 

Thank you, Roy. 

I would do my best to work hard.

Wait for me, my 20 million! 

If I could see you again, I would stuff my cheeks with so many men’s cocks!!! 

It wasn’t like just taking them in my mouth was going to kill me. 

This world didn’t even actually have STDs! I can win!

…Please just wait a little longer for me to be able to swallow it, though. 

A-after my heart is ready.

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I am calling it right now, that guy smells suspiciously dragonlike

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Man, if there were documents out there that stated the previous sakura have won the heart of the dragon by love I’m gonna laugh lmaoo

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Batata Anisia
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