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Chapter 39

In aristocratic houses, after eating lunch in the dining room, they would move to the living room for tea time. 

I enjoyed the baked sweets and green tea that were served to me. 

The baked sweets were apparently also made by the butler. 

I praised him so much that he gave me a box of them as a gift to take home. 

Honestly, they were really delicious.

The butler retreated from the room as he had other things to do. Meanwhile, my boss and I enjoyed a cup of tea while leisurely admiring the well-maintained summer garden through the window. 

I really think that they used good tea leaves. 

The tea leaves served at the royal castle were, of course, of the highest quality (probably). 

The tea that was currently being served was probably on the same level.

Come to think of it, I’d yet to have any tea that tasted bad, even in the commoner district. 

The only place I’d remembered drinking unpalatable tea was in Japan, a different world from here. 

I had sincerely believed that the more you spent on tea, the better it tastes. 

When I was over there, I would use value packs of tea leaves—unless I got them as a gift. 

If I didn’t save money like that, I wouldn’t be able to save any money at all. 

I’d been drinking cheap, bad tasting tea thinking it couldn’t be helped, but now that I got used to the taste of real tea, it’d be difficult to readjust in my former world… 

What should I do? Should I splurge on tea alone?

As I was drinking tea, absentmindedly worrying about such trivial matters, Walter called out to me.

“…Would you like to go to the park after this?” 


I honestly tilted my head in confusion at the suggestion, since I had been lost in my own thoughts. 

I replied, pointing to my boss’s private room on the second floor, where I had been shown before lunch.

“Are we not going to bed?” 


“No, since you invited me to your home, I thought you were seducing me… but… Ah.”

Then I realized my gaffe. 

I was indeed invited to a meal. 

But I wasn’t invited to bed.

I misunderstood things on my own! I was kind of eager to do it!! 

My face flushed. 

We just had lunch! Why would we leap from that to sex?! 

I even pointed to his bedroom.

Oh, no. 

This was terrible. 

That said, I’d been asked out by Walter before. 

He had even asked me to be in a relationship with him. 

But after lunch, while the sun was still up, saying “Come on, let’s go to bed” was just too much.

I put the empty cup back on the tea table. 

I stood up with my face still flushed bright red.

“I… I am going home… I’m sorry, I really thought something stupid on my own. I am reflecting on it. I’m sorrーhya!!”

My boss hugged me from behind as I made my way to the front door to escape.

“… Is it okay?” 

“Eh? Oh, uhm…” 

“Even if I embrace you now…?” 

“Um…sorry, I just thought of that on my own.” 

“I have always wished to embrace you. Even now, at this moment.”

I couldn’t utter a word as he hugged me tightly. 

When I writhed in embarrassment, the arms around me tightened. 

Walter kissed my exposed nape.


“I can’t wait.” 

“No, because Walter, you said that you wanted to go out with me, but I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. So I feel guilty…”

I turned around, trying to remove the arms wrapped around my body.

“U-um… I don’t know if I like Walter or not, is that still alright with you…?” 

“That means… If I train your body so that you can’t live without me, you’ll be mine?” 


How could you say such a thing, you self-centered man?

He seemed to take my silence as an affirmation when I couldn’t reply and was trembling. 

I was given a passionate kiss from behind. 

As my body responded to the entwining of our tongues, our post-lunch plan was what my gaffe suggested.

The curtains of the bedroom were drawn, but the brightness of the daylight filtered through the fabric and into the room. 

Walter approached me as I stood in a daze beside the large bed. 

I trembled in surprise when he put his hand on my shoulder.

We were going to do it. As expected, in broad daylight like this…

I put my hand on Walter’s chest as he came closer to me and tried to keep some distance between us. 

I could feel his muscles through his clothes. 

Ah, I knew he had the body type which looked slender in clothing. 

While I was thinking, “Where the hell is he working out? Damn!” he took my wrist and licked the inner side. 

I turned my face away in reaction to the shiver that ran through me. 

He slipped my clothes off my shoulders, which were defenseless because I was turned away from him. 

He released my wrist. It dropped down to my side. The clothes that had been stuck to my elbow slipped off. 

His large hand stroked my exposed back, and the clothes that were hanging on my other shoulder were also removed. 

The belt around my waist was untied. 

It was just like a magic trick. 

Before I could even put up a decent resistance, my clothes had already fallen to my feet in a matter of seconds.

“G-going home… is it impossible after all?” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll only make you feel good for your first time.”

The blessing of the Goddess seems to be working well.

I shook my head and erased the image of the smug blonde woman that popped into my mind. 

He touched me gently on the cheek and kissed me as if to soothe me as I was shaking my head. 

Walter’s hands caressed my naked body. 

By the time I laid down on the bed, I wasn’t even wearing underwear.

What’s with this superb technique? 

I could only catch stuttered breaths from our repeated kisses, but when I opened my mouth wider to breathe our tongues tangled with each other. 

The frame of his glasses hit the corner of my eye. 

As soon as I realized what happened, Walter took his glasses off with one hand.

“Did it hurt …?”

The pad of his finger gently caressed my tear-stained eyes. 

I stared at him, as if to cling onto him, as he climbed on top of me.

“Today, I am going to give you only pleasure.”

Our lips overlapped more deeply.

T/N: This is one of my favourite chapters. I got second-hand embarrassment from reading. 

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I love you... BITCH!
I love you... BITCH!
2 years ago

(๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღԵհɑղƘՏღ for the chapter can’t wait for the nsfw