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Chapter 4


The desire for sexual relations. Sexual love. Also known as sexual intercourse. (Quoted from “Daijisen”1 by Shogakukan)

I checked with the dictionary function of the tablet that I had taken out of my bag. 

I see…I was overcome by a curiously deep emotion. 

It wasn’t necessarily an act that had to be done between a man and a woman, I guess…

“No no no, what is this? You mean that?!” 

“Didn’t I say so? I have an ambition–!”

The goddess stood with her arms folded and made an awe-inspiring statement.

“My ambition. That is, a “Harem”. I do like cute girls, but actually, I like it even better when it’s between men. I like it so much that I have kept the ratio of men to women in my world at 4:1.” 

“That’s terrible.” 

“You can relax because men are allowed to be with other men. Or rather, it’s almost inevitably male-male. This is because the supply and demand are screwed up.” 

“That’s too terrible.” 

“If you gain enough sexual energy from men, you will acquire the power to defeat the dragon. Do your best to get embraced by as many men as you can and acquire the power from sex. By the way, if you don’t defeat the dragon, you will die.” 

“How is that even possible?!” 

“The answer is obvious. Because I am the goddess of life and love.” The goddess stated. 

The kanji is wrong, I thought to myself.2

“… Please let me organize my thoughts for now.”

I raised my hand while still in dogeza.3

By the way, I believe that getting down into a dogeza was an evasive action against the unreasonable pressures imposed on working people. 

It was rarely a successful evasion, but it could relieve some of the pressure.

“In the Goddess’s world, you summon an otherworlder to defeat the dragon that was born, right?” 

“That’s right.” 

“The summoned girls have holy power and can slay the dragon, but the men don’t have the holy power. If the dragon is not defeated, the men will die.”

“Umm. Well, you’re correct.” 

“Can’t you switch me with a girl then?” 

“You have already been summoned. It’s impossible.”

The smile of the goddess was extremely shady. 

But if she said it was impossible, then it just means she wouldn’t be willing to do it even if it was possible. 

There was no way for me to change her mind. 

Even if she’s rotten, she was a goddess after all. I didn’t think I could do it.

“So why do men have to have sex with other men to gain holy power?” 

“I am the goddess of life and love. In other words, the source of my power is in the act of creating the next generation with love. Gather the seed of offspring in your body. Then I’ll lend you my power—” 

“…You want me to do …… bareback sex ? 

“It has to be done with love though, or it’s a no-go.”

The goddess of sexual love was merciless.

“No, no, no, no, it’s impossible. I don’t want to say anything about your ambition, but why did you choose an old man like me? Let’s choose a cute boy instead. It’ll make the man who has to do the act a lot happier.” 

“But I don’t have a problem with it though, because I like older men?” 

“No, no one would be okay with that at all, except for the goddess.” 

“You’re a man with a small asshole. It’s my favourite.”

My asshole was in trouble! 

Also, it seems that it will continue to be in trouble from now on (Tears). 

As I despaired and covered my face with both my hands, she placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry. People summoned from the other world have a number of privileges prepared for them. There should be no disadvantages. First of all, you can speak the language. You can also read it. This should minimize the amount of culture gap. And because you’re an otherworlder, they will tolerate your eccentricities.”

The goddess, who had knelt and gazed at me, smiled fondly.

“And also, everyone will treat you with kindness in general. I promise you that your life will not be in any danger. Furthermore, I have strengthened your spirit. Don’t worry, it won’t collapse.You are easy-going and do not care about details. You do not mind pleasure, are open to sexual taboo, but are inexperienced. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. You’re the very embodiment of these characteristics, and I couldn’t be happier.”

“I didn’t need that last sentence.” 

“And, the key word is “Sakura.”

Only those with the name “Sakura” can travel to this world. 

The goddess smiled and then hit me with the biggest bomb of all.

“If you are going to place blame on something, then blame your own name? If you weren’t “Sakura”, I wouldn’t have been able to reach you in the other world. Sakura, please save my world. Literally, with your body.” 

“I’m going to be an adopted son-in-law4! I’ll change my last name! I don’t have a partner, but I can do it with the power of money!!” 

“You are a bit late.”

A sweet bell-like laughter echoed in the white space.

I gave up. 

It was impossible. This beautiful woman can’t be persuaded. 

She’s the type who goes her own way. And no one can stop her. No wonder she’s a goddess, right? 

“Well,” said the beautiful woman as she stood up. 

A fine golden light slowly flowed out from her body, which was composed of gold and white.

“Sakura. I understand your distress at suddenly being summoned to another world. Therefore, I will bestow a few special blessings, just for you—-. The first blessing is ‘Keep staring at the other person and, eventually, they will develop sexual feelings for you’. This will save you a lot of time and effort when seducing them. Be careful not to use it too much, though. If you stare at them too long, they will turn into wild beasts, okay?” 

“It’s more of a curse than a blessing, isn’t it?!” 

“I repeat, doing the deed without love is a no-go, so be careful, okay?

Do your best to make them fall in love with you. Basically, no one should hate you. And one more thing, the blessing of ‘Your partner will think that it’s your first time.'”

“What is the point of that?!” 

“Despite what they say, men like it, don’t they? Doing it for the ‘First time’.”

…………… ha.

They don’t hate it, though, do they? You’re right, though! 

There’s no man who didn’t like virgins. 

But why did I have to experience it with my own butt?

More and more particles of golden light emitted from the goddess’s body. The white space around me was filled with golden light. 

I felt my body being pulled in a different direction from ‘the world I had been in’.

With tears of blood running down my cheeks, I made up my mind to let the situation take its course. 

Because I couldn’t go back. 

I couldn’t go back to my original world until I defeat the dragon. 

I didn’t want to lose the 20 million I’d saved through my own sweat and frugal lifestyle. 

I also didn’t want to be killed by the dragon. 

I could suffer more about this, but I realized there’s a way out for me here. 

Why don’t I just open my legs?! 

I could just think of it as a career change to the sex industry and be done with it! 

I believe there’s no such thing as a low or high profession…..!!!

“Oh, I repeat, doing the deed without love is a no-go, okay?” 

“Don’t ask for too much!!” 

“I am the goddess of sex and love5. There is no bending this rule. I’ll tell my priest about this. He will take care of you.”

Then, enjoy life in this other world.

As the goddess spoke those words, my entire field of vision turned gold.


T/N: Chapter 3 and 4 happens before Chapter 1. Keigo met the goddess first.

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2 years ago

I really REALLY pity him. The previous commenter in the last chapter was right, let’s just Stab this goddess..

Thanks for the chapter..

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2 years ago

Poor keigo. I bet he wants to smack the back of the goddess’s head LOL

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Cherry boy
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A fujoshi goddess. Maybe the only reason she didn’t into omegaverse is coz she likes yaoi harem? LOL