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Chapter 42

Summer was passing by. 

On weekdays, I worked hard on my work at the office and training. Then on the weekends, I successfully participated in the various summer festival events. 

Yeah, there was a summer festival located in the commoner district of the capital. 

Apparently popularized by Sakura-chan, the Japanese yukata had been accepted as the official attire for the festival. 

Did they readily accept the yukata due to the similarities with this world’s customs? Because they don’t wear pants? 

The temple had prepared the yukata and geta1 for me, so I wore them.

The gentleman, Bachelard, probably arranged it for me. 

The head priest was a really good man. 

I hadn’t visited him in a long time, but I wondered how he was doing… When the summer heat subsides, I’d like to visit him and personally thank him.

Yes, it was the summer season. 

When it comes to summer, that means adventure!!

A liberating, lightly-dressed summer. 

A passionate summer, when everyone becomes sexually liberated. 

Watching the fireworks being launched in the summer night sky, and then immediately shifting to having outdoor sex on the beach near the riverbank… such things, I couldn’t do it. 

The person who accompanied me to go see the festival was the mother of Knights… no, the conscience of Knights, Gilliam. 

Unlike many others, I went back home after enjoying the festival in a very normal way. 

Today’s loot was a fond summer memory (not in a sexual way) and a candy apple.

He walked me back to the royal castle just in case, because it was late at night, so I made a bold pass at him. 

There was a very beautiful moon in the sky. 

There were no more passersby on the streets in the aristocratic district as we walked home, and I think that made me feel a little more confident. 

As we walked side by side, I grabbed his yukata sleeve and brought his attention to me.

“…T-the moon is beautiful, isn’t it?!”2 

“You’re right.”

…Unfortunately, it seemed that it was thoughtless of me to expect him to know about Soseki Natsume in this fantasy world.

Indeed, he wouldn’t know the original story, right? 

Yeah, I’m pretty confident I would have passed on a confession like that, too…

It seemed that there was a person who saw me on my date (or so they claimed).

“Keigo-san. You were at the festival near the castle yesterday, weren’t you?”

During snack time (also known as break time), Hugo, a work colleague sitting to my left, secretly called out to me. 

That reminded me, he lived in the commoner district. 

Had he spotted me somewhere? 

I nodded honestly to confirm.

“Yeah, I went out to have some fun. It was a good time. If you’d recognized me, you should’ve called out to me.” 

“No, because you seemed to be with your lover… That’s Gilliam-sama of the Knights, right? You two are dating… aren’t you?” 


I replied immediately at mach speed. 

I’m sorry, Gilliam. It seems that you have gotten into rumors with someone like me. 

Stop it with that kind of male-male love thinking brain. 

If he spouted things just because he saw Gilliam and I walking side by side, the handsome guy next to me was a huge inconvenience. 

I glanced over at my boss. 

Hugo and I were the only ones talking during the break, so I guessed that he could hear what we were saying. 

He was glaring at me a bit. His sanpaku eyes were super scary. 

Thinking, “I… I thought we were allowed to talk during break time…?” I internally broke out into a cold sweat. 

For some reason, the person to my right, Jade, was also looking at me. 

Or rather, all eyes in the room were focused on me. 

H-he’s popular, as expected from one of the twin flowers of the Knights, Gilliam…

“You’re wrong,” I corrected Hugo again.

“He’s kind of my educator, so we went to the festival as part of learning about the world.” 

“W-was that so?” 

“Yeah. That’s it.”

I did try to hit on him, though! 

Although it was brilliantly ignored.

“Then, Keigo-san, do you have anyone you’re dating?”

The high school girls’ conversationーーー! 

I began to sweat profusely as he brought up the unfamiliar topic. 

A-after I passed the age of 30, people read between the lines and naturally stopped bringing up such topics… 

Hugo had fluffy black hair, big blue eyes, and was rather baby-faced. 

I can’t help but imagine myself falling prey to the rumor-mongering office ladies at the company.

My boss seemed to be able to hear the conversation somewhat, so I opened my mouth since it was such a good opportunity.

“Err… you know I’m an otherworlder summoned for the next Sakura-sama, right?” 

“Yes, I’ve heard.” 

“I’m not going to think about love until Sakura-sama’s dragon slaying is over. Because I feel bad for Sakura-sama, don’t you? If I, the one who follows her, has a lover while she herself is not allowed to be in a relationship.” 

“…Ahh! I see…” 

“Yeah. That’s why, I think I can’t have a specific partner.”

ーーThat’s why, Walter-san!! Did you hear it?!

In my brain, I appealed to my boss, who proposed a relationship with me. 

I couldn’t just be in a relationship with one specific person. 

In order to fulfill the goddess’s noble (…) ambition, I have to have physical relations with an unspecified and unreasonable number of people. 

It was impossible for me to be in a relationship with several people at once, all while lying and saying such things as, “You are the only one for me.” 

There was no way I could master such an advanced technique.

Although it wasn’t exactly something I was happy about, for the sake of my mission I was glad that this world highly encouraged free love. 

I will suppress my tears and take that route. 

I’m always open to just sex!! 

…That’s called a sexfriend, isn’t it? Don’t let reality get in the way…Hurray for free love! (Tears)

With impeccable timing, the bell rang for the end of the break time. 

The officials in the room returned to their work with unamused expressions on their faces. 

Hugo-kun, who had turned his body 90 degrees to face me, also turned back to face his desk with a disappointed expression on his face. 

… No, let’s work seriously, okay? I swear, this world really hates paperwork…. 

The busy boss walked out of the room with a stack of papers. 

I wondered if he went to the Prime Minister to discuss the settlement? 

It seemed that the people around me also thought that he wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon, and the atmosphere suddenly lifted. 

Yeah, I didn’t hate it, though, working in such an honest workplace. 

It was definitely better than being a corporate slave, but having worked in the private sector, I found this laid-back attitude in a government office to be a bit absurd…

While I was working at my relaxed office, wondering about what would be for dinner today, I was called out.

“Are you Keigo-sama?”

The attendant boy who had come into the room was standing diagonally behind me. 

When I put down my pen while answering yes, the boy continued with an apologetic expression, “I’m sorry to interrupt your work, but… you’ve been summoned by the medical office. I’ll escort you, so could you please follow me?” 

“…Is it a medical checkup?” 

“I was only ordered to escort you so… I don’t know,” he said, and the attendant tilted his head in a distressed manner. 

As I closed the lid of the inkwell and said, “I have no choice but to go if I’m summoned,” someone grabbed my shoulder.


“It’s dangerous, Keigo-san.”

My colleague, who had gone pale, shook his head with a serious expression.

“It’s better not to go. Let’s refuse by feigning an illness. The summons is probably from Cyrus-sama from the medical office. I’ve heard rumors that he had recently returned from studying in another country.” 

“If I feign an illness, that’s even more of a reason for me to go.” 

“Ah?! I see, then, let’s kill off one of your relatives. You are absent from work due to mourning. Cyrus-sama is a really dangerous person. He is very skilled and he is also very talented, but you can tell by looking at him that he is the kind of person you shouldn’t get close to!”

From there, Hugo’s fervent grand speech event began. 

“Cyrus-sama” seemed to be the best doctor in this country. 

His father was the younger brother of the previous king, and as a cousin of the current king, he had immense influence. 

However, from what Hugo said, he seemed to be an S.

He seemed to be an S that specialized in surgery. 

He had saved many seriously injured patients by performing surgery on those who would have lost their lives up until now… However the scary thing was that there was no anesthesia in this world. 

He was known for treating a screaming injured person with a smile. 

Other than that, if you ask me how much of an S he was, it was said that if there was a scab in front of him, he couldn’t help but laugh and peel it off. 

The victim and also witnesses, H-san (22 years old), testified with tears in his eyes. 

…Ah, yes. He’s definitely an S, isn’t he…?

And then I was taken away. 

I mean, I didn’t have any relatives in this world who I could mourn for…

TN: Keigo, why do I feel like you like outdoor sex? 

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