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Chapter 47

I was in despair. 

Up until that point—I knew that the other world I was summoned to, and modern Japanese society were different—but I must not have fully realized it.

The scene in front of me taught me. 

This world was different from Japan, where I was born and brought up. 

This obvious fact finally struck me as real.

“Is everything ok? Keigo-sama?”

The young man who led me there innocently tilted his head. 

Yes, he wouldn’t understand. 

To someone like him, who was born and raised in this world, it must be an ordinary day, no different from any other. 

My knees hit the polished stone floor. 

I couldn’t help but scream as the people in white clothes, who were busy working around me, looked at me curiously.

“Whyーwhy don’t electricity and gas exist in the fantasy world?!!!”

Yes, it was no surprise, but there were no microwaves or refrigerators in the kitchen of the royal castle…

It was just yesterday when Karl-san, the librarian, informed me that he had found something in Sakura-chan’s materials. 

Immediately, I requested to cancel the next day’s training at the Knights. 

Because I’m a vanguard sent to support the beautiful maiden warrior! 

For her, who will come someday, I will do whatever I can in a heartbeat!! 

…With that kind of pretense, I brazenly took a day off.

Roy, who was related to the goddess and whom I met in the flower field, told me that I could defeat the dragon with “another way” than the sword. 

That was what Karl-san had been looking for in the history books. 

The next day after being informed, I visited the library first thing in the morning. 

The librarian, his black hair braided loosely at his back, was waiting for me with an old book ready.

“Keigo, have you ever heard of the people known as ‘the Great Sakura’?”

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly.

“That’s what people call the Sakura-sama who remained here after the dragon was slayed and left behind various achievements. Most recently, I suppose it is the previous queen? She reformed the education system of the Shirokia kingdom. Do you know about school lunches and radio callisthenics?” 

“I know them very well.”

“We were introduced to that kind of Japanese knowledge. And rice wine was also made. Adults and children alike are grateful to the great previous queen.”

Amazing, my predecessor, Sakura-chan!

“In this way, the great Sakura-sama brought various blessings to Shirokia. According to legends, one of them, Sakura-sama, the creator of miso and soy sauce, is said to have slayed a dragon with a means other than the sword.” 

“What kind of method was it?” 

“It’s cooking.”

Karl replied calmly as he flipped through the pages of the book to check.

“Apparently, she was the daughter of a well-established traditional restaurant in Japan. It is said that she served the dragon a home-cooked meal, and the dragon, touched by its deliciousness, admitted defeat and disappeared. It’s not an official record, so I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s true that she left behind some great achievements in food!” 

“…I see.” 

“I wonder if the next Sakura-sama to be summoned will be a good cook? It would be interesting to see the legend become a reality.” 

“…Isn’t that unreasonable?”

I replied, averting his gaze and sweating profusely.

Why was it a food showdown?! 

I instantly decided that it was impossible. 

Please don’t ask for such a skill from a single man who lived alone. 

I could cook for myself well enough. 

If I dined out for every meal, I never would have been able to save up 20 million.

But I was a salaryman warrior who worked a lot of overtime. 

On days off, I did my best to make stewed dishes that I could stock up on, but on weekday nights when I had finished eating, I’d just made do with convenience store lunch boxes or instant noodles, you know?! 

Still… I would seriously consider the option, while admonishing my disheartened heart.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t cook. 

Then, if I trained diligently for a year or so from now, shouldn’t I be able to cook something that’s good enough? 

It might turn out better than sword training.

Just in case, I am going to cook something. 

Curry rice… is impossible because there’s no curry powder, but Karaage1… is also impossible because they don’t sell flour.

I-it should work out if I cook something. 

It was a challenge for now, and I called an attendant on the spot to see if I could borrow a corner of the kitchen. 

The competent attendant of this country quickly made the arrangements for me. 

I was told that after the busy lunch hour, they would let me cook something.

Until then, I had the opportunity to relax and kill some time in the library. 

I was invited into the librarians’ lounge room and chatted with Karl and the other librarians over a cup of tea. 

In fact, it was no different from my usual Sunday morning. 

I guess I was getting used to everything. 

The chairs in the library are made of wood, but the ones in this lounge room are comfortable sofas, so I was completely relaxed. 

I…I haven’t laid down and read books yet, okay?!

That was how I spent the morning, and then went to the dining hall for lunch. 

After lunch, which was delicious as always, I stepped straight into the kitchen, guided by the young cook who was waiting for me.

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I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope things are at least a little better now. Thank you so much for spreading joy with your translations xx

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Oh my god, I hope you’ll be okay and healthy always, thank you very much for your updates, I really love this story because it’s fun and a little bit unhinged lol

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Camille Wheeldon
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Sex with a dragon, thoughts?

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