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Chapter 5

Father, mother, please forgive me. 

Your son has changed jobs. 

I had worked hard to enter a prestigious listed company and had planned to work there until I reached retirement age — even if it meant working a little overtime — but I’ve been led astray. 

I’ve been told that if I successfully complete my duties here, I would be able to return to my world. 

While I may not have a lover waiting for me when I go back, I do want to return for the sake of the 20 million in my savings account, so I’ll do my best. 

I gazed up at the ceiling while thinking, A pillow sale1, huh? That made me want to cry a little… .

…. My name is Keigo Sakura, and I was thinking about such things while I was taking a bath in the temple of a fantasy world. 

Just a moment ago, I was filled with the desire to curse my parents, saying, “Why did you give me this last name of all things?” but I’ve since reached a state of tranquility. 

It’s true that if you soak in a hot bath, all of your worries will disappear.

By the way, I was in a Japanese cypress-ish barrel bath set up in the bathroom. 

The duckboard and tub were also made of wood. 

It seemed that the past Sakura-chans summoned so far did their best. 

From what the priest had explained to me on the way here, It sounded like some of the past Sakura-chans had gone back to their original world, but most of them stayed in this world and spread the Japanese culture. 

Thank you, Sakura-chan. I think the Japanese were very passionate about bathing in bathtubs. 

They had individual baths prepared for the guests, but it seems that they also had a large public bath located in the temple. 

I’d like to take a bath in it next time. I think it’s better to have a bath where I can stretch my arms and legs…

I heard a gentle voice from the other side of the door, “Sakura-sama. Are you experiencing any dizziness from hot water?”

Surprised by the interruption, I hurriedly got up from my relaxed state in the hot bath. 

That reminded me, I was told that the Head Priest would stop by my room later at dinnertime to give me my first lecture about this world. 

“Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll be out soon.”

A voice with a hint of laughter said, “Please take your time,” but I couldn’t keep someone as important as the Head Priest waiting. 

It seemed that they didn’t have towels, so I left the bath and wiped myself down with the cloth provided.

As I put on a pair of underwear I mused to myself, At least it’s not a loincloth… Thank you, Sakura-chan. I then continued to put on a long-hemmed pajamas coat. 

From what I could tell, in this world trousers are only worn by soldiers who need to ride horses. 

And while they didn’t have any slippers to wear indoors, they did have these odd sandals made of cloth… Why Sakura-chan? 

After I put on a jacket over my pajamas and finished getting ready, I walked out of the bathroom that was attached to the guest room.

As I entered the guest room, I saw the gentleman I recognized as the Head Priest, wearing an amiable smile, and standing beside a table. 

On the table was an unfamiliar silver sake set that wasn’t there before. He must have brought it with him.

“How was your bath?” 

“It was a good hot bath. Thank you very much.”

I bowed my head honestly. 

The gentleman urged me to sit down in a chair, so I sat down.

“I’m glad to hear that. The water in this temple is drawn from a nearby hot spring; as is the water in the Royal Castle. So, I’m sure you can enjoy the baths there as well.”

Sakura-sama in the past must have been fond of hot springs. 

I nodded and said, “Of course, of course,” to the gentleman explaining. 

There was no Japanese person who could resist the allure of hot springs.

A small silver sake cup was offered to me, so I thanked him and received it. 

I pressed the cup to my lips and sipped the cool liquid. It was indeed sake. 

Curious about the temperature, I asked how it could be so cold. The gentleman then explained to me that it had been cooled in a well. 

Unfortunately (?), there was no magic in this world. 

… Even though it’s a fantasy world. 

Maybe I should change my perception to a time-slip story?

“I wasn’t sure what to do, as I heard that the previous generations of Sakura-sama didn’t drink alcohol. I’m glad to hear that it suits your taste.”

The gentleman smiled with slightly flushed cheeks.

“Sakura was a young girl, right? In Japan, children are not allowed to drink alcohol. I bet some of the Sakuras drank after they came of age, didn’t they?” 

“That’s right. The previous generation’s Sakura-sama drank it.This sake was also invented by the predecessor; It is made from rice.” 

“Is my predecessor still alive?” 

“Unfortunately, she has already passed. She was the queen of the previous king.”

Sakura-chan tamanogoshi2!!

So, the handsome blond man I met at the summoning place was half-Japanese. 

I thought to myself, I see… and decided to make a suggestion that I had been thinking about since I was summoned.

“Um… if you don’t mind, could you please call me by my first name, Keigo, instead of my last name, Sakura? Sakura seems to be a female name here, and I thought it might be confusing for a man to use it.”

It was a half truth. 

It’s my last name, so I’m used to being called that. 

However, it’s unbearable and difficult to be called that while people are thinking of a beautiful maiden warrior… 

The gentleman was staring at me intently, and then he placed the cup he was holding back on the table and straightened his back.

“… I received an oracle from goddess Rudia.”

Suddenly, the words of the goddess came back to my mind, “He will take care of you.” 

Upon remembering those words, it dawned on me that the gentleman in front of me was an involved person  — this person was the Head Priest —  the goddess’s number-one subordinate…

“So, I am aware of your situation for why you were summoned, even though you are a man. You are undoubtedly a being with the ability to obtain power to defeat a dragon. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be called “Sakura”? 

“Well, I want to keep that as a secret…” I explained to the doubtful Head Priest. 

I was sure this person knew what the internal situation is, so I felt that I could be frank. 

The goddess had explained to me with utmost care that sex without love does not count. 

As a result, I was sure that once they understood how I get my power, there would be men who would try to have a relationship with me out of obligation. 

But well…That really wasn’t the point. 

The goal was to have sex with love. … Ah, I feel like crying a little.

“… I understand. Then I will call you Keigo-sama from now on. I’ll tell the others to call you that way as well.” The gentleman nodded and promised me. 

Now I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling guilty. 

As I breathed a sigh of relief, I noticed the gaze that remained fixed on me. 

The gentleman seemed to want to say something, and I tilted my head in response.

“…I … in the dream, I received the oracle from the goddess Rudia.”

When he said it a second time, I shifted into a position to listen attentively.

“The goddess had explained how Keigo-sama can gain the holy power needed to defeat the dragon. She then ordered me to help Keigo-sama with all of my ability. However, I am worried because Keigo-sama is a pure person that knows no woman or man.”

As his words washed over me, the blood had drained from my face. 

Just as the color from my face had faded, the gentleman’s cheeks had seemingly bloomed into a light red hue.

“If it’s okay with you… would you be willing to choose me as your first…… partner?”


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I love you... BITCH!
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