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Chapter 6

“You know… I don’t want to go home tonight…”

――I’d never heard that sort of line before (Blood curdling). 

It was an urban legend, an urban legend! 

It was the kind of auditory hallucination that unpopular men heard while drinking cheap alcohol. 

There was a time when I thought like that.

This was the first time I’d ever heard such a pick-up line. 

This was the first time I was invited to bed. 

The only problem was that I was probably going to play the woman’s role……. Ah, I felt like I was going to burst into tears…

“Ple… please hold on a second.”

This was not the time to be drinking.

After placing the silver cup on the table, I raised my hand to stop the gentleman.

“Um, I really appreciate your sentiment. Thank you very much. But please, don’t force yourself. Think carefully about what the goddess said. There has to be love. We can’t simply do it forcibly.”

He was a good person, a gentleman. Truly, he was too good of a person. 

When I thought about it, he was the only person who stood by me from the beginning when I arrived in this world. 

He was an elegant and gentle priest who was older than me. 

I couldn’t let him be corrupted…!

“Is… isn’t it taboo for priests to have sexual relations?” 

“It is not forbidden in this world. The goddess we worship is also in charge of life and love.” 

“No, but…” 

“… Keigo-sama, do you not like someone like me?”

The gentleman furrowed his brows sadly and smiled.

“… When I first met you… you were confused and trembling in this strange world. I loved the way you relied on me and took my hand. I thought of nothing but the beautiful black eyes that were fixed on me. Even without the oracle of the goddess Rudia, I wanted to help you. I wanted to help you, who knew nothing, and teach you about this world, and tell you all about……. No, I didn’t just want to teach you. I merely wanted to follow my desires and hold you tightly in my arms…”

The reason for that was because of the cursed blessing.

… It worked, that blessing… 

As expected of the goddess. 

Come to think of it, I was so anxious then that I had stared at him as hard as I could. I had hung on to him. 

Did that activate it?… I wept at the miracle of the goddess. 

Apparently, the gentleman didn’t know about the goddess’ curse. Yeah, there are some things in this world that are better left unknown, aren’t there?

The gentleman asked in a gentle, somewhat resigned tone,”… Do you not like old people like me?”

What did he think of my silence? 

He didn’t seem that old to me… and I turned to get a better look at him. 

His hair was peppered with gray, but his skin was still lustrous and what few wrinkles he had were quite charming. 

In addition, I didn’t think he was at the age where he couldn’t get an erection. 

Well, I’ve been told that I look a little younger when compared with others. 

It’s a western like world, and by the standards of this world I wondered – how old do I look? 

Huh? Didn’t I clearly state that I was 35…?

A disappointed smile spread across the gentleman’s face as he studied my expressions. 

Before my lips could move, I was on my feet. 

I hurriedly walked around the table and approached him. 

Just as he had done for me when I first came to this world and was frightened, I gently wrapped my hands around his hands that were clasped on the table.

“… I really have no experience.”

My voice was shaking.

“With women, too, but in my world there also seemed to be men with men, but I have no experience. So please be gentle with me as this is my…… first time…” 

“… Are you really okay with me?” 

“You are… perfect.”

You’re the one who understood so much about my situation!!

The gentleman eagerly stood up then. 

He immediately grabbed my shoulder firmly. 

When I shuddered at the strength of his grip, he quickly relaxed his hands.

“… I’m sorry.” 

It was then I realized that I didn’t even know his name yet.

“Please tell me your name.”

I flashed a smile at him, and the gentleman also smiled back at me.

“… My name is Bachelard. Could you please say it… say my name?”

I opened my mouth to repeat it, but his lips covered my own.

Having moved from the guest room, I laid down on the bed that was placed in the center of the bedroom. 

The bed was surrounded by a thin, translucent cloth hanging from the canopy. It was very similar to a bed used by western royalty. 

I wondered if this large bed was originally designed to be shared with someone. 

It didn’t make sense for just one person since it was so big.

After the long, breathtaking kiss all I could think about was something stupid like that. 

Although, I probably would have been embarrassed in this situation if I hadn’t been thinking about something so stupid. 

The long fingers of Bachelard, who was now on top of me, slowly and meticulously unfastened the buttons of my pajamas. 

As he gradually undressed me, his lips gently fell on my exposed chest. 

I felt ticklish from the pecking sensation and stirred up by the fact that he was staring at me. It made me feel both ashamed and uncomfortable.

When I squeezed my eyes shut, I felt something soft brush against my eyelids.

“Please keep your eyes open. Look and understand what I’m doing. Because you will have to sleep with people from now on, and as often as possible.”

That reminded me, this was all a part of the class. 

Remembering that I was being taught what to do, I opened my eyes, which had been tightly closed. 

Bachelard, smiling somewhat painfully, pressed his lips to the corner of my tear-stained eye.

“… But right now, you are mine. The first pleasure you will ever know is mine to give. Where no one has ever touched you before, it will be my hands that touch you for the first time. 

“Hyau … ?!”

Bachelard dug his nails into my nipples.

“Does that feel good?” 

“… I don’t know…” 

“You’ll start to get pleasure from being caressed here again and again. Eventually, your nipples will stand up from just a simple look…..”

I didn’t want that. 

His fingers played with the buds of my chest in a circular motion. 

With repeated touches, the nipple in the middle became plump and erect. 

The fingers that had been stroking me on both sides suddenly pinched my nipples. 

I gasped at the tingling pain. 

I wondered if the little nipples that kept getting teased as he pulled on them would grow bigger with time. 

That was the end of my carefree thoughts.

Bachelard’s tongue licked my nipple.


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2 years ago

Well, that is some good smut happily going on to the next chapter~ The cover made the priest a little not ikemen ish so I had to imagine a new white haired ikemen priest in my head

Thanks for the chapter!

That Cute Little Reader
That Cute Little Reader
3 years ago

Mind explosion! Hahaha.. a priest as a first time

3 years ago

So the blessing really took effect from the moment he came to the world huh. Makes you wonder about how some characters act