Hasr11 here again! A bunch of stuff happened the past month (as usual), mostly with regards to my studies. I’ll cut the crap and get to the point straight. The competitive exam that I need to give to get into my choice of college just got preponed by 4 months. So I now got less than six months to prepare for the exam that’s gonna decide my fate.

Well…that’s not the point here. I have been adopted (or should I say joined?) by Ainushi, so all my TLs will be continued there. As for this site…I’ll get to it sometime later maybe…

So see ya guys on Ainushi!!!


July 2018


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5 years ago

KONICHIWA…. my fellow fujoushi friend finally leaving a comment on your blog ..to say today i got some time i really missed you…i read about the manga Alochol is for married people and u didnt came today