A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Tamago

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Chapter 1

Author Note:

Arisu-chan is cute, right?

I only watched Youjitsu anime recently, but her appearance is totally my liking

That’s the only reason I wrote this.

It was the season in which the sakura bloomed.

I held my head as a bus took me to a place I never intended or wanted to go to.

Advanced Nurturing High School. This catchy-named school was where I would be enrolled in… no, living in from now on. 

“I want to quit after all. I’d rather go to a normal high school instead. Is it still possible for me to refuse admission?”

“That’s not something you should say on the day of the entrance ceremony.”

Sitting next to me was a beautiful girl with silver hair.

This girl, Sakayanagi Arisu, had a genius brain and aggressive thoughts that didn’t match what her appearance suggested. She was considered the main character of the main characters in the original story.

Why was I, an ordinary and unremarkable person, here?

How did I get caught up in the original story?

I wanted to go home. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t happen any time soon.

Half-resigned, I could only watch the falling sakura leaves from the bus window.

I, Takashiro Haruto, was someone who was reincarnated.1

Simply put, I have memories of my previous life.

That said, it wasn’t that big of a deal—in my previous life, I was merely someone who graduated from a local, mediocre high school and somehow managed to land a decent job in a company… but I couldn’t remember how I died.

Even so, this was still my second life, so when I looked at other middle school students, I couldn’t help but think of them as children.

Ah, of course, with the exception of one person. 

Even though I had been reincarnated, I didn’t get any cheat abilities. The things I could do were, lamentably, more or less the same as in my previous life. I did have the life experience gained from living all the way to adulthood, but it had yet to prove itself useful. I was undisputedly an ordinary person. 

Anyways, there was a popular light novel called “YouJitsu” in my previous life. Since I had also watched the anime, I remembered the general plot.

I noticed early on that this world was based on YouJitsu’s world. After all, my family in this life was quite close to Arisu-chan’s family. Leaving detailed explanations aside, I already knew all about this world before I even enrolled in elementary school because of the light novels I had read.

Despite that, I had absolutely no intention of enrolling in Advanced Nurturing High School.

In fact, I actually tried to avoid taking its entrance exam.

I only wanted to spend my days lazily in an average high school. “Finding things cumbersome” was the definition of my personality. There was no way I would wish to participate in such an exhausting battle.

In my previous life, I also happened to be extremely poor, so most of my time was spent working part-time. I couldn’t even go to university and had no choice but to continue working. Looking back, that kind of life wasn’t too bad, but I was born fairly wealthy in this life. Because of this, I intended to study in a normal high school, enter university, and get a normal job.

Furthermore, many characters in the original story had violent tendencies, so, as I was a coward, I didn’t want to get involved with any of them. Besides, I felt that Advanced Nurturing High School’s unique lifestyle could never suit someone like me.

Honestly, I much preferred that those capable people competed on their own without getting me involved.

I could concoct an infinite number of excuses for rejecting this school, but the one who ruined all my plans was Arisu-chan, who sat smiling beside me.

To this day, my life has been dragged around by her.

“Haruto-kun, what’s wrong? I doubt that you could get much inspiration from watching the sakura, considering your intelligence.” 

She was the kind of person who would casually say that kind of thing.

I had known her for a long time, so I didn’t mind, but that didn’t stop me from doubting her humanity.

As expected, a genius will have a few screws loose somewhere… 

I often thought those kinds of things, but she would sulk if I said it aloud.

Arisu-chan was quite troublesome when she sulked. Not only did she constantly nag me, but she also logically refuted everything I said.

I had already experienced that firsthand, so it was better to leave my thoughts unspoken. That was why…

“Yes yes, I’m just an ordinary person after all, not a genius like Arisu-chan.”

“Fufu, it’s good that you understand that.”

I could flatter her just like this, but I would have liked to be spared from the smile— it was too cute.

Even if I was irritated, I ended up forgiving most of her offenses because she was cute. If I had to say, I was weaker to that rather than her intelligence. Her being cute was cheating.

As we talked, the school building came into view. 

Even now, I still couldn’t understand how I had been able to enroll in this school. From the beginning of the year, Arisu-chan had personally guided my studies, so my academic grades had increased, but…

During the exam, there had been questions I understood nothing about, so I thought I would fail the exam. Even if her father pulled the strings, he wouldn’t be able to manipulate the exam scores, and I was already thinking about how I would apologize to Arisu-chan when I failed.

But still, he was Arisu-chan’s father. Perhaps he had done many things behind the scenes. After all, he seemed crazy for his daughter.

It made me want to tell him that I wasn’t worth obsessing over.

“Hmm, I wonder what a place where I wouldn’t get bored would be like.” 

“I dunno. I think it would literally be just that.”

“You say that as if you know what it is.”

“You just think too much. Ah, we’ve arrived.”

We paused our conversation and prepared to get off the bus.

Arisu-chan often stumbled as she stepped, sometimes tripping and falling over her cane.  Getting on and off the bus could be dangerous for her, so I had to hold her hand.

After carefully checking our balance, we stood up and left the bus, holding hands.

“The asphalt is tiered over here. Be careful with your cane.”

“Thank you very much. Let’s go together like this.”

“Is that okay?”

“It’s okay. In the first place, it’s not like we have any reason to hide our relationship.”

Her words, I thought, showed how much trust she had in me.

How would this affect her? The Arisu-chan in the original story would have been able to stand alone without me.

Without me, the story would simply proceed according to the original story, and my role would end up being succeeded by “Kamuro Masumi”-san. And perhaps most importantly, the strong protagonist-sama would also be attending this school.

I knew better than anyone that Arisu-chan wanted to have a match with the masterpiece of White Room.

“Haruto-kun. Once again, please take care of me from now on. Follow me.”

“You don’t have to ask. How many years do you think I’ve been doing this?”

Even though I always knew the answers, I still pretended not to know.

I was a foreign object in this world. I was the only one who could understand that.

Now that I had enrolled in this school, the outcome of the story would definitely be affected.

“I may be a genius, but without Haruto-kun’s support, I wouldn’t even be able to live a decent life. In order for me to use my full potential, I need you.” 

Originally, she wasn’t a person who would say things like this.

It started the winter Arisu-chan tried to cut ties with me.

No matter how many times I looked back, I never changed my opinion that cutting ties with me was the best possible action. The original story would flow as intended, so I thought everything would go well.

But that’s not how it turned out. We ended up staying connected. In the end, she seemed to consider it a waste to cut her ties with me.

Arisu-chan had a strong complex despite her weak body. Perhaps she had felt somewhat indebted to me, as I had taken good care of her for a long time.

Regardless of the reason, she had concluded that my existence was necessary. Even now, I don’t believe that to be the right decision.

“I’m sure that day was necessary for us to get where we are now.” 

However, since Arisu-chan was confident in her judgment, she never once doubted her decision.

Without my help, she wouldn’t have been able to lead a decent life. Apart from me, there was no one else who could help her… such was her assumption.

These two beliefs were the reasons I ended up enrolling in this school.

“Well, now I’m here, I’ll accompany you till the end. There’s no turning back now. Rest assured, I will be your servant like before.”

“I wonder which of us is really the master?”

Arisu-chan said some suggestive things. 

My knowledge of Kamuro-san, the original “servant”, consisted only of what the novel had said, but I was 100% sure she was more competent than me. I was definitely unable to achieve what Kamuro-san could. In the first place, I didn’t even have the ability to be placed in Class A. Wasn’t it nonsensical for me to take this role?

We arrived in front of the school building. When I looked at the class rosters, I found my name under Class A.

I had already expected that, but I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. It made my head hurt.

“I guess I really am enrolled here.”

“Yes. I look forward to the future.”

With that, I would be in the same class as Arisu-chan for 12 years straight. I fully meant it when I said I looked at her face more than I looked at my parents’. 

Speaking of classes… there would be class battles.

Now that I had come to this school, it was unavoidable.

The privilege of graduating from Class A was trivial to me. I wasn’t interested in the slightest. A normal high school diploma was good enough, and even if I got expelled, I could just switch to another school in the middle of the term. Fortunately, the Advanced Nurturing High School was highly reputed, so unless I was expelled for something really bad like crimes, I could easily transfer to another academy. So even if my abilities weren’t up to the standards of this school, it didn’t mean much to me.

That was why I didn’t care what happened to me. I’d be able to handle it.

The problem would be Arisu-chan. What would she think if something happened?

That was the most important part.

Going by my predictions, I doubted she would care much. Arisu-chan’s sense of value was unique, so I couldn’t understand everything, but my intuition from accompanying her for so many years said that she wouldn’t be very interested in this school’s system.

By this point, the plot already wasn’t flowing in the same direction as the original story.

But completely not participating in the class wasn’t good. There were exams that would expel students, after all.

I have to think of my future actions.

As a reincarnator, my only “weapon” was knowledge. Although the specific details might turn out differently, I could still predict the future to some extent.

Whether I would use my knowledge or not was the deciding factor.

If I used it, I could definitely get an edge in some exams. But it felt like cheating.

On the other hand, if I didn’t use it, I wouldn’t be able to escape being slandered as someone incompetent.

This place had completely adopted the idea of “merit supremacy”. There was no way someone who could do nothing would be placed in the top group of students, Class A, and that kind of thing must be prevented at all costs.

That said, I didn’t feel like using my advantages that much.

Using a cheat tool like my knowledge of the original story would make me incredibly conspicuous. If I did, our protagonist Ayanokouji and class leaders like Ryuuen would take notice of me. Once that happened, I would be completely stuck.

Despite having cheats, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to do anything if the other fiercer people attacked them all at once.

For example, if I knew of a certain tactic that the other class would use, and the other party realized that I knew, they would obviously change it. Competent people would be able to adapt like that, but I couldn’t. Once that happened, my advantage would be lost.

In short, my knowledge of the story was a weapon that would decrease in worth each time I used it.

I weighed the pros and cons in my mind, but I couldn’t come up with any good solutions. 

…If only I could have consulted Arisu-chan about this.

I thought it would be better to come clean at the appropriate time. Actually, considering Arisu-chan’s thought process was heavily based on logic, I guessed she wouldn’t believe in occult-like stories such as having memories of a previous life.

Perhaps because she realized I was staring at her, Arisu-chan suddenly stared back at me. 

“I have no idea what you are thinking, but I won’t think badly of you. Please don’t think that of me.” 

It seemed she sensed my worries.

I guessed this was the confidence fully backed by her ability.

“Aah, you’re right. Arisu-chan is a genius after all.”

“That’s right. At the very least, I’m confident that I’m more competent than you in terms of intelligence. I have no idea what Haruto-kun is worried about, but I’m sure it’s a needless worry.”


Her condescending words flowed easily off her tongue.

Her arrogance made me laugh.

I had forgotten. She was, in the end, this kind of person.

For some reason, it calmed my mind. 

Author Note:

I unleashed my fantasy and imagination. I guess this is how Hameln works?

Thanks for reading this not-so-good work.

I have written it up to chapter 7 so far.

Tsukii Note:

Hello again! Tsukii here! Hope you are not tired of me yet!

Okay, this is my 2nd fanfic translation to be posted! Rance’s one is not so popular since it’s based on an adult game, but Youjitsu should cover a general audience, so I have the expectation there are more readers.

Well then, this story went quite differently compared to the original story, so feel free to google the name you are curious about online if you are curious about the general plot and what the character looks like. Since Youjitsu was quite popular, I won’t include illustrations like Rance fanfic.

Some observant readers (excluding those who read the raw) might notice something off, but I hope you realize what it implied in the future!

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