A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 74

“Kei-chan is being targeted?”

“It might happen around February. No, possibly even earlier than that.”

I heard this when we visited Kiyotaka’s room during the holiday. Kei-chan was going out to karaoke with the girl group, including Kikyou-chan, so Kiyotaka had nothing to do. Thus, we visited him. 

Kiyotaka said that Ryuuen’s group of Class D was targeting Kei-chan. Ryuuen had heard the story of how Kei-chan was bullied in the past by Manabe’s group of four who were already expelled… Ryuuen abused that and seemed to be trying to crush Kei-chan using that.

“It seems Ryuuen-kun is already nearing his end.” 

Arisu-chan muttered while drinking hot coffee. 

I was surprised at how cold her remarks were. It seemed that she already lost interest in him.

“Those who are driven into a corner tend to resort to radical and reckless action.” 

“Yes, I think so too. I’m fine with radical methods, but it’s no good to not consider the risk and reward of the action. Is there any practical benefit of crushing only Kei-san? He got so obsessed with ‘showing results’ that he lost sight of the path he should have taken.”

Both of them were really harsh. It seemed Arisu-chan didn’t find it interesting at all as her expression was cold. 

…Since the Mixed Training Camp ended, Class D had completely lost their cohesion. Just the other day, there was a rumor that there was a quarrel there.

Ryuuen’s position as leader of the class became shaky, and it wouldn’t be weird if traitors had appeared within the class. The one who leaked the plan to Kiyotaka was probably someone like that.

“That said, Ryuuen’s plan of trying to make Kei submit through violence did happen before. However, that was put on hold because of one accident. It was a miscalculation since he must have never expected it to happen after all.” 

Kiyotaka said with his usual expressionless face. 

“What’s no good about it?” 

“…It’s the timing. Ryuuen intended to call Kei to the rooftop of the school building after the end of the trimester ceremony back then.”

“So he intended to rough her up back then.”

“That’s right. But unexpectedly, right on that day, the school had the highest level of security they’d ever had. It was because of the major event for the staff that occurred back then, that is, your father visited this school.”

…I remembered. On the day of the closing ceremony, it was forbidden to remain in the school building. I vaguely remember how Mashima-sensei abruptly told us that during the homeroom back then. 

It was something that had nothing to do with me, so I had forgotten about it until he mentioned it. However, that served as a major blow for Ryuuen. He must have found that very frustrating.

“I see… I guess it’s hard to predict what kind of impact things will have.” 

“Aah, I think you’re right.”

Kiyotaka nodded and shut his mouth. 

…I was considering asking about his father during this opportunity, but I gave up on it.

The fact he didn’t mention it, despite that day being talked about, meant there was a reason for it.

I decided that sticking to the passive style of waiting for him would be the best course of action as his friend. In order not to crack the relationship of trust that had been built until now, it should not be changed.

After being silent for a while, Kiyotaka began to stare at me. 

“…What is that?” 

“You want it?”

“No, I don’t, but…”

He tried not to mention it, but it seemed he was so curious that he couldn’t help it. 

What I had next to me was a Honami good I received from Chihiro-chan the other day. There was no way I could use it as a room decoration and it felt wrong to just leave it alone in the carry-on bag, so I brought it here today.

“You see, can you help me find someone who wants it so I can give it to them?” 

For the time being, I was troubled by what to do with it, so I decided to give it to someone who wanted it. But if I did that in Class A or B, a storm would occur. So I was thinking someone in Class C would like to receive or buy it, so I intended to pass it to Kiyotaka as a gift.

The poster could only be acquired after 500,000 points were donated, so its rarity should be high. I think somebody would want it, right…?

“No, I’m not doing it.” 

However, it seemed Kiyotaka had no intention of receiving it, and the bag I offered was pushed back. 

While thinking it couldn’t be helped, I slowly took out the poster from the bag.

“Don’t you think this is well made?” 

“…Certainly, the degree of perfection is high. It won’t feel weird even if you say it’s professionally made.”

It seemed Kiyotaka wasn’t completely uninterested either and he stared intently at it. 

It happened by the time we were taking out the contents from the bag one after another.

With a clatter, there was a sound of the door opening.

“I’m home!” 

Kei-chan returned home at the worst possible time. 

Silence dominated the place. Arisu-chan smiled wryly and lowered her eyes.


Kei-chan was lost for words as soon as she entered the room. 

As for Kiyotaka’s current state, he was holding Honami’s swimsuit photos in both hands while looking at the poster spread out on the desk. This was bad. 

“A-as I thought, you prefer Ichinose-san after all… Uuuhhh.” 

She dropped her luggage and powerlessly sat on the floor. 

Her expression of despair reminded me of her past self.

“Wait wait, this is a big misunderstanding.” 

“Hic, I’m sorry. I guess I’m not as charming compared to Ichinose-san.”

“It’s alright, so please calm down.”

“But I don’t want to break up with you… I’ll work harder, so please don’t abandon me… uwaaaaahhhhnnn.”

“I won’t abandon you. No matter what happens in the future, that will not change.”

Kei-chan broke down in tears. Seeing this, Kiyotaka became flustered and tried his best to calm her down. 

Although I did think I did something bad, I was surprised by what Kiyotaka did. To think this man actually behaved like “a normal boyfriend” would… I found that really unexpected. At the very least, he wouldn’t behave like that toward a person if he really only thought of them as a pawn. Perhaps it was an act to deceive Kei-chan?

No, I didn’t think so. I couldn’t feel that kind of coldness from the current Kiyotaka. I realized he really meant what he said from the relationship I had with him so far. 

Perhaps Kiyotaka really cared for Kei-chan now…? 

I looked at Arisu-chan’s face. She had expected that his feelings toward Kei-chan would change the longer they were in a relationship since a long time ago. And so far, it really seemed to go that way. 

…She got a great insight as usual. I was impressed.

With Kiyotaka’s desperate comfort, she managed to stop crying. 

After that, the three of us explained the situation and she finally understood.

“I’m sorry, everyone. To think I jumped to conclusions…” 

“No, I’m at fault in this case.”

I reflected on my actions that deviated from the common sense of bringing such a thing to a couple’s room. 

As I apologized, Arisu-chan stared at me. I told you I was sorry.

“…But Ichinose-san really is cute. If I were a man, I’d definitely fall for her.” 

“Well, it’s true she’s cute. But even she is not a perfect person, you know?”

“You’re lying. I can’t find any flaw in her. Not only her appearance, her personality is also good.”

Her words of praise for Honami continued. It seemed Kei-chan had an inferiority complex toward Honami. 

Now that I thought about it, they were in the same group in the Mixed Training Camp. As they lived together, perhaps Kei-chan got to see Honami’s ability and charm, which made Kei-chan lose her self-confidence.

“Even so, Kei-chan also has your own charm. There’s no need to feel inferior, you just need to show uniqueness that’s different from Honami. Don’t you think so, Kiyotaka?” 

“…Aah, I agree with you.” 

With Kiyotaka’s affirmation, Kei-chan’s smile returned. It seemed it was no good unless the opinion came from boyfriend-sama after all. 

“Thank you, I love you, Kiyotakaa…” 

Both of them stared at each other and exchanged passionate kisses. 

Okay okay, it was good to see both of you get along well.

Since we didn’t want to disturb them, we quietly left their room. 

The temperature was low today, so it would be bad for Arisu-chan’s heart if she went out too much. We returned to our room as it was and turned on the air conditioner. After a while, after making sure the heating started working, I took off her jacket.

I sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. Spending time with Arisu-chan calmed me down.

“In the end, what does Kiyotaka want their relationship to become?” 

“I don’t know. If it’s his past self, he definitely did that as bait to make Kei-san become more attached to him… but now that Kiyotaka-kun has ‘emotion’, he became more difficult to read.”

Now that he grasped Ryuuen’s plan, what kind of action would he take? I couldn’t predict what would happen in the future. 

Perhaps he would prepare countermeasures to prevent the incident from taking place? Or maybe he chose to let it happen on purpose to secure evidence and corner Ryuuen thoroughly using that?

“…I feel a little envious of Kei-san.” 


“Fufu, it’s nothing. Please don’t abandon me too, okay?”

She said that with upturned eyes. 

“I-it’s cute.” 

I involuntarily gave such a straight impression. That small animal-like behavior she sometimes showed had tremendous destructive power. I couldn’t restrain my impulse due to her cuteness and embraced her small body with all my strength. 

“…I love you.” 

Arisu-chan closed her eyes and entrusted her body to me. 

It made me feel itchy. Was it a desire to protect her that was stimulated, or perhaps…?

Her delicate yet soft body fit the definition of a frail maiden. Was it because of the heating that her neck was a little sweaty? 

Then her doll-like face was flushed, and her lustrous hair felt somewhat sensational…

I see, so that’s how it is. 

Arisu-chan was someone I should protect. I always kept that in mind and spent my time together with her for thirteen years. Because of that, our relationship was closer to that of family members. Although our status was lovers, I had treated her like a little sister somewhere. 

However, she was also a woman. There should be a time when she wished I was treating her as a person of the opposite sex.

“Can I kiss you?” 

“Yes, of course… ah.”

I stole her lips more forcefully than usual. 

Changing a long-term relationship wasn’t easy. However, if Arisu-chan wished for that… I would try. Furthermore, her dream wouldn’t come true unless I could change how I saw her.

“…You see.” 

“Fufu, it must be hard to do ‘that’ right now. Things that are accumulated so far are not easy to change after all. However, if the time comes when you really want me… I can offer it to you anytime, you know?”

I wasn’t so dull that I couldn’t understand what she meant. 

On this day, for the first time in my life, I might have seen Arisu-chan as a ‘person of the opposite sex’.

…When that time came, I would definitely treat her gently. 

It was the night our relationship stepped up a little.

Tsukii Note:

Arisu-chan finally arrived at the starting line of the heroine race! It took her so long!

That said, considering her body, could she survive the intense workout that eventually happened?

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