A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 87

We slowly walked the staircase and reached the rooftop. 

There were three men waiting for him.

“……Looks like you’re here.”

Ryuuen‘s gruff voice rang out. He grinned fearlessly and glared at each of us in turn.

Standing next to him were Ishizaki and Albert, Ryuuen’s aides.

“Ryuuen, I thought you were smarter than th…… Uwah!”


Without waiting for me to finish speaking, Albert jumped on me.

His gaze wasn’t directed at me. That means he wasn’t aiming at me…… Which meant!


“That was dangerous, you bastard!”

I jumped sideways, grabbed Kei-chan’s body, and pushed her down. 

Albert’s straight right went over my back. We managed to avoid it somehow.

This surprise attack pissed me off. They have no intention to talk it out to begin with!

From that position, I rolled over my body to his side and used the momentum to sweep his legs.

It was obviously avoided, but his action created a big opening. That was enough.

There was no way Kiyotaka would miss the golden opportunity, and he appeared in an instant, kicking Albert in the solar plexus.

Bang! An incredible sound of impact echoed throughout the rooftop. I think that would break at least a rib.

“Guh…… Guh………”


Albert groaned and collapsed to his knees.

……When I shifted my gaze, Ishizaki had already collapsed. It seemed he was knocked out in a matter of seconds while Albert was marking us. As expected, Kiyotaka was really fast at his work.

I think I have fulfilled the role I was given. My mission was to act as a decoy to disperse the enemy’s attention. This was necessary to buy Kiyotaka the few seconds he needed to crush Ishizaki.

I wasn’t given such instructions in particular, but I could understand what Kiyotaka expected of me without even asking. After all, we were best friends.

“Are you okay, Kei-chan?” 

“Yes, somehow…… thank you for protecting me.”

With Kiyotaka’s strength, defeating three opponents would be easy. But handling preemptive attacks by multiple people…… which would both target Kei-chan and Kiyotaka at the same time would be difficult. Although it wasn’t exactly impossible for Kiyotaka, there were many uncertainties to carry that out. Therefore, he called me to make victory more certain.

In short, my task was done the moment I protected Kei-chan from Albert’s first attack.

“Kukuh, amazing. As I thought, you are the source of the problem after all.” 

“What are you talking about?”

In less than a minute, two of his subordinates were crushed. 

Even so, Ryuuen maintained his calm demeanor and closed the distance between him and Kiyotaka.

They confronted each other on the rooftop in the cold wind.

“Oi oi, are you still trying to play dumb? Even so…… to think your use of violence is also first rate, I am impressed.”

Ryuuen clapped his hands. His face looked like he was having fun. 

After taking Kei-chan’s hand and standing up, I decided to stand back and watch their fight.

This was a one-on-one fight between two men. It was better not to try to spoil it.

A moment of silence. 


It was Ryuuen who started the battle. 

A powerful straight right came at Kiyotaka.

“……Violence is not your monopoly.”

While giving that short muttering, Kiyotaka dodged it with ease and then delivered a knee kick to his side. It was a pretty heavy blow. 


“What do you want to do?”

Without changing his expression, Kiyotaka grabbed the fallen Ryuuen by his bang and forced him to stand up. 

I was asked about my experience in martial arts before coming here, but I didn’t think this fight was on a level that would help. It was a brawl with no rules. Rather than pure fighting ability, it was the numbers of battles one has been through that determine the outcome.

Even if I join the battle, there’s nothing I can do. 

It was a very violent battle. I couldn’t imagine intervening. I led Kei-chan to the rooftop exit so we could escape quickly if the target turned toward us. 

The fighting continued for a while. 

It was clear to everyone that Kiyotaka was overwhelmingly dominant. However…… Ryuuen was stronger than I thought.

He had been punched and kicked again and again, his body in tatters. But he always got up and never gave up. His eyes were shining brightly and he showed no signs of losing his fighting spirit.

And then, Kiyotaka’s fist finally missed its target. 

Ryuuen succeeded in dodging the attack for the first time, and grabbed the man’s right arm, not wanting to miss the opportunity.

Ryuuen bit into Kiyotaka’s exposed wrist, the skin broke and blood oozed out.



Kiyotaka didn’t show any sign of pain and just swung the arm that had been bitten.

The vein in his wrist burst and blood spurted out, but he didn’t seem to care at all.


Seeing the unexpected movement in response, Ryuuen stopped moving for just a moment. 

As if to take advantage of the opportunity, Kiyotaka delivered an uppercut with the hand opposite the one that had been bitten.

A powerful blow exploded on his face, eliciting the nasty sound of bones breaking.

“Gahhh…… interesting, let’s play some more!”

Ryuuen spat out blood, probably because he had bit the inside of his mouth. 

Staring emotionlessly at that face, Kiyotaka continued to pile on his attacks.

……Somehow, it didn’t feel like the usual Kiyotaka.

That was the impression I had after watching the battle between the two up until now.

He didn’t seem to care about the damage he suffered and engaged in close combat. This fighting style didn’t match Kiyotaka’s personality. If anything, he was supposed to be more of a hit-and-run type of guy, though……?




Kiyotaka unleashed a straight right. Ryuuen dodged it at the last moment and launched a kick toward Kiyotaka’s stomach.



Kiyotaka didn’t dodge, but as he received the blow, he landed a left hook that hit Ryuuen directly on the head.

They both lost their balance and fell to the ground.

“……Why am I ………?”


Kiyotaka immediately stood up and stared at his hands.

……As I thought, he wasn’t in a normal state. What happened?

“Where did you get that kind of power? That’s definitely not normal, Ayanokouji.” 

Ryuuen was smiling faintly, but he seemed to be getting a little nervous. 

Anyway, Kiyotaka was acting strange today. The usual him would never take such a risky approach in combat. His usual style was more cold and impersonal, crushing his opponent as if it was a chore.



While I was thinking, Kiyotaka just continued punching. Even though Ryuuen was counterattacking, Kiyotaka didn’t let up on his attacks. It was as if he had lost his calm in rage……




Could that really be the case?

The true nature of the sense of incongruity began to become clear.

“Ayanokouji, don’t you even know what ‘fear’ is?!” 

You were wrong, Ryuuen. 

……No, it wasn’t completely wrong, but that wasn’t the point in this case.



Ryuuen seemed to enjoy himself from the bottom of his heart, while Kiyotaka seemed to be in a bad mood.

Aah, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. You……


You were angry because Kei-chan was attacked.

“Kei-chan. I’m sure you are the winner of this battle.” 

“Hah? I don’t get it…… More importantly, is Kiyotaka okay?”

“He’ll be fine. Oi, Kiyotaka!”

I raised my voice and called out to Kiyotaka. 

As his best friend, there was something I needed to tell him.

“The feeling that has arisen in your heart is undoubtedly your own.” 


“It is emotion that isn’t something that someone has given to you, something that is yours alone. You should remember the ‘anger’ you feel now.” 

Would my words and presence move his heart? 

Kiyotaka turned to me, waiting for my next words. 1

“Hey, Kiyotaka. You are irritated right now, aren’t you? You’re pissed because someone almost damaged the treasure you’ve cherished all this time right? ……It’s fine to feel like that.”


Kiyotaka nodded with interest.

Was I giving him what he needed right now?

“That…… is the proof that you are a human. Indeed, you are a human just like me.”

White Room or things related to that didn’t matter. 

No matter how great a genius he was, he was still a human.

Kiyotaka’s eyes widened for a moment…… then he smiled faintly.

“Aah, I see. So right now…… I am angry.”


Immediately afterward, Kiyotaka flew. With a speed that was difficult to see with naked eyes, he closed the distance between him and Ryuuen. 

Ryuuen, who already suffered severe damage, was unable to avoid the attack.

It was a drop kick. The force of the kick was so great that Ryuuen’s body was sent flying all the way to the opposite fence. 

“Gahah…… guh………”


Ryuuen had a reluctant expression then fainted.

The duel between the two men was thus concluded.




We left the school building and headed home.

By the time we left the rooftop, Ryuuen and his group had already regained consciousness, which was a relief.

But their injuries were serious. They probably had broken bones somewhere, so it would be difficult for them to attempt something like this for a while. Their wounds were so bad that I wanted to tell them to go to the hospital.

The schoolyard was silent. Under the starry sky, we stopped for a moment. 

“……You really helped out today. Thank you.”

“Kiyotaka did pretty much everything alone, though. Well, I’m glad I was able to help. Is your body okay?”

“Aah. It hurts, but there’s no broken bone.”

“I see.”

Kiyotaka nodded with his usual expressionless face. I felt relieved somehow. 

He said that the battle earlier had been recorded. Simply put, Ryuuen and the others would likely receive severe punishment, but there were many questions.

Why did he choose to attack at this timing? And what did Ryuuen ultimately want to achieve?

Why did he go to the trouble of dropping out of school of his own accord…… Oi oi, was that what it was?

Come to think of it, between Ryuuen and Kei-chan…… 2


At that moment, I felt strength escaping my body.


“Are you okay?”

“Aah, sorry.”

With Kiyotaka supporting me, I began walking again. 

It seemed I was tired. It seemed like it would be hard to think anymore today.

Even so, Kiyotaka was strong. 

I was reminded once again that he was the strongest protagonist, the hero of the story.

Compared to this guy, I was just a random small fry. 3

“Hic…… I’m glad.”

And his “heroine” was surely…… the girl who was still crying by his side.

Kiyotaka wiped away the tears that were overflowing from her eyes and they embraced each other. They exuded a lover’s atmosphere.

……It seemed it was time for the supporting role to leave the stage. I realized that I shouldn’t be in their space at the moment. I quietly raised my hand and quickly left the place. It was important to read the atmosphere in human relationships.

“Ah~ I was shown something great.” 

I walked lightly on the path to the dormitory. 

It was truly a wonderful, great night.

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