The Show Must Go On

Hi everyone! It’s the TL, Hasr.


So over the weekend, I found someone using our TLs and making money off them. I won’t name them, coz that’ll just publicise them and I don’t want them to get more hits or link them anywhere on my site. How do I know they’re our TLs? Because they clearly have the same titles for the chapters and very oddly have chapter 11 labeled as chapter 13. Which was an error I did (but fixed a while later).


While I don’t have anything against people sharing my TLs or even retranslating and stuff (heck, if you want to retranslate my TLs but can’t copy them coz of the site, just contact me and I’ll easily give you the TL docs you can easily use). But profiting off of what is clearly freely available on the internet is no no. 


So if you are going to use our TLs, retranslated, or otherwise, please do not ask people to pay for something available for free on the internet. Credit the correct translator. And for god’s sake do not delete the site or the translator and editor’s name from the chapter. I’m already struggling with aggregator bots stealing my work and I don’t want to add humans to the mix now.


This applies to the humans who cheaply try to create a Patreon off my (and many other TLs translations), or try to retranslate into Xyz language and paywall them. My translations are public and free for all. If you wanna make money, go translate off the Japanese raws.


And if any of you so badly wants to give money, might as well give it to charity. Stuff like BLM and Yemen need money. Or even me the rest of the team. Your average broke translators in a third world country and then hardworking editors.


And if any of you do find my chapters in English or any other language and people asking to pay for them, please report them and if you could, ping me about it. Leave a link to this site in their comments or something.


Tl;Dr: Don’t make money off our TLs. Credit us and the site. That’s Watashi wa Sugoi Desu (dot) com.


Rant over,  click here for the chapter

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Arcal Cialo
Arcal Cialo
4 months ago

Ah.. so satisfying.. is it bad that I enjoy this too much??

1 month ago
Reply to  Arcal Cialo

Same here…loking at the MC viles wrongs doings and revenge is so good ans satisfying * I confess may god forgive me ~ lmao*

Choco Latte
Choco Latte
8 months ago


Orange Braum
Orange Braum
10 months ago

Wow, just wow our MC is really… Capable… lol anyway thanks for the chapter. srsly stealing TL’s is a smoll pp energy.

10 months ago

So we already know our MC isn’t a good person… He’s too smart, lol.
Thanks for the chapter! <3

10 months ago

Thanks for the chapter. I hope those aggregators get DMCA-ed


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