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「……Sophia, your foolishness was certainly of use to me. Thank you……And goodbye forever.」

Those were cruel lines.
I, who thought so, looked at the man in front of me.

The silver hair, the violet almond-shaped eyes[1], the pale flawless complexion, and the thin lips revealing a cruel smile……

The crescent moon behind his back looked beautiful; his figure standing on the balcony resembled a painting.

Duke Phyllis Meyer.

In this country, Riengia Kingdom, he was the said to be one of the most handsome nobles. And was the man who became my fiancée.
But now that man was wielding a sword in his left hand, stabbing it into my chest.
Blood was trickling from my mouth, staining my dress.
Even though it was evident that I was going to die in such a manner, not once did he, who was my fiancée, showed regret on that beautiful face.
The only face he made was that of joy from accomplishing his goal.

「Wh-Why……Why this……」

「Why? That’s a simple thing. This country will become mine. Moreover, isn’t it quite troublesome if a useless thing like you stuck to me? I and I alone will rule this country. Don’t worry……your family is waiting on the other side.[2] Because everyone was sent there by my hand……」

Saying so, Phyllis stabbed the sword further – deeper into my chest
My consciousness was fading.
There’s none from my family in this world now.
I was the only one left of the royal family.
Ahh, this country is going to perish.
After, it will become Phyllis’ country.
Despair was dying my heart black……But still, I looked toward the smiling Phyllis.
My mouth formed a line, word by word.

「……But still, you’ll be happy……」

Phyllis made a slightly surprised face.
But I, unable to see the reaction after that, surrendered to the absolute darkness in front of my eyes and sank into eternal slumber.



When I woke up, I was in the royal castle.
It was my usual room.
It was a suitably elegant room in Riengia Kingdom’s royal residence, Haian Castle, arranged for the second princess, Sophia Salut Riengia.
In itself, it wasn’t particularly strange for me to be there.
Why? Because I am most certainly Sophia.
Just who would blame a princess for being in a princess’ room?
Nobody would blame me. There’s more than enough proof, period.

But however, the problem was……

I groped my chest.
But, leaving aside the fact that there was not one injury there, it was completely flat ……?
That’s strange.
Looking down, even though I have quite a nice body[3], it’s almost as if I’ve returned to my time as a small child.
Even with that style and villainess-like looks, I had many young nobles twisted about my finger. All but a duke with peculiar hobbies and taste were ensnared.
……No, that’s fine by itself. There’s nothing wrong with being an attractive middle-aged man [4].
Cardinal Nicholas and the others, they looked quite handsome even as priests. I should talk to them someday……was what I had thought.
But they didn’t like very flamboyant women and thus always went to places with young noble girls only, so I think that will be the case.
……That was not it.
Rather than that, the problem was the current situation.

Didn’t I die?
My life ended with Phyllis stabbing my chest.
Wasn’t that the case?
Rather than that, there’s not a single wound.
If by any chance I were rescued, there should at least be a wound.
It wasn’t to an extent that it would heal with a single night’s rest.
In other words, that was a dream?
No no, that was surely not a dream.
I’ve worked so hard to make Phyllis my fiancée.
Laying the groundwork, pulling strings, bribing – how many sacrifices have I made……
Who would believe it if they’re told that it was all a dream?
I can’t!

「……Your Highness. Princess. Your Highness. Have you awoken?」

While I was in the midst of chaos, the ladies-in waiting had entered the room.
They were surprised when they saw me get up on my own, but being aware of their job, they promptly went back to their usual expression and began changing me into my clothes.

「……You all…」

While being turned into a dress-up doll. I asked the ladies-in-waiting.

「Yes, what might it be, Your Highness?」

「What is today’s date, month and year?」

The ladies-in waiting answered the question, puzzled.

「It’s 4th day of the White Month of the 823rd year of the Holy Calendar.」

Hearing those words, I felt dizzy.
It was exactly 6 years before the 4th day of the White Month of the 829th year of the Holy Calendar – in other words, 6 years before the day I died.
In other words, that means I’m ten years old right now.


「Haha. In other words, is it that type of development? Where you die once and go back in time? It really is quite an interesting story. Maybe you could become a novelist?」

On the rooftop of the Royal Academy, my school friend Philip laughed while saying that.
Even if you say I’m a princess, it was my duty in Riengia to attend school.
Of course, it’s a school exclusively for the children of nobles. Its purpose is not education, but to search for future brides and bridegrooms and to make connections with others.
Philip was also a candidate to be my bridegroom.
But he was a partner whom you could talk with easily, so I meekly recounted my experience.
As a result, he ended up laughing. But it wasn’t as if he didn’t think anything of it at all.

「……Well, that seems to be the case, doesn’t it? If that’s the truth, then isn’t it great? If you don’t make the same mistake again, you can end it without dying. Isn’t it?」

「That’s what I expect, but……」

Certainly, what Philip said was absolutely correct.
If I don’t get engaged to Duke Phyllis and instead marry someone else……for instance someone with a good personality, like Philip, it’ll surely end without me dying.
Actually, Philip is a considerably good target of affection.
His house is identical to Phyllis’, a ducal house. His personality is quite good like this.
Also, when it comes to studies, he is usually first in the school rankings. Also, he had a good reputation amongst the other nobles.
Moreover, his rapport with me was unrivalled.
It had been rare to find someone with whom I could honestly share what was in my heart till now.

It’s not the case now, but a few years later I would be called the number one villainous lady in the academy. I would be shunned and envied by many people. Even in the midst of that, Philip would be the only one who would would treat me in an unchanging manner.
He was a good man.

Only, there was a single problem ……

I looked at Philip’s face.
There was his awfully chubby face.
His nose too, was flat……or should I say it had a odd shape.
His ears too, were small……
His physique too, was rather fat……
……No, let’s stop beating around the bush.
Philip had a figure that made one feel as if he was a pig walking on two feet.
Yeah, well, you couldn’t say that he was not cute, and I didn’t particularly have any qualms about him as a friend.
That’s why that’s fine, but……I had a problem with choosing him as a marriage partner.
Anyhow, I’m a sucker for good looks.
Good looks.

I said it twice because it’s an important thing.

Of course I know it.
Looks are not all that matters in a human being.
You should look inside and not just have a superficial relationship.
In that respect, Philip would get a 100 out of 100; you could even give him a 120.
I was a helpless sucker for good looks. And……anyhow, I like a man with a good face.
As a result, I ended up choosing Duke Phyllis the last time.
Philip blessed me even then, and unchangingly swore friendship.
Even after I was killed, I’m sure that he must have searched for the culprit with all his strength and taken revenge.


「……I like men with a good face……」

Seeing me muttering,

「……Well, there must be a man who looks great and is also good on the inside. I won’t live up to those expectations, would I……I can at least help you find one.」

Philip said that while smiling.
He really was too good of a man.
Why did I not choose him?
I wanted to die.
Ah, I have already died once though.
Was my attraction towards good looks not cured even after I died?



Seeing the beautiful face sparkling in front of me, my heart throbbed.
It was the face I’d seen then.
The silver hair, the violet almond-shaped eyes, the pale flawless complexion, and the thin lips revealing a cruel smile…… .
Duke Phyllis.
……No, he wasn’t a Duke yet.
He was the son of the Duke.

But, it was coolness worth looking at.
He was studying in the neighbouring country, but he finished that recently and came home, transferring to this academy today.
He’d join my class, and then sit beside me.
Then we’d become good friends and in the end, get married ……guhehehehe.

Ending up thinking like that, I was beyond hope, wasn’t I?
Because he’s cool, it couldn’t be helped.
But, just this time is no good.
If I marry him, I’ll die.
I’ll be killed.
Looking at his face with admiration instead of hatred despite knowing that I’ll be killed by him was something that couldn’t be helped. But just this time, I won’t be deceived.

While I thought like that,

「……You are…… Your Highness Sophia, I presume. We are meeting for the first time; I am the heir of the Meyer ducal house, Phyllis. I am the most pleased to mee……」

He kneeled in front of me and kissed my hand naturally.
After seeing the movements that were quite graceful, if you’d objectively looked into my eyes, you could have seen them becoming heart-shaped. [5]
A sigh came from the seat in front of me……in other words, where Philip was sitting.
That sigh seemed to say: you’ll die again if you keep that up. But it wasn’t as if I didn’t think it’d be fine dying for a bit if I can get engaged.
But that’s bad bad bad!

I promptly pulled my hand back,

「……E-E-Eh. Pl-Pleased t-to meet you too. But I am the princess of this country. Please do not act so f-familiar with m-me……」

I said it.
I ended up saying it.
I won against an ikemen [6] just now.
I thought so for a moment, but when I heard Philip later:

「……At that time, you seemed like you were a kid compelled to endure while having sweets in front of her eyes……」

He said that while being amazed.
……Happiness – other than gaining happiness from Philip, it seems as though I get it from being slightly attracted to Phyllis’ actions. But this was unbearable in Philip’s eyes.
I wonder if I’ll have to endure Phyllis’ seductive actions for the next six years?

……I don’t think I can do it……

T/N –

1. Eyes like this.

2. Raws said ‘on the other side of river of twilight’ . I think this gets the meaning across. If not, then I’ll just say her family’s dead.

3. Given in Katakana in raws.

4. Raws say nice middle? (ナイスミドル)?.

5. Something like this?769009B0-14E2-4C48-83D7-0114DBEA7C29

6. Pretty boy.

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A. V.
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I kinda like this. This seems pretty lighthearted. Will she end up changing Phyllis? Or will she end up changing Phillip into a prettier man? Or will she end up with Phillip disregarding his looks? Or end up with someone completely different (very unlikely)? So many options, and only one story. xD I look forward to further chapters.

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So an airhead MC…..who doesn’t even react to the fact that this ikemen killed her family? Thanks for translating but this is not my cuppa.

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