The Spicy Omega

Translator: Katie

Editor: Derpy and Shizukuku

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Chapter 17

I looked around my room, which had given me peace every day ever since I was given my own room.

It had never made me feel this anxious, impatient, and fearful before… and probably never would again.

“My room is filthy!”

I picked up the socks I had worn that were scattered around near the entrance—without their matching pairs at that—and let out a screech.

I wanted to send yesterday’s me flying with a kick.

I set down the laundry basket I brought from downstairs at the entrance and rolled up my sleeves.

Let’s go a week back in time.

After finishing everything on the exam schedule, I sat in my room and spaced out.

Today, we were going to have a celebration for my hard work, and my mother—who was apparently able to come home early—was going to make all of my favorite dishes for dinner.

A spicy smell was already wafting into my room.

I was grateful that my parents listened to my selfish wishes and always told me not to worry about my school expenses.

Of course, I planned on using the scholarship system, but parents wouldn’t normally pay for a career path that didn’t align with their wishes. Furthermore, my top choice was a private university.

I would be forever grateful.

To repay them, I needed to pass all my exams in one go, graduate properly to get a good educational background, and get a job to start showing them how independent I had become.

With my determination renewed, a muffled electronic sound rang.

I pulled out the phone I’d left in my bag. It was a call from Amami.

Just seeing his name on the screen made me remember something and my heart raced like a fool.

Calm down. We were already close enough to hug. It wouldn’t do to be nervous forever. Reassuring myself with that flimsy statement, I answered the phone.


“Ah, you picked up. Good evening, is now a good time?”

“It’s fine.”

“Nice. I figured you were finished with your exams and that you’d be home by now.”

As I remembered Amami’s ticklish voice in my ears, I was careful to avoid sounding too cold as we conversed.

Recently, when I talked to Amami, I kept getting too shy, and if I wasn’t careful, I would end up sounding too cold.

Every time I went home and sat on my bed, I had a review session for myself about it.

Peace of mind, peace of mind. I repeated it countless times in my head.

“You finished all your exams today, right? Good work.”

“You finished yours yesterday, so good work to you too.”

“Thanks. So, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What is it?”

I was still in the same position as when I took my phone out of my bag, so I leaned against my bed and laid back.

“I want to use the ‘Karasawa’s maid-for-a-day contract’ next Wednesday.”

As I glanced at my calendar from my bed, my body stiffened at the bombshell he just dropped.

I’d be lying if I said I forgot about it.

It had already been many months since then, but I had given him that as compensation for buying me a stupidly expensive book from an antique bookstore.

I was wondering when he was going to use it and relegated that thought into a corner of my mind, but it looked like Amami hadn’t forgotten about it.

Now that even the school was on break due to exams, I had no idea what he would request from me.

With my heart pounding, I waited for his next words.

“On Wednesday, the school you want will be announcing the results of the exams, right Karasawa?”

“Y-Yeah… that’s right.”

“Are you going to the actual location?”

“No, I planned on checking it online.”

“I see. Then, I’ll be renting you to celebrate passing our exams together.”

“…Just for something like that?”

My body relaxed after hearing what he wanted from me.

Amami’s top choice would release the results on Tuesday, so we could celebrate after seeing my results on Wednesday, was what he meant.

The fact that he included both of us passing as part of our plans was a little… too optimistic. I was tempted to strangle him if it seemed like he was doing it on purpose.

“Sure. If I fail, it’ll just end up being you comforting me with everything you have though.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. You’ve always worked hard.”

“Passing as long as I worked hard… Well, it’s whatever. Then what are we doing on the day of?”

“I wanted to go to your house again to play… is that okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

I adjusted my sloppy posture and sat cross-legged on the bed as we started making our plans.

Since the results would be released online, we would be meeting in front of the station closest to my house half an hour before then. 

“Since you’re going as far as to use the right to rent me, you must have some other requests, right?”

“Of course. For now, please make me a meal to celebrate.”

“Roger that. Do you have any requests?”

“Omurice1 sounds nice.”

It was so unexpectedly childish and easy to make that I burst into laughter.

Somehow, it looked like Amami had imagined a scene where I was waiting for the pass-or-fail decision together with my family with bated breath. And he used the right to rent me so that he could come join in on that.

Just how much did he want to celebrate this?

The truth was, both of my parents had work that day, so I had planned on seeing it by myself, so Amami’s worry was needless… But if I said that, he might take back the right to rent me and procrastinate on using it even further, so I shouldn’t say anything.

“Alright, see you Wednesday.”

“Yeah, I’ll be waiting.”

I hung up, wrote the plans we’d just decided on in the calendar, and laid back down on my bed.

I had no problem with cooking for him.

It wouldn’t seem very celebratory with just omurice though, so I should prepare something else or some drinks.

I somehow managed to hold back my laughter while hugging my knees.

For a year, or—depending on how you looked at it—for more than a year, I had been working hard on studying for the exams in my third year of high school.

When I had thought no one would be there to celebrate with me if I passed them, Amami said he would.

I was so happy it felt like I was going to let out a strange sound.

Then again, I should’ve thought more carefully about letting Amami come to my house. 

Last time, he only got as far as my living room, so I didn’t think too much about it.

This time, he would not only be eating food with me, but we would also be looking at the released results together.

In other words, rather than lazing around in the living room, there was a high possibility that we would be in my room nervously passing time in front of my computer.

If I hadn’t been feeling this weird high, I would’ve spent a whole week cleaning my room.

My face must’ve been completely pale when I arrived at this possibility last night.

I had put all my scattered clothing into the laundry basket.

After that, I put away everything—the chaotically strewn printouts, texts, and textbooks. I forcibly shoved things that weren’t on my bookshelf into it.

I cleared all my little trinkets and snacks that were unsealed and open from my table.

And in case Amami accidentally saw my laptop, I erased and hid my desktop icons.

It wasn’t like I… didn’t have erotica, but they were placed in the deepest part of the top drawer in my closet, so it should be safe for now.

I removed the mysterious mask and banner my father bought from overseas from the wall, and stuffed it all into my closet. I also changed the character-themed bed sheets I’d had since elementary school into a plain one. It was stolen from my father’s room.

While I was at it, I also changed my pillow covers to a matching set.

I poured the contents of my trash can into a trash bag, broke down the piled-up cardboard boxes from the mail, and also threw them into the bag.

It was already late at night by the time I took one final glance around my room and decided it was clean enough.

“What am I even doing…?”

The triumphant vision of my mom saying, “I’ve always told you to clean your room,” surfaced to mind.

Even though the one who always cleaned up around the house was me, I always procrastinated when it came to my own room, so it ended up looking like this.

I’d like to believe that the rooms of men all around the country looked like this.

I’ll vacuum tomorrow. I laid down on my bed, completely tired.

The day of the results arrived.

I woke up with plenty of time to spare, vacuumed my room, fixed my hair properly, and checked my room. I confirmed that the ingredients for lunch were in the fridge and then checked my room again.

It wasn’t weird that it looked like I cleaned it, right?

When I told my mother while she was getting ready for work that I was going to see the results with a friend, as expected, she said she wanted to meet him so I should try to prolong his visit.

“Making it go on until nighttime would be difficult…”

“It’s fine! I’ll try my best to come home early, okay?”

Just like that, I saw my mom off as she dashed off to work, and immediately headed to the station to pick Amami up.

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