The Spicy Omega

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Editor: Shard

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Chapter 2

Amami’s POV

I thought I was a disagreeable and cold child, if I do say so myself.

I was born into an Alpha family, and as the second son, I did not lack anything, be it status, prestige, or fortune. Everyone in my family held positions of power, were overflowing with confidence, and were unconditionally loved by others. I was blessed with siblings and surrounded by friends, my life had a clear path set out for me. By the time I finished elementary school, I was already full of myself and looked down on others, but had learned to hide it with a smile on my face.

I enrolled in middle school as my parents suggested and planned to spend the next three years further solidifying my future. And on the first day, after the entrance ceremony ended as I was swept up by the crowd outside the auditorium, I met him. No, I was the only one who thought of this as a meeting between us.

It was only for a moment, but our eyes certainly met. My feet were glued in place and my gaze fixed, as if my eyes were locked in place. However, the other person indifferently turned his face away from me, seeming not to have registered this encounter as anything at all. He left along with the crowd.

This was no doubt “Fate”. Every cell in my body began screaming, “If I could get my hands on him, I don’t need anything else.” On the other hand, my heart grew cold. My body was seeking the “mate it was genetically attracted to” like an animal. So much for being the dominant species. Was I not being driven by my instincts to force myself onto someone else without a care for their consent? What about this made me superior? If this was what my fate would be, I did not want it.

“Karasawa Shinya.”

I quickly found the identity of the omega from that time. It seemed that everyone around him was under the impression that he was a beta and no one bothered to question it. Perhaps he hadn’t had his heat yet.

Although I strove to catch his attention, it was rare for Karasawa to even give me a glance, let alone have our eyes meet. I was the only one who knew we were fated pairs. He showed not a single sign that he had noticed.

Was it only an urban legend that “Fated Pairs” immediately noticed and desired each other? If so, then this smoldering heat in my body may be nothing more than puberty awakening my sexual desire. Maybe it was better that my mate remained unaware. Another blessing was that he had no interest in alphas and was the type to keep to himself. We were also in different classes. If nothing happened between us, I could finally convince myself that it had been a slight misunderstanding of mine.

I got irritated when his eyes didn’t look at me.

It’s all in your head.

I felt uncomfortable that I was not the one standing next to him.

Your mind is playing tricks on you.

I refuse to be a slave to something like Fate.

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10 months ago

Ngl was expecting a longer chapter but either way it’s a nice start, love getting into an ml’s head. Thank you for the chapter!