The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 24

Perfectly shaped fingertips touched my lips.

A melting sweet voice called my name, and when I closed my eyes, what I wanted was delivered to my lips.

His skin, just a little bit warmer than mine, seemed to eloquently convey the feelings that normally couldn’t be expressed in words. I felt both relieved and anxious at the same time.

Even though I planned to accept his feelings, I didn’t have the confidence to respond to his expectations…


“…Ah… sorry.”

His seemingly worried face peered at me, and my racing thoughts about him were immediately brought to a halt as I returned to reality.

It was early afternoon, in a cafe at the corner of the shopping district.

I sat on a seat that faced the window, and my lover sat next to me.

On the morning of our day off, we had come into town to see a much-talked-about movie that had been in theaters for some time.

It was a movie I had wanted to watch, and the movie was indeed very satisfying, but as I was talking to Ren about my impressions, I somehow lost focus.

This was our day off and I was getting to spend time with my lover, so I shouldn’t be behaving like this.

“Sorry, Shinya. I’ve made you accompany me even though you were tired. You didn’t get much sleep, right?”

“You shouldn’t be apologizing, Ren! And my lack of sleep is all my fault anyway…”

I couldn’t bear to meet Ren’s concerned eyes and lowered my face.

It was true that I was lacking sleep. I hadn’t been able to get enough sleep over the past few days.

But that wasn’t anyone’s problem but my own.

Last week, I finally finished writing one of my reports.

Even though it was a required subject, the professor of the class was extremely strict with grading. With no compromises allowed with the report, I had barely managed to submit it after asking my friends to help me with it.

It was a terrifying class that was unforgiving, even for those who just got into the school and were only a hair older than a high schooler.

Three days ago, though it was not the highest rating, I was relieved when I apparently received quite a decent grade from my strict and difficult professor.

I didn’t know what I was thinking, but out of giddiness, I embarked on a search regarding the subject from before.

And I ended up…

Looking up how gay men had sex.

I easily typed “gay men sex” into the search bar, and just the page of the first result that popped up made me shudder.

It seemed that normal gay couples had the choice to not go any further than kissing or touching.

But for alpha and omega couples, well… it was impossible for there to be no penetration.

Of course, that was because the bodies of omegas were made to accept such things easily. It was an unavoidable act, especially considering the promise to become mates.

However, even with a male body, an omega could still get pregnant, and the burden it put on their body was far greater than it would be for a female.

Whether I wanted to or not, I understood the meaning of those words as I jumped to the next page from the advertisement section.

That next page was a porn video of two men.

Not that I was bragging, but I hadn’t watched a porn video before.

Firstly, there was a warning statement before they started that forbade those under the age of 18 from watching. I was still 17 until just recently, so I’d never even glanced at them.

I thought I shouldn’t even receive the porn mags I got from my friends, but my friend said that his older brother was going to throw them out and that he might as well give them to me, so he wanted me to overlook that. (Did that guy even have an older brother?)

That’s why my experience with the deeds between men and women was only limited to watching scenes in Hollywood movies.

And I didn’t even think of it between men at the time.

To be honest, the feeling of encountering the unknown was so strong that it felt like I was looking at research materials.

The first thing that piqued my interest was how pliable the body of the one being penetrated seemed.

The angle his legs were spread in was pretty wide. On top of that, there were even scenes where his back was completely bent in half as they were doing it from above, and I unthinkingly tried to get my body up in the air, with just my shoulders on the bed in front of my laptop.

The spread of my legs was also clearly not up to par.

I saw that I would probably be faced with pain if I opened them up any further.

Hold on! Trying to make a place that had only been used to excrete things into an entrance would obviously hurt me as well!

The words “hemorrhage” and “unsanitary” flashed in the back of my mind, so I went to buy the “set for those purposes” that the advertisement page suggested.

I ended up buying it.

And their work was so prompt that I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The package had arrived last night.

I confirmed that Ren had gone to bed first and then quickly used the set.

It felt like a clinical trial. It was like I was using my own body for an experiment.

But the strain was unexpectedly… of the mental type, and so I struggled with the set until the sky brightened and only slept when I’d reached the limits of my exhaustion.

“Good morning, Shinya… Ah, your face is so pale! Couldn’t sleep?”

“N-no… Ahaha.”

In the end, when we got out of bed in time for the start of the movie, I made Ren utterly concerned for me.

The reason I ended up spacing out while talking to Ren was because there was a gay couple in the movie we watched.

They were just two supporting roles among many and only showed up on the screen for a few moments, but a strong impression of them remained in me. During the scene when they shared a brief but passionate kiss, I couldn’t help but remember my kisses with Ren, so I couldn’t concentrate on the movie at all, even though it was my favorite series.

They were both guys with good physiques who were in the corner of the screen.

The scene took place in a corrupt bar with illegal operations that the main protagonist had infiltrated, and the two of them mingled among the straight couples as they shared a fierce kiss.

It felt like a wild kiss where their breaths were stolen away.

(I wonder when… Ren and I can kiss like that?)

Ren was always gentle when he touched me.

His kisses were also gentle, treating me like a fragile object, or even an illusion. We never had a kiss so… so… fierce.

But we needed to go further than that from here on out.

As I sank back into the sea of my thoughts, Ren took my hand and brought me back to shore.

It appeared I’d been stroking my lips unknowingly. I gasped when I met Ren’s somewhat reproachful gaze and widened my eyes.

“Sorry, again I…”

“That’s right, Shinya, you seem quite absentminded today. Are you worrying about something?”

Of course, I was.

But it wasn’t something I could tell Ren.

Ren probably sensed my thoughts and heaved a great sigh.

I was embarrassed and tugged my hand out of his hold with a start.

“Ah… H-hey, Ren, what kind of person do you prefer?”


Ren made a completely incomprehensible face. Even though I knew in my head that I was making a mistake, my mouth didn’t listen to me.

I sensed disappointment in Ren’s sigh, and at that moment, countless words from my conversation with Wakatsuki flashed through my mind.

…He didn’t like my looks, so he didn’t lay a hand on me.

It was possible he actually thought, “If only I had a prettier or more delicate mate.” After all, Ren was so handsome and cool.

Now that he had me, did he not need me anymore?

If I could match his preferences more, would I be able to remain by his side for longer?

“Do you like them cute or pretty? Long hair or short hair? How about their height…?”

“W-wait a sec. What’s with this, Shinya?”

“That’s enough, just tell me. What kind of person do you like?”

I realized we had this conversation before in high school when I thought I had no shred of love in me.

Next to my talkative friend, Ren had always avoided saying anything clearly.

I knew nothing about Ren.

I put a smile on my face, similar to the one I had in the past, and waited for his response. Ren gave another small sigh.

“Let’s see… People I like… Someone who seems unapproachable at first glance, like they always seem to be drawing a line between themself and everyone else.”

“I-I see. Like a flower on a high peak?”

“Better at studying and sports than the average person and very popular with the people around them. No gap to take advantage of. But when you get close to them, you find they’re actually kind, a little careless, and timid. Bottomless generosity to those they hold in their hearts. Someone who doesn’t suspect anyone. An honest and straightforward person.”

Wh-who is this about? Did Ren actually have feelings for someone else?1

Did I take him away from them…?

“I think a height difference of around 10 cm would be perfect. I prefer short hair over long hair. I like rich facial expressions, cute and cheery eyes, and black hair. Thin lips that I end up wanting to pry open so I always have to hold back. A mole on the back of the ear that surely only their parents and I know about.”


“Despite having a strong body, their neck is so thin and unreliable that I worry it might snap one day. They worry about their sloped shoulders, but I like them and they feel nice to touch. A back line with no excess fat, and arms that don’t get bigger, even with muscle training. They have endurance and are strong in long distance, so they were once asked to join a track team… The curve of those legs from the thighs to heels… The list goes on and on…”

Ren’s hand slowly slid onto the top of my head as he plainly stated everything.

He patted my soft hair with the gentleness of a feather, but paired with the words he was saying, it made me feel nervous and restless.

“Even though I said they have no sense of caution, instead of being more on guard, they only make me more worried. And when I thought I was trying to treasure them, that person’s negativity exploded and they ended up behaving in a completely unexpected manner. Though I want to be smarter and think about things in the long term, they mess everything up. I’ve given up. I don’t have the time to look at anyone else.”


“My love isn’t so halfhearted that I would be unfaithful or find someone else. But they don’t seem to believe me. That’s the kind of person I like. Got that?”



Even though we were seated in the corner, I wondered what two guys like us were doing in the middle of the day at a cafe…

I desperately fanned my heating face with my hands to cool it down.

How could anyone continue to doubt him if he were staring at them and touching them like that? With eyes like that, staring single-mindedly at someone they love and find irresistible.

Could it be that I also looked at Ren with those eyes?

I was embarrassed… in many ways.

Though I was the one who started it, I was depressed that the outrageous confession I received damaged me much more than him.

Speaking of which, I was the one who refused to let Amami say what he liked about me for an hour. Maybe if I properly heard him out at that time, the situation wouldn’t have ended up like this.

My life was full of regrets, huh…?

“Now then, I shouldn’t be dragging you around when you’re sleep-deprived, so let’s go home.”

“Ah, okay…”

“After this, let’s have a ‘date at home.’ Okay?”

Why did those words only bring up shyness in me?

So what we did today was a date? When I thought that, I was so embarrassed that I wanted to run away.

Even though I looked forward to watching the movie so much, only fragments of its contents remained in my head.

As I felt this relative sense of defeat, we left the cafe to have our “date at home.”

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