The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 25

I wasn’t hungry thanks to the light meal I ate at the cafe.

I boldly went to the underground department store on the way back home and bought a lot of side dishes. I planned on having a feast for tonight’s dinner.

Hearing the words “date at home” for the first time shook me up quite a bit, but… we just spent our break at home as usual.

The two of us just sat on our favorite sofa, idly surfed the channels, and read magazines.

I purposely leaned my weight into where our shoulders touched, and he did it back to me.

When Ren leaned his weight on me, I had no support, so I fell over and sank into the sofa. It felt funny for some strange reason, so the two of us shared a laugh.

“Shall we eat dinner soon?”

“Okay, I’ll heat up the dishes.”

Ren stood up first and headed to the kitchen before I followed him.

We heated the food, but those alone wouldn’t be that nutritious, so I also brought a simple vegetable soup to the living room.

“The side dishes from the department store were expensive, but they’re pretty good.”

“Really? I think your cooking is more delicious, Shinya.”

“…No, no, these were made by pros. Compared to an amateur like me, their food is obviously more delicious.”

“Alright, maybe I’ll change my wording. I like your cooking more, Shinya.”

How many times a day did I fall in love with the gently smiling man sitting across the table from me?

No matter how spot on my friend’s point was, or even if I had no confidence in myself, it would be crazy not to believe in a lover who doted on me this much.

I shoved food into my mouth to hide my embarrassment, and it was so delicious I thought about looking for the recipe to make it again next time.

After we ate, we lazed around.

Sitting on the edge of the sofa, my nervousness reappeared.

(How do I start this conversation…?)

I may not have plenty of knowledge, but I did study a bit.

Preparing my body was… a little awkward, but I managed to do it myself too.

The last hurdle was more about my mental state, but my confidence was boosted in knowing that Ren would never want anyone else over me and that my appearance was also not disliked, so that should be enough.

After that, it was all up to Ren to get into the mood.

That might be the most difficult hurdle…

(If I put this off any longer, I’ll probably have another weird worry and say something strange again. Next time, Ren might even get fed up with me… Before that happens, I need to get rid of the source of my worries.) 

I might not be as “amazing” as an alpha, but I was still a man. It wasn’t like I couldn’t understand the pain of holding back.

If Ren was actually holding himself back, then my knowledge and experience (of one night) could be useful. If possible, I’d actually like for him to feel that way… I think.

A glance at the clock told me it was undoubtedly nighttime. Usually, at this time, I’d say, “We should take a bath and go to sleep soon.”

But today I am somewhat different!

“Shinya—” “Ren!”



I called out to Ren, who sat opposite me on the sofa, with great vigor, but then Ren called my name at the exact same time.

Not with the same tone though.

“Um, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Me too… How about you go first, Shinya?”

“No, I think you were faster! You speak first!”

It was rare to see Ren hesitating to say something while scratching his head when he would normally be full of confidence.

Setting aside my lowered enthusiasm, I sat in seiza on the sofa and turned to face Ren. For some strange reason, Ren was also in seiza and facing me in the same way.

An odd composition of two men sitting in seiza on top of a huge sofa, close enough for their knees to touch.

“Alright, I’ll go first. Shinya, your heat is coming next month, right?”

“Ah? Yeah, it should be next month if it comes on time.”

“Umm… Personally, I want to become your mate during your next heat. We’ve only kissed and hugged so far, but I was wondering if we could touch each other a little more.”

I widened my eyes.

I didn’t think that Ren would have the same thoughts as me.

“Shinya, you’ve always lived your life as a beta, haven’t you? I understand if you have some resistance to doing things like this. So let’s slowly explore things until your heat arrives. And if you ever find that you dislike doing something, I want you to tell me with no hesitation.”

Ren delivered another shock while looking at me with a serious face.

Slowly explore… he said!?

That means that all of my efforts to prepare myself yesterday night and my nervousness tonight made me seem like a slutty pervert…!

“I see, I get it, I completely understand! Let’s do that, starting today. Alright, I’m gonna go take a bath now.”

“Wait, Shinya, what about you?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be in and out in a jiffy.”



“Could it be that you wanted to talk about breaking up?”

“No! Ah…”

He grabbed my arm tightly, but when I was about to deny it in a panic, I was stunned by his serious and piercing eyes.

This wasn’t the time to joke around. I should reflect.

I returned to my seated position and swallowed the saliva that had accumulated in my mouth. I made up my mind and began to speak.

“…A few days ago, I… looked it up.”


“How guys… do it and stuff.”

It must’ve been out of his expectations since Ren seemed quite surprised.

I grabbed the hand still holding onto my arm and squeezed it back.

“So the omegas’ position is called, um, neko? People like them have to prepare themselves so I looked it up and did the preparations… just yesterday.”1


“I tried out some things I bought in the mail and got the grasp of how to do it… So from now on, as long as I do the preparations… um… I’ll be ready to go any… time.”

I said it.

If I received a reaction like, “Why were you so rash?” or “You’re a disgusting pervert,” I’ll never be able to recover.

My eyes were squeezed shut in fearful anticipation of Ren’s response, but when I slowly opened them back up, I was surprised to see signs of delight on Ren’s face. When I chuckled a little at the expression I’d never seen before, he immediately pulled me closer by my arm and embraced me tightly.

“I’m so happy… You thought about it so earnestly for the two of us.”

“O-Of course. I couldn’t just leave it all to you after all. I’m a man too.”

“That’s true.”

Releasing me from the hug that broke our seiza positions, he kissed me with a slight brush of our lips.

We will do even more intense things from now on… When I thought that, I felt a strange numbing tremor surface from inside me.

“O-Okay, I’ll go take a bath now, so…”

“Am I allowed to help you prepare yourself?”

“Hah!? No way, no way! Absolutely no way! Listen up, you are forbidden from coming near the bathroom, okay?!”

I’d be embarrassed to death if he saw me doing such a shameful thing by myself.

Before Ren said any more stupid things, I quickly fled to the bathroom.

As it turned out, it was a mistake to bathe before Ren.

Now I sat alone on a huge bed with nothing to do but wait for the person who I was about to make love with.

Was this torture?

Even though I would have to undress for what we were about to do next, I couldn’t bring myself to walk into the bedroom wearing nothing, so I put on my usual pair of pajamas. This thin piece of cloth made me feel so much more helpless now.

It even made me want to wear armor.

If I did that, maybe Ren would also forget about today.

(No, no, I was the one who suggested this!)

Ren said he planned on waiting until my heart was prepared.

Instead, I was the one who gave the green light.

I felt something akin to despair at how I was making plans to run away this late in the game.

“I’ve made you wait. Were you cold? …What’s wrong?”

Ren came out from bathing.

The timing was bad so he ended up getting worried from seeing me cradle my head and tap my foot.

No no, keep calm, keep calm.


“Really? Did you change your mind?”

“I-I didn’t! Men don’t go back on their words!”

“Wow, so manly.”

Ren sat down right next to me.

Even though his smile illuminated by the soft bedroom light was the same as usual, the atmosphere felt somewhat different.



He held my cheek and kissed me.

He gently bit my bottom lip and I opened it slightly. Something hot and moist entered my mouth. 

“Mpmh… ngh…”

Our tongues intertwined and I felt breathless.

I knew that I should breathe through my nose, but I just couldn’t do it well so I stopped breathing when he kissed me.

But if he explored my mouth like this, my breathing would get chaotic quickly.

I moved back as quickly as possible to get away. As if not allowing that to happen, he put a hand on my nape to lock me in place.

“Ah, nh, Ren… I. can’t. breathe…”

“You’re so cute, Shinya.”

He released my lips and as I gasped desperately for air, he gently pushed me down on the bed with a hand supporting my back.

Ren’s body blocked out the orange light, trapping me in a dimmer space than earlier.

We looked at each other thoroughly at a point-blank range on the bed.

To think it would feel this different to have Ren tower over me like this.

I remember the day Ren held back when we graduated high school and found out each other’s feelings. At that time, I was drunk on the scent of his pheromones, but now I was completely sober.

Even without the power of pheromones, what I liked about Ren hadn’t changed.

“Shinya, are you scared?”

“I’m fine.”

“You have to tell me if you don’t like anything.”

“…If you’re the one doing it, I won’t dislike it.”

I tried my best to look Ren in the eyes to get my feelings across.

It was always Ren who embraced me. Not some alpha I didn’t know, some beta I didn’t like, or a faceless phantom.

Every time we touched, my worries disappeared. When we embraced, my terror disappeared. When he hugged me back, my heart became warm.

Ren was the one who taught me everything.

I closed my eyes in comfort when he gave me the deep kiss I desired.

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