The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 27

Though our kind may all be referred to as omegas, there were people like me who had a beta-like figure with an average face (or even below that), and there were also people who were dainty like girls, with perfectly sculpted features and aura that made them loved by all.

Similarly, among the alphas, some ranged from plain to outstanding and strong to weak.

It would be embarrassing to claim that “people are like this because of their secondary genders,” and there were a lot of cases where it would be better not to say reckless things based on biased opinions.

However, I just wanted to say this.

Having sex with an alpha was insane.1

Not that I was bragging, I should even be ashamed of this at my age in fact, but I was obviously a virgin both front and back.

On top of watching porn for the first time just a few days ago, I was a beginner in all things related to sex.

And to such a beginner like me, how many rounds did this savage bastard currently hugging me from behind, pressure me into?

In the beginning, I thought he was going slow to match my pace.

I certainly felt that this deed connected not only our hearts but also our bodies, and while I felt great pleasure, it wasn’t so great that it became incomprehensible.

I was glad to realize I could experience it properly, despite having a stiff body.

But it appeared as if Ren completely lost control once I surrendered my body to him.

We kept changing positions and condoms, he kept teasing me relentlessly, and I kept suffering greatly. 

Even when nothing could come out anymore, our bodies swayed and it became morning before I realized.

My hoarse throat was even worse than when I caught a cold, my entire body was sluggish, my joints were sore in countless places, my clothes were gone, and to make matters worse, I was trapped from behind and couldn’t even move in my sleep.

I had an arm wrapped around me, and a hand kept touching me a bit below my belly button, but I felt quite comfortable otherwise.

Fortunately, I wasn’t bleeding anywhere.

Though the internal hemorrhage and bite marks everywhere were probably a terrible sight to see… they weren’t life-threatening.

Even though we did it so crazily, my body was somehow clean and my sheets were also immaculate. If I had woken up in a damp and messy condition, I would’ve beaten him up, but I lost my vigor when it turned out otherwise.

“…Ngh… You’re awake? Good morning, Shinya.”


“Ah, your voice isn’t working? Here, water.”

Looks like my slight movements woke Ren up.

He sat up from the bed and handed me the water bottle that was placed at our bedside.

Everything seemed so familiar—the way he casually uncapped the water and handed it to me, and the way the water wasn’t cold enough to feel in my throat.

Unlike me, this guy was definitely not a virgin.

One day, I’ll get more about it out of him.

“Sorry, I wasn’t able to restrain myself from everything I’d been holding back… Does your body hurt? Do you need anything?”

He lowered his eyebrows while looking at me apologetically and gave off the impression of a dog with lowered ears and tail.

It seemed like he felt bad, so I forgave him for now.

The reason he had to hold back was originally because of my troublesome personality anyway…

My thirst was appeased, so I no longer needed anything. When I shook my head at Ren’s question, his face relaxed in relief.

“It’s still early, so let’s sleep for a little longer.”


“I won’t do anything.”

As Ren smiled bitterly, I decided to believe in his words and lay back in bed.

No longer having the energy to get dressed, I settled down under the top quilt that Ren had pulled up to my shoulders.

Turning onto my side, I met Ren’s eyes as he stared at me.

He smiled softly, and the hand that gently stroked my hair was so warm, that I was unable to resist the pull of sleep.

T/N: POV change to Ren

I combed the hair of my beloved mate with my fingers as he fell asleep, his breathing deep.

I tickled the part behind his ears, and when I checked whether I had woken him, I saw that he seemed to have settled back into regular breathing again without opening his eyes.

(I made him strain himself…)

Caressing his slightly pale sleeping face, I was relieved when I checked his body temperature.

It has been six years since I first set my eyes on Shinya.

He hadn’t even realized the existence of his mate until half a year ago.

How many times have I been struck with violent urges? Countless times, I had thought of surrendering myself to my violent urges and pressing him down to make him my own, but then I’d pierce my nails into my arm.

A part of me hadn’t wanted to let go of him for even a moment and wanted to bite off the pale neck that released his scent.

Another part of me wanted to treasure him slowly and spend my future languidly spoiling him.

Both of them were the real me.

The bite marks scattered all over Shinya’s body were especially concentrated on his nape.

The place where I bit him countless times last night ended up with painful-looking bloody wounds.

The light ones will likely scab and disappear in a few days. Outside of a binding mark, no matter how much I bite, they wouldn’t leave a scar.

I had dreamt of leaving my teeth mark on that defenseless nape ever since I was only a friend to him.

In my dreams, I have held Shinya’s crying, unwilling face down against the cold, hard floor and bit into his neck to gouge out the flesh under his skin.

His fresh blood overflowed and his scent faded as if replacing it wrapped me in ecstasy as I looked down at the scene.

There was no doubt that it was a dream that came from my desires and I knew that deep down, I wanted to possess Shinya like that. I had a clear insight into how repulsive and disgusting I was.

As an alpha, it was pathetic that I couldn’t obtain my “fated mate” even though he was right before me, and no matter which alpha I asked, most likely none of them would say they would hold back their impulses.

Which was why I did.

Even if it was fated, even if it was instinct, even if this society stereotypes alpha behavior, at the very least, I absolutely refused to obediently follow them.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I spent all three years in middle school observing Shinya.

I considered that view because he himself hadn’t been the typical omega.

To alphas, mates were beings that revealed where their souls lay. There are both strengths and weaknesses to this.

I seriously thought that if my mate was unworthy of having my soul, it would be better for my future if I got rid of them right then and there.

The result of three years of observation became an eloquent account of this current situation.

After those three years, I devoted myself to obtaining Shinya.

First, I needed to become his acquaintance. After that, from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers, to mates.

I couldn’t rush, nor should I force it. But still, I didn’t have the luxury to wait and see.

I came up with every conceivable plan.

The best result would be to obtain him with no fuss. If that was impossible, I was willing to get a little violent. That’s what I thought to myself when I became a high schooler.

Fortunately for me, Shinya was not cautious as an omega at all.

And that Kijima, our mutual beta friend, supported my path to love.

Shinya had basically no wariness towards strangers.

Even when he stood next to me, who wasn’t hiding my alpha nature, his shoulders showed no sign of trembling.

His actions were exactly that of a male beta, since he wasn’t even acting, he was quite uncommon.

He must’ve had confidence that he would be able to hide his secondary gender perfectly. In fact, not a single other classmate or alpha ever found out Shinya was an omega.

I was prepared to make a move the moment something unexpected happened, but I was glad that my fears were unfounded.

The encounter during his heat, which clearly highlighted the fact that the most dangerous alpha around Shinya was me, was the most unexpected.

The rich scent of his pheromones that I had longed for until now had intoxicated my mind.

If a beta like Kijima hadn’t been present at the scene at that time, I would not have been able to spend my days happily right now.

Kijima was initially supposed to do nothing more than set the stage for me.

If Shinya had only been friends with an alpha like me, then some people with weird suspicions would target us. I actually eliminated such eyesores during my freshman year of high school.

I figured that Karasawa and Kijima, the betas, and Amami, a whimsical alpha who stuck to them, would be the perfect cover-up.

(I didn’t think he would become a friend even closer than family to me.)

Back when Kijima and Shinya first became close, Kijima prompted Shinya to become more aware of himself as an omega and was even trying to guide him to become aware of his bond with his mate.

But before long, he was chiding and guiding my behavior and thinking instead of Shinya’s.

In the past, I had only thought of Shinya as a “mate to obtain”, and I didn’t think much about taking his feelings and heart into consideration. That was what Kijima conveyed to me.

Looking back, it was only after Kijima and I started talking to each other more often that I made a clear decision to treasure Shinya.

(Kijima always told me to “think of his feelings”.)

When it came to paying attention to how Shinya’s heart moved and acting accordingly, I was utterly useless.

How could I understand the hearts of others when I couldn’t even grasp all of my own feelings and how could I even try to control them?

Kijima had a much better grasp of the subtleties in Shinya’s heart than I did.

His lack of caution had a downside of being too unguarded.

The fact that he was obedient and less suspicious of others meant that he could be obtained by anyone.

He smiled stiffly when he thought he had good intentions, but he showed his smiles best on ordinary peaceful days. Everything felt like it was going to backfire, and it immobilized me with fear to the point where I couldn’t take any decisive actions.

Last year, I was nothing but a pathetic leaf in a tree back then, swept away by a person named Karasawa Shinya and stolen by the wind.

To win Shinya’s heart was synonymous with the fact that I could only kneel down and beg for his love.

Still, I managed to use the situation to my advantage without failing.

I had him listen to my story about my “fated mate” and made him aware that I was an alpha.

I also spent as much time as I could after school with him, strengthening our friendship.

The casual increase in skinship during Shinya’s heat, which was suppressed by his medications, may or may not have been effective.

I had hoped that by showing off my friendliness with Mitsuru, my brother-in-law, who was obviously an omega at a glance, he would see me as a bit of a romantic interest, but I completely miscalculated that this incident became more of a burden for Shinya than I had expected.

How many times did I hold my head in my hands and regret not being able to enter further into his heart during summer vacation?

After that, we had a series of unexpected incidents, and while the distance between us ended up gradually decreasing, Shinya’s spiral into negativity accelerated.

But my feelings somehow became requited.

When I confessed to him at a deserted park and professed my love at his house, I almost cried because I felt so pathetic with the lack of a good atmosphere, but thinking about it now, I guess I was crying with joy.

After all, at that time, my mind went blank when I saw Shinya’s tears for the first time.

I was lucky I was even able to confess properly.

Recently, the phrase “all’s well that ends well” has become such a saving grace for me that I wanted to hang it on my wall as the motto for the rest of my life.

It was definitely a miracle that I was able to become lovers with Shinya without decisively hurting him.

“My Shinya, all just for me…”

I gently pulled his slackened body closer to me, and Shinya, who had wriggled slightly, snuggled into my arms. The sight of him made me feel an unbearable amount of love.

I finally obtained him—my own mate.

I would protect him for as long as I lived. No matter what I had to sacrifice, I would never even think of letting him go.

I wanted to protect his heart. I didn’t want to make him sad or hurt him ever again, but I didn’t want to restrict him either.

I will continue to be pushed around by this unfettered person for the rest of my life.

Shinya was a novice not only in love but in all things sexual, but I was the one who couldn’t control myself and pushed him too hard on our first night, so he got really mad at me.

After that, the story of how he would not let me lay a finger on him in the bedroom until he went into heat was so pathetic that I would probably never tell anyone about it.

A/N: After this is a filler chapter.

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