The Spicy Omega

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Extra (Wakatsuki’s POV)

The first time I saw him was immediately after the entrance ceremony.

I saw him ahead of me as we poured out of the auditorium with the rest of the students, and somehow, my eyes were drawn to him.

A fleeting glance at his side profile made an impression on me, but I forgot about it quickly.

The next time I saw him was at orientation after we got into school.

The English Literature majors all gathered in a spacious classroom to listen to a simple explanation of the required classes and the like.

Among the people in the classroom, he was sitting at a desk near the windows.

Even though I had only seen his side profile before, I knew immediately that it was him.

My body moved on its own before I could think and I secured the seat next to him.

As I expected, no, as I had sensed before, I felt very safe by his side.

He introduced himself as Karasawa Shinya.

His height was probably around the average for a guy. Much taller than me though.

It wasn’t that he lacked muscles or weight, but he still seemed thin and gangly. His clothes also seemed to give off the impression of a typical college student, neither cheap nor expensive. It seemed like the bag slung over his shoulders was the only fairly decent item on him.

His black hair was moderately short, and while it seemed somewhat waxed and styled, it didn’t seem like he cared too much about it.

His face and eyebrows were properly groomed—the thin almond-shaped eyes, not-so-tall nose, thin lips, and cheekbone structure gave him an average face.

An ordinary man whose only special feature might be his slightly sloped shoulders.

His reaction when I called out to him was normal too.

He was fascinated by my refined face and snuck glances at me.

I met those side glances with my eyes, and his cheeks turned red.

There wasn’t a single thing special about this man.

—Except for the air around him.

I didn’t know how many alphas and omegas were in this classroom, but all of them probably sensed something, more or less.

There were extremely intense alpha pheromones wafting from Karasawa.

My first thought was that he was an alpha himself.

But, he was too harmless in appearance and atmosphere to be an alpha in his late teens. It was strange that his aggressive pheromones, a special trait of alphas, didn’t seem to suit his appearance. 

Which meant that an alpha had attached those harsh pheromones onto him.

If he himself was not an alpha, then he would be a beta or an omega, but it was difficult to say which one he was.

Just his appearance and behavior were definitely those of a beta.

But it was difficult to think that an alpha would attach such strong intimidation pheromones to a beta. Perhaps it would be possible for a girl, but Karasawa was just an ordinary guy, and it didn’t seem like he came from an affluent family. 

Then if I assumed he was an omega with a mate… At the very least, I couldn’t see a mark on his nape from his mate.

But above all, he lacked the unconscious sense of wariness to keep strangers at a distance, which was peculiar to omegas.

I secretly observed him during orientation, but the mystery with seemingly no answers became more perplexing.

Karasawa, whom I’ve often met since then, was not a fool, but he also wasn’t that well put together.

He was perfect in regards to academics, but outside of that, he seemed somewhat careless, or rather, he was quite dense.

Like mistaking a TV remote for his phone and leaving with it, or mixing up his left shoe with his right. Or, despite not pressing that hard, he would snap the lead of his mechanical pencils and had to always replenish them. When trying to buy water at the vending machine, he would accidentally click on the sweet red bean soup, and I would always see him struggling with his shoes, probably because he was bad at tying them.

Additionally, he was dense about the differences in genders, and it seemed like he didn’t have the habit of thinking about other people’s secondary genders.

When I explained to him that not only was I an omega, but Hayashi, Takenouchi, and the others around us were all omegas as well, he looked so dumbfounded that I thought his jaw might’ve dropped.

Seeing his foolish look, I wondered when was the last time I laughed so hard.

Even though he wasn’t weak, he was full of openings and was somehow always fumbling about… that was the kind of man he was.

To make up for Karasawa’s defenselessness, the intimidation pheromones he was wrapped in chased off any alphas near him.

It didn’t bother the betas and wasn’t hostile towards omegas, but alphas would wrinkle their faces and avoid him even if they just brushed past him.

Those born as omegas live their lives more or less getting into trouble or having bad experiences because of their secondary genders.

I also inherited this face and small stature from my parents and have had nothing but unpleasant experiences wherever I have gone.

But ever since I had attached myself to Karasawa during my college career, I had noticed a surprising decrease in those kinds of unpleasant experiences.

Anyway, alphas wouldn’t come close.

Because of that, other omegas like me had found that Karasawa warded off alphas and somehow gathered in Karasawa’s vicinity.

Although there were only a few omegas in the entire student body, the strange scene of an unusually concentrated omega population appeared only in Karasawa’s vicinity, growing larger every day.

Karasawa himself did not seem to be aware of the alpha markings on him, and he never seemed to have thought about the impact of the markings on those around him.

Karasawa must have quite a stuffed nose to not notice such a harsh pheromone.

Or is it the kind of pheromone that the person in question does not know about?

An ordinary man, who we weren’t sure whether was a beta or omega, became someone the omegas on campus used as a safe haven without him realizing.

“Good morning, Karasawa.”

“Ah, good morning, Wakatsuki!”

I greeted Karasawa, who was already sitting down, and he turned around and smiled innocently.

He cleared away the stationery and notebooks that were spread out on the seat next to him to make room, and I settled there obediently.

The deep forest-like fragrant alpha pheromones that I always felt softly drifted by and quickly disappeared.

Some omegas became physically ill just by sensing alpha pheromones, but the ones surrounding Karasawa didn’t, perhaps because they had no harmful intent.

Perhaps because we see each other every day, Karasawa has grown quite attached to me.

I sometimes saw him conversing with people other than myself, as if he was gradually getting to know the omegas surrounding him.

A few days ago, Karasawa apparently mated with his alpha.

I said “apparently” because he didn’t mention anything about it, so I could only speculate.

However, Karasawa had not been at college for the entirety of last week and the atmosphere around him changed this much, so all of his friends noticed.

His occasional smile was almost as lovely as flowers.

His innocently lowered eyelids were ridden with sex appeal.

He seemed happy as if a part of him that had been missing and that he had no control over had finally been filled.

I couldn’t find any bite marks on Karasawa’s slightly long nape, but it was said that a careful alpha would calculate where to leave a bite mark, probably in a place where it could be hidden by his hair.

No matter how much he looked like a beta, he was a legitimate omega.

“Karasawa, good morning~”

“Good morning, Takenouchi.”

“This is last week’s notes on Foundations A and Foreign Literature 1. I filled in for you for attendance.”

“Wow, thanks, that helps a lot. I’ll definitely treat you to something next time.”

“I’m not expecting much, okay?”

Takenouchi slipped into the classroom just before class started and took a seat right behind Karasawa. Karasawa accepted a few notes from over his shoulder and immediately turned to face forward.

As I was listening to their conversation with a sideways glance, I noticed Takenouchi staring at Karasawa’s nape.

It was possible he could see something from right behind him. An alpha’s claim of ownership.

Karasawa’s appearance wasn’t the only change.

The alpha pheromones surrounding him also changed ever so slightly.

I knew that Karasawa had a roommate, and I had previously assumed that roommate was the partner.

I secretly feared that the alpha’s intimidation pheromones clinging to Karasawa would disappear if they became bound as mates. I thought that if that happened, I would lose my safe haven and go through troublesome days all over again.

In fact, that concern was unfounded.

The pheromones of Karasawa’s mate that I had sensed up to this point were meant to keep away and eliminate any alpha that approached Karasawa.

Now, it seemed like it was no longer meant to keep all alphas away, perhaps because he had space to breathe now that he had obtained Karasawa.

Those with a guilty conscience toward omegas still seemed to avoid Karasawa, but those who did not were calling out to us even when Karasawa was around.

Thanks to this, Karasawa added a number of friends again in his messaging app, and he screamed when he couldn’t match a name to a face.

I thought I understood how pheromones worked, but when I witnessed such a mysterious phenomenon, it made me think that I still had much to uncover.

Hayashi, a science major, and others were even sniffing around, saying they wanted to make Karasawa and his mate the subject of their research.

If just the intimidation pheromones that he attached to someone else were so strong, then the alpha himself must be a very prideful and jealous person… I think he might balance Karasawa out perfectly, someone who was somewhat careless.

The class ended and Karasawa left the classroom. He asked me if I wanted to eat lunch with him again, and I nodded.

I pulled out a chair next to Takenouchi, who was seated diagonally behind me, and leaned closer.

“Did you see it?”

“I saw it. There was a single exposed mark from a canine at his hairline.”

“No way, can you become mates with so few teeth marks?”

“I don’t think it’s impossible as long as the bite is in the right place, but it would be quite difficult. And Karasawa is hiding that he’s an omega anyway, so his mate probably bit with that in mind.”

Takenouchi, who was usually expressionless, seemed impressed and nodded his head with a glint of interest in his eyes.

Takenouchi, with hair so long it reached his shoulders, already had a bite mark on his neck. He often said he didn’t like it because it was ugly, but he seemed to get along well with his mate.

I didn’t have a mate, and I often got into trouble, so I wore a protective collar. It was nude to blend into my skin and was not easily noticed at a glance unless I wore open-collared clothing.

“It’s amazing how his partner is even his ‘fated one’. Do you think Karasawa is actually a big shot?”

“Maybe. Are you jealous, Wakatsuki?”

“…Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.”

I raised my hands in surrender and looked away as Takenouchi stared at me intently.

I didn’t envy that he had a “fated mate”.

It was just that any omega would fall for an alpha who treasured his omega this much. 

Even I, who didn’t have a mate, could understand how difficult it must’ve been for an alpha with such strong instincts to suppress his animalistic desires and be considerate toward his omega even when he was mating.

“Wakatsuki, you only have a nice face, so you’ll find a partner eventually.”

“What do you mean by ‘only have a nice face’? Don’t you mean I have a nice personality too?”

“That’s exactly what I meant.”

Not liking the way Takenouchi, who was already mated, laughed so leisurely, I got up from my seat somewhat violently and left the classroom.

I touched the thin but sturdy cloth that protected my nape.

I wondered if I would someday be allowed to meet Karasawa’s seemingly prideful mate, who I had been indebted to.

I hoped that, by then, I would have also at least met someone new.


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