The Spicy Omega

Translat’r: Hasr the 11th, Lord of WWSD

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Chapter 5 (Karasawa POV) [R-101]

And there went an Omega by the name of Karasawa, seated upon a simple chair at a desk hewn of oak.

And the Omega sat upon the chair at the oaken desk, and brought forth his notebook to rest thereupon, and made sacrifice in the textbook: an offering made by pen to his lord.

Verily, I tell you the Omega is under all others in strength. Are Betas better than they? No, in no wise: for we have before proved both Beta and Omega, that they are under the Alpha in strength. When the Omega worketh the text, exhaustion is sure to follow for the lord has blessed them not, and has not given them the strength to worketh the text. 

Verily, it was said unto Karasawa: “Worketh not, for thy blood is Omegan.”

“Nay,” said he, for “I am he who against hope believeth in hope, that he may attend his school of choice. For if they which are of the Omegan blood worketh not, hope is made void, and the education made of none effect, for surely they will be subjugated.” And being fully persuaded that, he promised to achieve his first choice school, and what he had promised, he was surely able also to perform.

And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own experience, despite his feeble blood but gloried in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience for the day where he would stand would surely come.

After a day of toil when the night nears apex he shall enter into peace: he shall rest in his bed.

Thus he was. In the week his heat had come, and simmered long through additional nights; and the suppressants were to be a balm for such.

But it came to pass that the suppressants had gone out of him, his focus was overtaken by his failings, and his strength had gone also.

Therefore it be, Karasawa hath taken his rest from a long night of working the text from which he be ill suited. He took not the suppressant for the rest being given him shall surely blot out the remembrance of estrus, and giveth unto him release.

He was not in safety, neither had he rest, neither was he quiet; yet trouble came. A fire was lit under his skin: his skin was to throb inside without rest. 

Now when Karasawa had the heat lie heavy upon him he spake: “Though it rarely smite me so, surely an Omega am I.”

“No efforts shall render my blood aught but Omegan, surely this truth of mine will tear asunder the lie that I am a Beta and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding places.”

Let a deep sleep lay heavy upon me…

And Karasawa hid his face; for he was afraid to face his heat. Under the duvet did he crawl for such hast been a shelter for him, and a strong refuge from all enemies.

Lo, and behold; a ring sounded out in the stillness and there ariseth a light in the darkness unbidden.

Though my mind be hazy and my vision blurred, still I reach out to your light. I grasped for the phone for I knew: A message had come!

‘Art thou awake?’

‘Behold this countenance: for it is the visage of Kijima.’

The phone had delivered a message from Amami unto me.

Then attached thus was the visage that doth resemble Kijima. 

There stood a mighty cock, a lord among chickens. Pride compasseth him about as a sash; dignity covereth him as a garment.

Then was my mouth filled with laughter.

Though the cock be a lord among chickens, he is meek and foolish, the pride he don suit him not, for honor is not seemly on a fool. Thus it was perhaps as the demeanor of Kijima.

And Karasawa answered and said: “Laughter adorns my heart, this cock be the mighty lord of fools, whether he resembleth Kijima or nay.”

The message was sent forth hence from I to Amami, carried away with an image of laughter thereupon. 

The message tarried not: immediately had Amami received my transmission. Surely he was thus abundantly satisfied with the fatness of mine message; and I thus made him drink of the river of contentment, for on his message I received a vision of his chosen messenger resting in comfort.

Surely that man Amami considered not others. I rose up at his call though the hour was late and I long ago should have been at rest. I spoke unto him “Goodnight” in the shape of an image and returned the smartphone from whence it came.

Thus was the latter end of Karasawa’s night blessed more so than its beginning. The message had made lie of the weariness of his soul, and joy again reached his heart.

‘The lamentations for my Omegan blood serve naught,’ thought he.

No problems had I. Of the truth I have kept, surely no problems would spring. Though Omegan, I walk adorned in modest apparel, with simple appearance, and speak as a Beta; it was as truth that none would lie with me unbidden or raise hand against me.

Thus was guidance given unto me by the heavens: ‘Work each day for its given purpose, that which is meant to come to pass at that time shall be so.’

Karasawa’s thoughts turned now on a greater sin concerning this thing which ought not be done against Kijima: surely next when he comes upon his friend he shall seem as the lord of chickens.

So was Karasawa again filled with laughter, joyful in rest and slept.

Hasr: Hope we still made it in time for April 1 haha~

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1 year ago

Wth did I just read?

1 year ago

Not that I’ve ever been to a church service but this is what I imagine a sermon would feel like. I don’t know what on EARTH I just read but the writing tone certainly was fantastic ^w^

1 year ago
Reply to  Pego

Thanks! It *is* a preview of chapter 5, no joke.
The King James version of the bible is the most easily referenced sample of 16th century English and was the stylistic inspiration for this April Fool’s joke.
Not a lot of effort went into tense and perspective (much like the actual bible) but I’m glad the tone is spot-on and that you enjoyed it enough to comment!