The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 6.5 (Kijima POV)

Monday: The next week

Amami and I walked down the corridor leading to the school canteen after telling Karasawa that we’d forgotten to buy lunch. Amami had perfectly understood what I was signalling with my eyes, quietly put back the saccharine sweet bun he was about to take out of his bag, and now followed me obediently.

“Squad Member Amami. Do you know what it is that I want to ask you?”

“Captain Kijima, I swear I didn’t do anything inexcusable to Karasawa, blurt out anything strange to him, or sneak into his room to sniff his scent or steal his underwear!”

“The fact that you can even think about those things is bad enough!!”

“I-I see…”

I dragged Amami, who was devastated at the fact that he wasn’t even allowed to think about those things, to a corner at the end of a deserted corridor. Truthfully, I wanted to try Karasawa’s home-cooked food too, but I just couldn’t get time off my part-time shift last weekend.  So I sent Amami alone to Karasawa’s house with more anxiety than I had ever felt in my life. It was like sending a hungry wolf to a defenceless lamb. Looking at Karasawa’s demeanour, I didn’t think anything happened, but I couldn’t relax unless I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

“You really, reaaaally, didn’t do anything, right?”

“I did not.”

“Were you careful with your words as well?”

“I was careful.”

“But Karasawa seems a little down today, doesn’t he?”


“Do you have any idea why?”

“I don’t… hmm… I really don’t know.”

“You paused for a moment there! Try to remember!”


I grabbed Amami by the collar and shook him roughly, his eyes rolling left and right. At this rate, I wanted to headbutt him. When Karasawa came to school this morning, he didn’t seem particularly different. Still, when Amami and I greeted him, he lowered his eyes, seeming a little sad, and replied with a greeting in his usual tone. It was a change so minuscule that I would have thought it might have been my imagination and normally wouldn’t have paid it much heed. But when Amami saw Karasawa’s expression, he muttered an “Ah” in realisation, and when I saw him, I decided I had to ask him for details about what had happened over the weekend.

“Do you really have no clue?”

“Uhm… well… after he treated me to dinner, he asked me if I wanted to stay over for the night.”

My eyes popped at the outrageous statement.

“Huh!? What the… No, go on.”

“Yeah. So, I said no, ‘cause it was definitely a bad idea, but I think I might have come off as a little too rude. I was kinda at my limit too, so I didn’t patch up things and just went home just like that.”

“Hmm… I see…”

This was quite a pickle, I thought as I puzzled it over. To be honest, I wanted to run back to the classroom right away and lecture Karasawa about how he shouldn’t let someone who he knew was an Alpha stay overnight, but that wasn’t an option. In Karasawa’s mind, he and Amami were a Beta and an Alpha, friends. In fact, it wasn’t unusual for someone to stay over at a Beta friend’s house. If you only looked at it from the outside, it was a situation that shouldn’t have been a problem. If you looked at it from the outside, that is.

Amami’s actions that night were spot on, and I would have liked to commend him for not giving in to his desires and rushing in for a sleepover. It was a trivial exchange that wouldn’t have been a problem if they both didn’t care about it so damn much; annoyingly, Amami couldn’t forgive the fact that he was the one who had (possibly) hurt Karasawa.

“I think… I messed up…”

“No, you did the right thing, Amami.  Karasawa is just fatally defenceless.”

“But I like that Karasawa is defenceless…”

“You don’t have to say that out loud. Well, anyhow. Next time, let’s go to Karasawa’s house together. Or if you’d like, we can even meet up at my or your house. Wouldn’t Karasawa feel more at ease if I invited him over?”

“I can’t even imagine Karasawa coming to my house.”

“Your house is out of the question. It’s just too creepy.”


I peeled off Amami, who was clinging to me, and this time, headed to the cafeteria for real. As long as an out-of-control Amami did not lay a hand on Karasawa, it was gonna be fine. I thought it was Amami’s job to take care of Karasawa, who plunged head-first into negativity if left alone. It didn’t seem like I had to play a role this time.

(It was quite something to have a one-sided love for someone, like he did.)

It was already early summer, and the calendar was gradually heading towards the summer holidays: a time of relaxation for students. I was going to spend all my time working part-time, but they were going to focus on their studies and take part in summer classes. Even now, he was making a big fuss daily, and I wondered if this hopeless Alpha could spend more than a month without Karasawa. Him losing control was exactly what I was worried about. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t have a chance to see each other at school during the summer holidays, and we’d each probably spend time in our own ways.

I thought about it leisurely, and I hadn’t realised that Amami wasn’t aware of Karasawa’s summer vacation plans.

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