The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 9

Kijima lent his shoulder—or rather he placed Karasawa’s arm around his shoulder—and dragged him up, but Karasawa suddenly lost his strength so Kijima couldn’t support him and squatted instead. 

“Did he lose consciousness? Damn it.”

An unconscious human body was heavy.

If his legs weren’t able to voluntarily move, then he needed to carry him on his back even if he had to exert himself a little.

Somehow, he managed to slide under Karasawa’s body and put both arms onto his shoulders. Using the walls of the corridor, he hauled him up in one go.

Could he bring Karasawa, whose height and weight weren’t that much different from his, all the way to the infirmary?

Fortunately for them, the infirmary was just in a straight line down the corridor once they entered the school building. So Kijima roughly kicked off his outdoor shoes and stepped onto the dull linoleum hallway floor with his bare feet.

It was just a coincidence that Kijima found Karasawa.

He had planned on going back home with the new friends he made in another class, but he only made it to the shoe lockers before realizing that he couldn’t find his commute pass in its case.

He wasn’t sure where he dropped it, so he planned on looking for it from the first floor all the way to his classroom. When he thought about peeking into the gymnasium where the opening ceremony took place, his nose suddenly picked up a fleeting scent. 

The scent was similar to the smell of the food in school.

Other than in places like a cafeteria, where people can buy food, or a classroom during lunch break—it could only be the pheromones of an omega in heat.

Not to mention, the fragrance was so distinctly spicy that it felt like a dish was placed right before him, stimulating his appetite.

He only knew of one person who could possibly emit such a scent.

Sure enough, in front of the small room behind the school building, Karasawa had collapsed as if he was leaning against something.

He was gasping painfully with cold sweat beaded on his forehead.

He confirmed that an unsealed box of suppressors had fallen at his feet and breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Karasawa was still conscious.

While looking for what he had dropped, up until here he had only come across two people on the way to the shoe lockers after school. The majority of students should’ve either had club activities and the like or had gone home.

He betted on the possibility that he wouldn’t run into an alpha while cutting through the first-floor hallway.

Originally, he might’ve needed to go call for a teacher, or even contact a medical treatment facility, but he thought that Karasawa probably didn’t want to stir up a fuss since he was hiding the fact that he’s an omega.

“C’mon Karasawa, the infirmary is just up ahead……”

If they came across a beta, even if rumors arose for a moment, they’d immediately go away.

Karasawa’s pheromones were as spicy as usual, and it had already been established that he was known to bring spicy condiments around.

His imitation of a beta was clearly very effective, and even if he were to be investigated, he probably has the power to evade it.

Even if they did encounter an alpha, as long as he made a beeline for the infirmary before they recognized Karasawa, it should be fine.

Alphas who came in contact with pheromones did not truly intend to attack omegas. As long as they physically distanced themselves from the smell, they shouldn’t feel the need to chase after them either.

There was only one person he didn’t want to encounter right now.


At times like this, the person he didn’t want to be seen by the most had seen them.

“Ama… mi…”

The infirmary was the room furthest down the hallway. 

And from the stairs right in front of it, a student with a languid gait descended.

An alpha who got along so well with them that they were known by their classmates as an inseparable trio—who talked about silly things with them almost every day, who had a calm and gentle smile with friendliness that never ran out.

It was his friend Amami who stood there surrounded by an aura of absolute domination. 

“What’s wrong? What are you doing here? The teachers said to go home already.”

With the smile he was used to on his face, Amami steadily made his way over.

The lightly curled corners of his mouth, the gentle eyes where only kindness can be felt, and the elegant way of carrying himself. All of them seemed like the usual Amami.

“Get away! …Don’t come any closer, Amami.”

Kijima yelled out sharply, and Amami’s feet halted.

“What? Kijima, aren’t you being too cruel? I’m your friend.”

“You know about it, right? This situation. You aren’t being yourself right now. You’ll definitely regret it afterward. Just stand back for now, don’t come over.”

Right now, it’s not as if Amami has no reaction to the pheromones Karasawa was releasing.

Meeting Kijima’s glaring eyes, the atmosphere around Amami suddenly changed.

His excessive smile disappeared and something alphas used to dominate other people with, which felt similar to the pressure of gravity, was released and pressed down on Kijima. 

“I see… So this is what it’s like when an alpha-sama becomes serious.”

It felt like all the cells in his body were screaming that his opponent was someone he absolutely could not defy.

It seemed his knees couldn’t bend to take even a single step.

It wasn’t only omegas who didn’t want to make enemies out of alphas; betas also had no intention of opposing a source of absolute domination.

“Aren’t you feeling tired, Kijima? You’re sweating a lot. Shouldn’t you set what’s on your back down and go home soon? Just leave the rest to me.”

“That’s the only thing…… I can’t do.”

“Why? As you know, Kijima, that omega is mine.”

Even just exchanging a few words caused his throat to dry up.

An uncomfortable bead of sweat trailed down his forehead.

As it was, Kijima had forcefully inserted himself between the strong attraction force of “Fated Pairs”, similar to a foreign substance between magnets. 

…He’d be crushed.

Even still, Kijima couldn’t falter here.

In a situation like this, Amami was the only person he could not entrust Karasawa with.

By sheer willpower, he put some strength into his legs and waist.

“Look closely, Amami. This is Karasawa! He’s not just any omega!”

“What are you saying? That’s an omega, and he’s releasing such a nice scent because he desires me.”

“That’s wrong! Return to your senses. The Amami I know would never want to hurt Karasawa like that.”

The emotions displayed on Amami’s face twisted with pain.

“Just what are you saying you know about me?”

“You see, I know…… Because I made a promise with you.”

That Karasawa and Amami are equals.

About Amami’s bitter road to love, and how he would support him.

“For that Amami’s sake, I will protect Karasawa. If you are going to hurt Karasawa, to protect you, I will reject you.”

He stared straight into his friend’s eyes.

Every day, Kijima had always been looking at how Amami treasured Karasawa from the sidelines.

There, he could see that Amami’s feelings were structurally different from the instincts of an alpha that chose his pair, that there was only a heart that lovingly cared for the person he liked.

Though he thought that it was a pity that Karasawa didn’t realize Amami’s feelings for him at all, he also felt that it would someday fall into place naturally. 

Whether by fate or by pheromones, without having to voice those feelings, Amami’s intentions to respect Karasawa’s feelings to the very end and shorten the distance between the two would surely reach Karasawa someday.

There’s no way Amami would destroy all that he worked for with his own hands.

“Amami, move. You have suppressors against omega pheromones, right?”


The sense of pressure exuding from Amami had started making his skin tingle with pain.

While keeping a good distance from Amami, who had his head down and stood motionlessly, Kijima continued toward the infirmary and opened the door.

He quickly slipped into the room and locked the door, but Amami didn’t move from his position.

“Hahhhh… That scared me……”

He thought he was going to die just from the pressure.

Forgetting that Karasawa was still on his back, Kijima dragged himself to the door and plopped down. The school nurse working deep in the room amicably met his eyes.

Kijima hurriedly heaved the slipping Karasawa up again then slowly lowered him onto the bed.

“Sensei, it seems like he had suddenly entered his heat. I think he took his medicine already.”

“Third year Karasawa-kun, right? How rare, he’s usually able to control it with his medicine…… His heat might be different from usual since he even lost consciousness. I’ll contact his parents.”

“Yes, please.”

Seems like the school nurse understood Karasawa’s circumstances.

She left the room to go make a call to the faculty office and Kijima followed suit. Just in case. He can’t afford for something to happen.

Although Kijima was no longer under a great deal of stress, he had carried someone all by himself while fatigued and was now completely exhausted.

Exiting into the hallway, he was met with Amami’s figure leaning against the wall.

Amami gave the school nurse a small nod and she bowed in return before departing.

That left Kijima and Amami by themselves.

“……How is Karasawa feeling?”

“He had only lost consciousness. The medicine finally took effect so his pheromones can no longer be sensed. Sensei said she was going to contact his parents.”

“I… see.”

After taking medicine to regain his cool, Amami no longer seemed like the same person he was earlier.

Amami, who was pressing his messy bangs down, seemed a little pathetic. The usual figure that was full of confidence and kindness was a far cry from how he looked now.

Kijima slowly leaned his back against the wall next to Amami, lined up to the side. 

“Kijima, thank you. If Karasawa was found by someone else, then he would have been… by my own hands…”

Hearing Amami’s feeble voice, he didn’t even have to see his slightly trembling shoulders to understand.

Kijima pushed down the fatigue he felt throughout his entire body and tried his best to let out a bright voice.

“But that didn’t actually happen, right? Jeez, you guys are totally hopeless without me~ I get so worried that I can’t take my eyes off of you both.”


“Speaking of which, Karasawa trained quite a lot, huh! He might be even heavier than me. Both his arms and thighs had a decent amount of muscle on them.”

“………You touched Karasawa’s thighs?”

“Wait, hold on, don’t release your pressure on me. It was inevitable. I had to touch them when I carried him, okay!?”


When Kijima presented a smile in an exaggerated manner, Amami mostly calmed down.

Looks like he became calm enough to offer an awkward smile instead.

“Well, make sure to properly return this favor. I’ll forgive you if you treat me to the expensive family restaurant across the station just once.”

“I’ll treat you to as much as you want.”

“Hah~ Words of the rich! That actually wounds me, you’re wounding this commoner.”

“Haha, sorry…… Thanks. I’m really glad that we’re friends, Kijima.”

“No problem. Just don’t fall for me.”

“I won’t.”

Facing each other, they both let out little laughs.

After that, Amami said he was still having a hard time with the remaining scent so he was kicked out. After contacting the school nurse to leave Karasawa in her care, Kijima also went to the shoe lockers to return home.

He also didn’t forget to hand the bag that Karasawa left behind in the school building to the teacher.

“I’m really such a good friend~”

Kijima, who stood up to a serious alpha for the first time in his life felt that he was no longer scared of anything.

It was so terrifying that he wondered whether his heart had frozen over.

If an omega in such a state was approached by an alpha, they wouldn’t have been able to resist. Forget Kijima, who was part of the beta population, an alpha’s influence over omegas was even more powerful.

(Don’t just wait and see, isn’t it better to hurry up and get paired up already……)

This atmosphere was really beyond frustrating.

Before something happens to Karasawa, Amami should firmly take control in his hands. He needed to hear him out once again.

In the end, until the two of them got into a relationship, there was not much Kijima could do as a beta. At the very least, he could only hope that the path they take is not a gloomy or chilly one.

Knowing that he would need to have a strategic meeting tomorrow or later, Kijima’s mind was swirling with various thoughts on his way back home.

The pass he thought he lost was found untouched at the bottom of his bag.

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