So the Medieval Age Has a Split Inheritance System…

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Chapter 33 – Count Enure’s Family

The day of meeting Carla-san and Countess Jeremias, which was postponed due to various circumstances, finally arrived. As I wondered what kind of girl Carla-san was, she turned out to be a normal-looking girl. She was a brunette with average height and average build. Yep, she was normal—compared to my other fiancées.

But the moment she opened her mouth, any hope that she might be a decent girl was crushed.

“…The souls of the sinners written in the prophecy would be forgiven by the flame of purification, and be led to a peaceful land. In the darkness of the night mmrh—”

“Sorry, my hand slipped.”

The moment I heard her words, I got chills down my spine, so I covered her mouth so she couldn’t speak. The old lady called Countess Jeremias sitting beside Carla didn’t get angry at my sudden behavior but looked away instead. Oi, correct her if you are aware she was being problematic.

“If you don’t stop speaking mindlessly, I really will judge you as a fool and attack Deal county instead. Got it, Countess Deal Carla-san?” 

“Mu-?! Hm-?!”

“Stop right there, you fearless lunatic.”

“Are you also picking a fight with me?!”

Countess Jeremias seemed to like that kind of phrasing. Her letters made them sound condescending, so perhaps they were that kind of family.

At this point, Carla was already Countess Deal. Since a count couldn’t have a vassal who was also a count, Carla was already a vassal of the empire. She no longer needed to listen to her grandmother Jeremias. If she really didn’t want to marry, she didn’t need to participate in this discussion.

…But, if she didn’t listen to Countess Jeremias, her county would be targeted by Countess Jeremias, me, and Joachim all at once, so declaring independence was nigh impossible.

“Pufah… haah, haah… A-aren’t you being too much? To suddenly cover the mouth of a person you’re meeting for the first time.”

“So you’re just a sissy atheist, huh.”

“…I’m not that much of a fool to keep the act up in this kind of circumstance.”

“The moment you didn’t deny being atheist makes you a fool though.”

It was rare for fellow aristocrats to meet in person. Unless it was with an aristocrat just before allyship, the risk of assassination was always there. To be frank, there wasn’t much to be discussed here. Things had already progressed to the point that the wedding date with Carla, and the movements of the alliance after that had already been decided.

“Greetings, I am the third daughter of Duke Schult, Burglinde Schult. Please take care of me from now on, Carla-san.”

“Aah, I’ve heard of you. Please take care of me as well.”

Linde-san, who had a track record of throwing Cornelia during the first meeting, didn’t do so toward Carla-san. It seemed that she really just came to see what she looked like, after a brief chat and handshake, Linde-san exited the room through the window. Um, we were on the third floor though?

Just as I thought that, Linde-san went to a carriage parked outside the mansion, took a chunk of silver, carried it on her back, and then re-entered the room through the same window. Considering the amount of silver she carried weighed at least 150 kg, I was glad this mansion was sturdy, otherwise the floor would have collapsed and she would have fallen directly from the third floor all the way to the first. 

Apparently, Linde-san preferred this style of showing off her power to the soon-to-be concubine. Seeing her jump straight from the third floor and return the same way with a weight of silver that normal people couldn’t carry made Carla afraid of Linde-san. I was troubled by her method of showing off superiority, but well, she was still 11 years old, so I guess it was an act befitting her age.

Linde-san was in the process of selling silver and was in a good mood upon receiving a sizable rate for it. I wouldn’t be boorish and ask what she was saving her money for. But according to my chief spy Terrier, it seemed she was saving money to help me purchase the title of duke, so I guess she would present it to me eventually.

…That guy was honestly a competent person, so I’m guessing he will become a count in the future. Since my territory lacks human resources, one could be made a baron as long as they could move according to my instructions. Once I’ve become a duke and had to manage several counties, I would naturally be unable to handle all of them, so I would have some of my vassals become counts. But well, I would need to wait until I had about 10 counties before I could distribute them to my subordinates.

“By the way, what about your son?”

“…If you’re referring to Miranda, he is cooping himself up in Enure county.”

“Aah, so he couldn’t come after all…”

Miranda, the eldest son of Countess Jeremias, was asexual. However, he didn’t have any sons and only had two daughters, with Carla being the second daughter. I was rather impressed he actually had any children despite being asexual. He seemed to have trust issues, but to miss a discussion that would impact his future, was he that helpless of a person?

Countess Jeremias lamented about Miranda’s personality and asexuality, but I think that perhaps it was because Countess Jeremias wasn’t good at educating children. Seeing how Miranda couldn’t correct Carla for being an atheist, I guess it was related somehow. It seems there was a high chance that Carla’s elder sister would inherit Countess Jeremias’ territory in the future.

In that case, Carla’s possibility of succeeding the territory was not low by any means. If something unfortunate happened to the Enure family, the post of Duke Poitiers might go to me. Well, I guess it would depend on who Carla’s sister was married to. I should investigate Carla’s sister later.

The meeting ended with just confirming what had already been decided, and since the wedding would be held next week, Carla would become my concubine. At the same time, I would become a count with 4 counties, granting me the right to become Duke Deal. I’ve had a hard time getting here, but my enemies will become even more powerful from now on, so I had no time to rest. For now, let’s just be happy at the possibility of becoming a duke.

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