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Chapter 65 – Decisive Battle

Among the former orphans, three of the best spies infiltrated the Masia Kingdom, but only one spy named Wayne came back. At first, I was skeptical and thought about the possibility that this guy killed his fellow spies from the same generation, but it seemed that the king of Masia Kingdom had a fairly strong influence, and the nation became one that would kill a spy upon discovery. Considering not even my nation would immediately kill a spy upon discovery, it showed how dangerous that nation was.

As for the obtained information, first of all, the Masian king was originally the second prince but he caused a coup d’etat against the king and seized power. After exiling his father outside the nation, he slaughtered all 13 of his siblings. He really felt like a queen bee. It wasn’t like I didn’t understand his feelings about killing his siblings since we never know when they might demand the throne, though.

And because all his siblings were dead, the territories that were supposed to be divided stayed as they were and he inherited them. Then, by continuing to spread his influence, it became a dictatorship like my nation. It sure was ironic that dictatorship was proof of the peace within the nation in this world. Well, if the king’s influence was weak, their vassals would do things as they liked, which resulted in more war within the nation.

…Regardless of which world or which era, wars of succession between siblings would occur. Even Oda Nobunaga, who loved talents regardless of background, still killed his younger brother. Even the hero Jean d’Arc, who didn’t need to be gender-flipped for fictions, the hundred-year war she was active in was originally a war over succession.

A sibling was the most terrifying opponent exactly because they shared the same blood. Even if one party declared they relinquished their right, that person’s birth and lineage wouldn’t change. Against dangerous people who would eventually bring along their vassals to demand their rights once again, killing them was the best way.

Justification against the Holy King Wagner was the only legitimate one I had. I would use my justification for the Klaus duchy. The name of the war would be Palmer K. Deal war to claim Klaus duchy.

Because I used the same justification when I kidnapped Wagner’s son and declared war on the Carling Empire, it was supposed to still be in a ceasefire period at the moment, but with Wagner declaring independence, founding the Klaus Kingdom, and the Carling Empire being demoted to the Carling Kingdom, things regarding that matter became vague. Therefore, I declared war on him again. It was finally time to settle things with that eldest son.

The worst-case scenario would be Alfred taking advantage of the exhaustion of both siblings and claiming the benefit of the fishermen, but I already confirmed that the Borghardt Kingdom wasn’t in a state of being able to commit action because they had suffered the double punch of earthquake and pandemic. The Estoani Kingdom in the south had its royal army wrecked and currently suffered from civil war so they had no leisure to interfere.

Even if the Lenart Empire of the east declared war, both Schult Principality and Duke Jeremias already agreed to act as shields, so I could strike Wagner with confidence. That said, I ended up having to provide tons of food and weapons to my wives’ parents’ families to make it happen. Diplomacy sure was difficult. Well, I received salt from Schult Principality and tons of iron from Duke Jeremias in exchange, so it was fine.

I even mobilized conscripts, making practically the whole force that the Deal Kingdom could muster, with the breakdown of 2,500 standing army, 1,000 immortal slave soldiers, 2,000 elite slave soldiers, and 2,000 normal slave soldiers. There were also 2,500 conscripts that went by the name of Palpal religion’s fanatics, making a grand total of 10,000 soldiers. Mobilizing this amount of soldiers made it hard to secure logistics, but fortunately, Klaus duchy was next to the Deal duchy.

The infrastructure within Deal duchy continued to expand, and we produced a large amount of dried food, so we wouldn’t starve on the battlefield. We could make water using magic, but that was basically a waste of mana, so we went for local procurement or looting. I did bring water with me in case of an emergency, but I remembered the locations of wells and rivers in the Klaus duchy, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

There were about 7,000 soldiers of the Klaus Kingdom confronting us, and 3,000 soldiers from the allied Carling Kingdom. The other side also had 10,000 soldiers so it might seem evenly matched at a glance, but our soldiers were better trained. Especially the immortal slaves and elite slaves who were clearly stronger than other territory’s standing armies, so there was no way we would lose.

Just as I thought that, the immortal corps on the front was suddenly struggling as soon as the battle began. It was literally only the immortal slaves and elite slaves who were struggling. The vanguard of the opponent’s army consisted of only high level magicians, so the immortal corps fell into a state where they weren’t even able to approach. We were totally outgunned there.

Then both armies fired their cannons, but they wouldn’t be effective against the immortal corps, and the enemy elite armies and magician corps also shot down the shells one after another. This would inevitably become a long-term battle. It would be either their mana ran out first or our perseverance ran out first. Well, I doubt our army could run out of perseverance, so I wondered how long they could bide their time?

… on the flanks, both armies were split and tried to encircle the other from left and right, but I guess Wagner’s standing army and my standing army were about the same level. Even though we have taken in a group of mercenaries and trained them harshly, the fact they were still evenly matched showed the opponent was also properly trained.

On the other hand, the normal slave soldiers and conscripts won a narrow victory against the Carling Kingdom’s troops and Wagner’s conscripts, and while our slave soldiers could revive even after they suffered grievous wounds so our side had the advantage, it seemed we couldn’t win this easily. I was the one who selected this plain as the location for the decisive battle, but they had the advantage since they should have trained in this place.

Then in the area where magic flew about in front, a particularly large mass of ice appeared in the air… that saint lord seemed to have no intention of hiding his location. Did he think he could lure me out if he did that?

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