So the Medieval Age Has a Split Inheritance System…

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Chapter 66 – Eldest and Youngest 

The huge ice block that appeared on the battlefield must have been something that Wagner made. As I drew closer, I also sent scouts ahead to confirm that Wagner was rampaging on the battlefield, so I rushed in on horseback. I didn’t want to have this horse killed, so I dismounted and rode Gramillan’s horse instead at the frontlines… hey, I knew the horse was a coward, but it actually left its master and went left ahead of me. The fact it didn’t even bother to wait until after its master’s duel was quite refreshing.

As soon as he saw me, Wagner shot out fire and ice balls, but of course they didn’t reach me. What a terrible greeting. I ran out of gas with just two shots, so could he stop with the dozens of shots all at once? Please?

“It’s been a while, my dearest, respected elder brother.”

“Do you honestly think I would still have something to say to you? You inhuman bastard.”

It’s been a while since we last saw each other, so I greeted him, but instead he used a flame whip against me. Come to think of it, I kidnapped his precious son, hadn’t I? There were too many reasons that came to mind why I would be called inhuman so I felt a little self-loathing. Just a teeny bit.

I was 15, so Wagner was 24. Wasn’t 25 the most active a person would get? He kept launching attacks one after another, and while I was aware his mana capacity was absurd, the clear difference in our abilities made me a little depressed.

It wasn’t like Wagner had bullied me during my childhood. Considering our age difference, my existence didn’t even register in Wagner’s eyes. Because of the split inheritance system, he was all set to inherit the title of Duke Klaus, whereas I only inherited the Fenz county in the Deal duchy.

I wouldn’t call the difference akin to heaven and earth, but it was at least similar to Mt. Takao and Mt. Everest. If I wasn’t a reincarnator from Japan, my territory would have been confiscated and I would have lived under house arrest, or I would’ve been sent to the battlefield to be killed by now.

Having siblings meant our statuses were at risk of being taken away at any given moment. The eldest and youngest trying to kill each other was common in this world. If it wasn’t between kings, it was between dukes, counts, barons, or even farmers, if their lands were too cramped.

That said, even in the advanced civilization of Japan, land and inheritance disputes had quite a number of cases. Be it land, houses, cash, property… some even disputed the accumulated points in point cards, another source of resentment.

Wagner continued his magic assault for a few minutes. All the bombs that I stored at my back had already detonated, so it felt a little hot. Just when I was about to throw out sulfuric acid, the bottle broke, and I choked on the vapors. He sure was merciless.

My face was probably wounded from the acid and I felt like I was in a terrible overall state. Even if it recovered, it would remain like this for several hours. Meanwhile, Wagner with his relentless attacks, stayed handsome. How annoying. Seriously, this was a battle between a man who was born with everything and a man who was born with nothing.

This wasn’t a formal duel, so I was being attacked from all sides by other people as well. But the immortal slaves became my human meat shields, so I had only retained minimal damage. As I thought about bringing out my whip, Wagner brought out a lump of ice completely different from earlier, over his head. Its end was sharp and drill-like.

Then a whirlwind of flames encased it. What the heck, that looked so cool. He was manipulating opposing high-level elemental magic, but he didn’t even break a sweat, which made him look even cooler. He flung the flame-ice drills at high speeds, and I didn’t have any way to avoid and block it.

He shot blades of ice at me earlier, but those things couldn’t even graze me. Now, they dug deep into my torso, and I felt hot and cold at once. Where I was hit, the heat disappeared, but where the flame vortex struck was scorching. It was like being doused with hot water constantly.

Even though my flame and freeze resistance levels were maxed out, I still suffered damage, which meant that the attacks were at extreme temperatures. I felt the pain, and it was difficult to move, but what could I even say to the fact that I was still alive?

When I grabbed the ice drill to pull it out, my hands were so cold that I couldn’t move. Uwah, this was bad. To think it froze things something touched it… Just how powerful was his magic?

It couldn’t be helped, I gave the slaves behind me orders for a zero-distance bombardment, and the ice was somehow expelled. If the artillery wasn’t in the frontline, I might have already died. Another two ice drills were launched at me, but I countered by grabbing a nearby slave to throw back. They should gain resistance as well anyway, and they wouldn’t die.

Since the distance between us had increased, I ordered the slaves to bring the artifact using the opening. 

It looked like a small harmonica. It did something convenient if you played it because those with low mental strength would be brainwashed… if it was truly something that good.

In fact, if you blew that harmonica-like artifact, the player’s body would burn… so there was no particular benefit for this. If the user wasn’t someone with extremely high levels of flame resistance, regeneration, and endurance, they would die.

Moreover, it didn’t even sound very pleasant or musical – mediocre at best – what in the world was its creator thinking? But since the artifact burned the player regardless of time or circumstance, so long as they can endure it, they could use it. It was useful for increasing endurance.

With the knowledge from my previous life, the name of the game was “Burn and Embrace Thine Enemy.” A suicide attack with bombs wasn’t possible if the bombs exploded before I could get close, but with this, I could try as many times as I wanted as long as I didn’t ran out of energy.

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