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Chapter 67 – Fire Attack

A small force obliterating a large force using a fire attack was often depicted in fiction, but that practically never happened in real life. First of all, a decisive battle in the middle of the jungle almost never happened. As long as there was at least one decent person on the opposing side, they would make sure a fire attack would not occur. In the first place, there was only a limited period of time when a forest could easily burn.

Could you set a fire attack on a castle on top of a mountain? That was also impossible. There was no doubt the trees around the castle in a several hundred-meter radius had already been cut down, so fire wouldn’t reach the castle. Moreover, a fire attack could cause a lot of damage to one’s own side if executed poorly. A lot of soldiers were likely to die from inhaling tons of smoke, and above all, the damage to the battlefield itself was absurdly large.

Establishing a fire attack using my own body could be considered an act of insanity, but the fire attack didn’t stop there. All the slaves behind me were covered in oil, stripped of their armor, and ignited themselves. At the same time, the slave units that came around from behind Wagner also huddled together and ignited themselves as well. 

Since there was no forest or trees around, I could burn human bodies instead. I think several people would suffer heavy burns and die because of that, but this was a one-in-a-thousand chance of killing Wagner. Wagner used his ice and water magic to extinguish the fire, but a human body on fire wasn’t easily extinguished.

I was also surrounded by Wagner’s soldiers, but there was no damage even if I received magic from small fries. It would be weirder to suffer damage if a fireball was shot at a burning man.

A horde of humans with their skin wounded by burns attacked Wagner all at once. That should be like a nightmare from Wagner’s perspective. Seeing zombie-like existences covered in fire trying to embrace them was nothing but terror.

Wagner cut down two of my slaves who approached from behind him with his sword and charged at me. That sword was swung down toward my face, so I took it on my face and grabbed his sword. With this, Wagner could no longer escape.

My forehead bled from the sword, but there was no problem. Rather, Wagner was amazing. Even when Cornelia or Hans, who both had a high level of swordsmanship with good compatibility with their body while using a good sword, had swung at me with all their power, all they managed to do was leave a scratch, yet Wagner’s sword managed to actually reach my skull.

But well, now the distance narrowed to point blank, Wagner was at a dead end. I jumped straight at Wagner and pushed him down. The harmonica-like instrument continued to play as it was held in my mouth, so it was a super surreal sight. Eventually, the fire spread to Wagner’s body and he began to scream, meaning the battle was decided. So I stayed to make Wagner a barbeque as it was.

He writhed for dozens of seconds. Wagner, who continued to resist for an unexpectedly long time, was crushed to death by the burning me and the slaves. Just in case, I stabbed Wagner’s head, heart, and stomach dozens of times using the sword that Wagner had, then sliced through his neck, so there would be no resurrection.

With this, the long-running sibling rivalry in the Klaus family finally came to an end. No, the second son Alfred was still alive, but he wasn’t as strong as Wagner, so it would be a digestive fight after swallowing the forces of the eldest.

…After that, if the Wagner army was energetic and burning with a vengeance for their lord, I was planning to make a performance of biting off and eating Wagner’s body, but they began to surrender without doing that, so we began to extinguish the fire. If it stayed as it was, slaves with low resistance would die. Rather, some of them had already burned to death.

The two slaves who got cut down by Wagner were also gravely injured, and dozens of them died in the aftermath of the battle between me and Wagner. What annoying siblings we were. From our first conflict until now, there must have been around ten thousand people who died because of that. More than half of the fault was on Wagner, though.

For the time being, I had Wagner’s head with me as proof that I killed him, but I would like to preserve his body using formalin for experimentation purposes, so it was collected. I have no intention of mourning for him at all. May he suffer in the afterlife as well. Most of his body was already burnt and already lost tons of blood because I stabbed it with a sword several times, but it should still be useful somehow.

After that, we proceeded to wipe out the Carling Kingdom’s army, while allowing more than half of them to escape to have them spread the word about Wagner’s death to the kingdom. It would be interesting to see whether the Carling Kingdom would split into smaller powers due to the power struggle since the top dog’s position was vacant, or if they would choose to unite against a mighty enemy. It seemed the court was organized before due to the combo of Wagner’s independence and alliance with the kingdom.

…Well, a power struggle could happen in any situation, and if civil war broke out again, I would just consider myself lucky. When I checked the casualty report again, there were 19 slaves burned to death, 11 slaves killed by Wagner’s magic, 9 slaves killed by the magic of the elite troops of the Wagner army, and 1 killed by combined bombardment from both sides, making a total of 39 deaths from the immortal corps, who were supposed to be immortal.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I decided to promote 39 normal slaves who had played an active role in this war. With this, the immortal corps remained at 1,000 people. In order to keep the front line against 10,000 troops without fail, I would need 1,000 slaves, so the capacity wouldn’t change.

With Wagner killed in combat, his territory would be inherited by Behrens, his son who was imprisoned in my house. Compared to fighting Wagner, the simple post-war processing was really easy.

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