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Chapter 68 – Dissolution of a Kingdom

With Wagner’s death, the Klaus Kingdom was to be inherited by his son, Behrens-kun, but the Klaus duchy, the core territory of the Klaus Kingdom, went to me after the war. Simultaneously, Wagner’s vassal counts declared independence one after another in the Upper Terrence and Dismore duchies. The Klaus Kingdom was splendidly dissolved.

All in all, Behrens-kun was left with the Dismore county, the largest of the four counties in the Dismore duchy. As much as it was a bountiful land, though, it could only earn as much as the poor Miller duchy. As a result of the war, the Klaus duchy — the only remaining territory that was under Wagner’s direct control — was handed to me.

The other three counties in the Dismore duchy were originally granted to Wagner in his capacity as a vassal for the Carling Empire’s emperor faction. But of course, they too would declare independence upon Paulus and Wagner’s deaths. But I did tell them that I would accept their allegiance if they converted to the Palpal religion, so they immediately did so after their independence and became my vassals.

Following these series of events, Behrens-kun’s vassals became my vassals. They wouldn’t be able to serve Wagner if they couldn’t read the trends, so none of them rejected the conversion. Wagner educated them well. I had no idea how things went inside their territory, but these new vassals could do something about it, maybe.

In the worst case, if I continued to exile the believers of the Knut religion to show off, everyone would eventually be converted to the Palpal religion. But if there was enough rebellious dissent, I might as well incite them to take action so things would become easier later on.

In the end, the independent counts still had no other choice but to rely on either of the Carling, Boghardt, or Deal kingdoms. They were surrounded by them, and it was impossible to stay independent at this time. If they were dukes, they might have been able to fend for their own, but counts were nothing but fodder for those kingdoms, after all. That said, it felt quite suspicious that they would truly submit to me, their master’s killer.

I expected that they would turn to the Carling Kingdom, but these vassals seemed to be aware that they were the next target. As it was, they found it preferable to obey instead of staying hostile.

Behrens-kun would later become a count with his own territory, but I would handle it as his uncle. My justification against Wagner was only limited to the Klaus duchy, but since I killed him, the Klaus Kingdom was integrated into mine.

I had expected the people of the Carling Kingdom to revolt, but they had stayed silent, and ruling was progressing smoothly. I guess it was the effect of terror governance, huh? Besides all the evil I had already committed so far, I also burned the saint lord to death, so the fear value exceeded the threshold.

Thanks to that, I managed to rule the lands all the way up to the Dismore duchy properly, so let’s just say it was a good thing. Many of Wagner’s henchmen were based in the Upper Terrence duchy, but it seemed it would take some time to conciliate them.

I didn’t want to deal with too much, but a lot of spies from the Boghardt Kingdom snuck in, and the Upper Terrence duchy was also afflicted with a pandemic… Speaking of, that king of lust, according to the increased number of spies I ordered to investigate, there’s a rumor that he caught some venereal disease. Was he for real?

Since he also laid his hands on commoners, he had many illegitimate children. The more women he lay with, the risk of catching a venereal disease multiplied. The same could be said if the women he slept with also had relationships with other men. It meant that the disease might have been widespread. If I thought about it, this was something obvious, but since there was no sign of that until now, I was a little surprised.

…Actually, even in our brothels, such a problem also came up. I did make a law that they bathe before doing the deed, but it wouldn’t be such a pain if that was enough to prevent the spread of the disease. I couldn’t develop a condom that easily either, and substitutes weren’t something people would willingly want to use after all.

Should I have the slave-only brothel only have resistant slaves, or develop condoms instead…? Come to think of it, wasn’t burning the inside and outside of the body with magic the easiest contraceptive and venereal disease countermeasure? Heat sterilization was the most commonly used and best sterilization method by mankind, and all the women who worked at the brothel were slaves who had no right to veto. Before having them washed up, it would be easier to just burn them to kill the bacteria.1

After that, I guess I would have them raise their alcohol resistance and soak the relevant part in alcohol… but if I actually had them burn and sterilize with alcohol, there might be deaths. No matter how much resistance one raises, people could still die when their time comes, after all. As a result of this war, there were only 39 deaths in the immortal corps, but there were quite a number of casualties among the ordinary slaves and the standing army.

The soldiers of the standing army and ordinary slave soldiers had received a certain amount of combat training, even if it wasn’t as much as the elite slaves and they also acquired resistance while doing so. Still, there were a lot of casualties, so it showed how strong Wagner’s army was. As a matter of fact, Wagner seemed to be able to teach magic, so he could mass-produce high-level magicians.

…Including the time when he caused a landslide, I didn’t even want to count how many people were killed by Wagner. But Wagner was no longer in this world. If the information that the king of lust caught a venereal disease wasn’t false news, it seemed I could expand the territory easily from now on.

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