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Chapter 69 – Division

I gained many duchies at once and my territory became adjacent to Borghardt Kingdom at the same time, so I decided to review the army composition. In this world, the standing army would group with only the standing army, and the conscripts would be operated only by conscripts. Up until now, I had also divided slave soldiers according to their level of proficiency and sent them to the battlefield. Well, that made it easier to understand and if I only wanted to make them fight as one, that would be plenty.

But from now on, it was likely that multiple enemy nations would enter a state of war at the same time, so I decided to create units called divisions so that multiple armies could be operated simultaneously. The concept of artillery should also be introduced since the failure rate of artillery was getting lower. Until now, the slave soldiers would just take the damage while it was shot at enemy ranks, but from now on, I would like to operate the artillery regardless of the slave soldiers.

Well, I know the stuff called division, but I didn’t know the detailed definition. It wasn’t like I studied at the National Defense Academy or learned about military history and tactical theory in a serious manner in my previous life, and I didn’t consider myself smart either. Therefore, I explained to the vassals that the division was a highly responsive army that could continue combat actions by themselves in any situation as long as it wasn’t exhausted.

I also abolished the concept of randomly assigning immortal slaves, elite slaves, and ordinary slaves, and instead divided them into upper-class slaves, middle-class slaves, and lower-class slaves. My imagination was lower-class slaves had slightly superior endurance compared to ordinary people, middle-class slaves were highly resilient slaves who could recover in a few days even if they were seriously injured, and upper-class slaves were those superhuman slaves who could recover in a few hours even if they were seriously injured. I would make detailed criteria later, but I think the current slaves would be assigned to these three categories.

I would make the army composition from the 1st division to the 3rd division of the Deal Kingdom to be exactly the same. Gathering only the elites might be stronger in this world, but if I want to promote growth of non-elites, it is better to arrange them in a well-balanced manner. If one of them had greater force, I would tend to rely on the stronger one.

As a result of various considerations regarding the composition of the division, it became as follows.

Deal Kingdom 1st Division

Division Commander: Hans

Cavalry (formerly standing army): 500 people

Upper-class slaves: 200 people

Middle-class slaves: 300 people

Lower-class slaves: 1,000 people

Infantry (formerly conscripts): 1,500 people

Artillery (formerly elite slave cannon operators): 150 people

Cannon: 16 units

Medics (forced conscription): 500 people

Engineer (forced conscription): 500 people

Signal soldiers (forced conscription): 150 people

Total: 6,300 people

By making three of these, there were 18,900 military personnel in total. That said, the 1,500 slave soldiers (infantry) which was the core of the army were unpaid people, and almost all medics, engineers, and signal soldiers were forcibly recruited into the army. I didn’t have enough people, so it couldn’t be helped. For the time being, people who were formerly part of Wagner’s army were also included, so the army became considerable in size, but this still hadn’t reached the 20,000 people from the Carling Empire during its heyday.

I also took in the former standing army of Wagner, allocated them to each military category, and forcefully made a division. For the time being, they would become an infantry division. Among them, the people who actually fought were 4,500 infantry, 500 cavalry, and 150 artillery, making a total of 5,150 people. In other words, the remaining 1,150 were support units. I had no idea whether this was a good ratio.

With this many, there would be quite a few soldiers who weren’t working, but I made rules for the army so that if they didn’t fulfill their roles, their meals would take damage, and since I had to pay those who weren’t slaves, I prayed that they worked properly. Well, when they arrived at the battlefield, there would be fewer people who didn’t work.

Hans, the former mercenary leader and Cornelia’s older brother, would be appointed as the commander of the 1st division. Well, he was a person who could command an army, so it was okay to entrust a large army to him. The 2nd division commander was Wright, and the 3rd division commander was Harting, which meant all division commanders were counts.

Hatring, who had become the only one among my oldest vassals, was excellent in terms of military affairs, and he was quite an excellent person because he didn’t do anything disturbing when I entrusted the role of Prime Minister to him. It was quite lucky of me to have a person like him from the beginning. Well, it could also be said I was quite unfortunate that among 11 barons in the Fenz county I acquired, there wasn’t any decent talent other than this guy.

The remaining 10 people were all replaced by slaves and kicked out, so he really was the oldest vassal. He was still in the prime of his working life, and since he had 2 children, it seemed he got along well with his wives. He was now in possession of one of the counties within Miller duchy in addition to the barony he originally possessed within Fenz county. He had enough credibility to push aside former slaves and be appointed as the division commander.

Later, the General Staff Headquarters would be established. With the cowardly, selfish, and calculating Gramilian at the top, I would also gather smart-looking citizens and former slaves. With this, I finally no longer have to say anything directly about the war. It was a fairly heavy burden after all. In particular, the problem regarding military supplies was always haunting us, so I really think having a department that specializes in taking care of that issue was a wonderful thing.

A military coup d’etat by the faction of the second prince of the Masia Kingdom would soon occur within Estoani Kingdom, and once that happened, I could roughly predict that they would form a set with the Masia Kingdom and attack us together. From the Borghardt Kingdom, there was nothing but hostility, and the Carling Kingdom, which was gradually recovering from the famine, was glaring at us as if it was the enemy of its parent. Well, I was probably the one who actually killed the late emperor, though.

“Schult Principality has declared war on the Lenart Empire. That’s why they sent words to ask for reinforcement.”

“Eh, do they have a chance of winning? Are they completely depending on us?”

“The total military strength of Schult Principality is 3,500 people, but the damage from the earthquake was minor, and since they loot them every year, they are just thinking of taking the territory as well this time.”

“Aah… now that you mention it, they did loot them every year. Anyway, I guess I will send the 2nd division. Among our hostile neighbors, the Lenart Empire seems to be the most energetic, so it’s not a bad idea to reduce their military power.”

The Schult Principality, which achieved independence from the Carling Kingdom, also embarked on a territorial expansion, so I would move in cooperation with that. If it’s Linde-san’s parent’s house, I don’t mind giving a little help. If things go well in the future, I should be able to absorb Schult Principality as it was, and I also wanted to confirm the effect of changing the army composition, so there wasn’t much reason to refuse sending reinforcements.

The Lenart Empire’s army would probably have around 8,000 people, so it would be a big war, which meant they were a good opponent for a performance test. That said, it seemed the cost of the war would be double of what it used to be. Whether or not I would increase the number of expensive toys like cannons would depend on the outcome of this war. This time, Schult Principality would pay the war expenses afterward, so I really did it out of the desire to test stuff. Doing experiments using the funds of others was really fun.

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