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Chapter 71 – Reality

When I entered the market, I saw there were fewer people walking in the main street than back when I visited it as a kid. Well, the population itself was dwindling so it couldn’t be helped. It felt like being shown the effect of how many times Wagner instigated a war over the past few years. Then there was also famine. However, the number of slaves was increasing. Perhaps because both Wagner and I looted so much, the number of serfs had increased dramatically compared to before.

Well, since those serfs could come to the market and shop, it seemed the security around here was on the good side. There was a mother trying to kill her own son just earlier, but let’s ignore that. The store with the most people lined up was a state-run store. They felt like a civil servant working at a state-run supermarket in my previous life in Japan. All the products in the store were sold at the minimum price set by the state.

It wasn’t like people couldn’t sell things at lower prices than what was sold there, but there was no idiot who would compare their resources with the state, so they either sold things at low prices obediently or set up a shop that sold better quality things. The market was still small, so the government knew and controlled things in the market. 

As I walked through the market, I realized that the number of shops selling entertainment items had increased, along with the number of shops selling weapons and armor. Well, there were two types of entertainment items: educational toys that children play with and powders that adults play with. Didn’t the expensive powders need to be regulated? It would definitely cause a backlash.

There were also two types of stores that sold weapons and armor: Those that sold looted products and those that had workshops… It was funny to see that Wagner’s military flag was casually being sold there. I would have to confiscate it later.

When I went to weapon shops with workshops set up, there were quite a few swords and spears lined up. There were some artifacts inside, but the true identity of them was that they probably washed up here from the southern continent beyond the sea. It was said that there was a reasonable possibility that such artifacts were being mass-produced on the other continent.

This dagger artifact had the characteristic of “repeat” and it seemed would return to the thrower’s hand after being thrown. Just as I was about to try it, the store owner called me to stop. Apparently, when it was thrown, it certainly would return to the thrower’s hand, but it seemed it would do so at a speed proportional to the speed it was thrown. And obviously, the blade would face the thrower as it returned, so it would automatically pierce the thrower’s palm or the back of their hand. 

Price-wise, I guess it was about 3 million yen in Japan-terms? The reason it was expensive despite its drawback was because of the characteristic of the artifact, but I think the price was a bit of a rip-off. I would still buy it, though. With that characteristic, I would still buy it even if it was 10 million yen. The money came from taxes paid by citizens anyway, and since it was used for the legitimate reason of strengthening the lord, there should be no complaint.

Many artifacts like these didn’t need to be maintained and were sturdy, and for a person like me, that drawback couldn’t be considered one so having it able to return to my hand automatically was enough reason to buy it. Well, there was someone like me, so I guess 3 million was a fair price. The sharpness was also outstanding, and since I do have the characteristic of Swordsmanship LV 1, I guess I would carry it with me.

I casually handed over a bag of money filled with gold coins, received the dagger, and threw it as hard as I could. Then after it moved a certain distance and was about to fall, the dagger flew back and its tip pierced my palm slightly. Oh, this was a jackpot. The fact it could actually pierce my skin showed how strong it was. It also returned at high speed so it was good stuff. It might be questionable what I was going to become even stronger for, though… I wished I had this before I fought Wagner.

…No, if a normal person tried to use this, it would produce the tragic result of the bones of their hands and fingers being penetrated. As expected, the store owner was really surprised. Well, I made a good purchase and felt better, so I would put this shop in the next newspaper advertisement. It was a newspaper published by the state and I encouraged all Palpal believers to read it, so the publicity effect should be great. It also served to check whether the advertisement was effective or not.

Noon came and I had lunch at a place like a public dining hall run by the government. I had acquired hunger resistance, but I still wanted to eat normally. Just because I had the resistance didn’t mean I wouldn’t be able to starve to death.

The daily wage was 1,000 yen x 8 hours, so it was 8,000 yen, and the price of the lunch in this dining hall was 500 yen. It was reasonably priced, but it wasn’t cooked well. However, it was a large portion, so even an adult man could eat it to the full.

The contents were a loaf of bread hollowed out and stuffed with a large amount of vegetable stew. It had an impact because it was placed on the platter. The white part inside seemed to be a sandwich from a nearby shop for wealthy people.

…I thought there were a lot of vegetables in it, but there were several kinds of potatoes in it, and they were used to sloppily increase the portion. Also, there was a fair amount of meat on the bottom. I had no idea what kind of meat it was, but it didn’t taste like human flesh, so it was probably not made using human meat.1

Apart from this, it came with two hard round loaves of bread, which were eaten by dipping them in the stew. If it was eaten plain, it was very hard, or rather, this was the bread made at the Deal county’s bread factory that lasted a long time. Because it was produced a lot, I guess the stock got consumed this way. Well, it was cheap stuff, so there was almost no taste in the bread, so as long as it was eaten with the soup, I guess it was fine.

For the time being, the food situation was much better than it was a few years ago. Mass production and mass consumption had begun to stabilize things. There were still problems, but the quality of life was gradually improving, and I hoped there would be less rebellion in time.

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