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Chapter 74 – Obedience

“Wyvern units!”

“Fireball, incoming! Watch out!”

Several dragon-like creatures took off from the Pope’s side but were confined in a narrow terrain. There were humans on their backs, so they must be wyvern riders. What the heck, I hadn’t heard that they had an air force. The spies should have investigated this kind of thing and told me beforehand.

Judging by the type of armor they wore, and the wyvern itself, they were likely soldiers from the Masia Kingdom. Probably the trump card of the Masia Kingdom’s army. There were only nine people and nine wyverns, but if they carried explosives, they could carpet bomb our side.

…But why did the wyvern riders attack with magic? The wyvern spewed fireballs, but they weren’t that big, and they were so slow our soldiers could avoid it as long as they noticed it. Some didn’t even need to avoid them to begin with.

And because they were flying within the range of our guns, some of them were shot down and dashed back. Eeh… was it alright for their supposed trump card to be that weak? The rider’s magic was certainly strong, but its power decayed by distance and by the time they reached us, it could be withstood normally, so I felt like they wasted their strong points.

If they at least carried multiple bombs and unilaterally carpet bombed targets from a high altitude, we would have suffered considerably… but considering the demons of this world were weak, it was doubtful if they were capable of flying to a high altitude to begin with.

The enemy’s trump card wasn’t a big deal, and when the army was completely entrapped, the fort on the opposite side caused a landslide as planned and nearly 10,000 enemy troops were swallowed by the earth and sand. It was the same concept that Wagner used. You could easily cause a landslide by building a mound, setting gunpowder under it, and detonating them.

Now with a new obstacle, the enemy had no choice but to attack the army that covered the path of their retreat… but at this moment, the 3rd division that had covered the enemy’s path of retreat joined the 2nd division, which had defeated the Lenart Empire. From the perspective of the enemy army, there was only one way forward, and that was exactly where the tiger and the wolf waited with their jaws open.

Their backup troops had arrived, but they were too late. Just after sunset, they launched a night attack, but for some reason, they started to attack each other so there was nothing for us to do any longer. Wasn’t it silly to launch a night attack on a road without light sources, and you couldn’t see anything beyond a few meters ahead in the pitch-black darkness?

In the night battle, Cornelia skillfully guided the enemy forces to kill each other, so this was probably the most notable battle achievement. Even though she was known as my concubine, her military achievements were so great that if I passed on a large amount of territory over to her, it wouldn’t be seen as favoritism. But for the time being, let’s hand over most of the Klaus duchy and increase the tax rate.

It would leave my influence if I gave it to a regular vassal, but if that vassal was someone I married, it would come back to me anyway. This was pretty important, and I would eventually entrust Linde-san with territory as well. But she was still underage, so I couldn’t give it to her right away.

The enemy army’s night attack failed, and with an astounding loss of both supplies and soldiers, they surrendered one by one the next day. A coalition like this was weak when they surrendered arbitrarily the moment it was more likely it would end in defeat. Armies of counts and dukes already ran out of supplies, and I wondered for what reason they were coming all this way. For the time being, I collected their weapons and equipment and gave them an ultimatum to convert their faith or die.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Have you not understood the purpose of this war?! My faith will never change!”

Among the counts that first surrendered, this one had a high sense of pride and chose death. Execution by saw. I told the other surrendered nobles that perhaps they would have a better decision after they watched that lump of pride hang in front of them.

His arms were bound in rope and forced over his head, and his legs were restrained so that he wouldn’t be able to escape. His mouth wasn’t gagged, and he hurled an unending stream of insults toward me despite his surrender. He fell silent when he saw the executioner, with the saw in his hand. 

The saw was something recently mass-produced for large-scale logging and wood processing in the territory. Wood was also used as building materials for reconstruction efforts after earthquakes. The civilians had one saw per household so they could fight in case of an emergency.

On top of that, I decided to use them for executions. In this world, some people could develop resistance and make themselves sturdy, but I wanted a method that could reliably execute slaves. So I decided on a method that would cut a person’s body in half at the height of their heart.

This count wasn’t particularly sturdy, so he screamed tremendously loud as soon as the saw touched him. It was so noisy that I second-guessed the decision not to gag him. But that seemed to help convince other counts and dukes, so let’s just say his death wasn’t in vain.

He died a martyr, so I was sure he went to heaven. Our army had many fanatics of the Palpal religion and told the executioner that “you did a good job” and “you committed a great deed” and was paid graciously, which further convinced the counts and dukes to convert. Well, they would choose to convert as long as they value their lives after all.

…The enemy army should already have nearly 20,000 casualties. There were about 10,000 surrendered to us, but there were still many left, so I would annihilate the rest and detain those that had high utility value. Considering the military’s attrition rate, it shouldn’t be strange for the military discipline of an enemy to collapse and they decided to run away, but the fact they could still fight showed that the power of religion was really strong here.

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