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Chapter 77.5 – Tremble

The day before the Estoani Kingdom decided to surrender. The wyvern and its pilot that was hired by Deal—that recently became an empire—noticed that Palmer’s slave, who was picked to ride the wyvern alongside him, was trembling violently.

“What’s wrong, are you scared of flying?”

“No, I’m fine with flying. I can withstand high altitudes and I have no doubts about Butler-san’s piloting skills. You are a veteran mercenary group leader after all. It’s just…”

“It’s just?”

“I’m suddenly aware of how many lives would be reaped by the bomb in my hand right now, so…”

The man called Butler tapped the frightened slave’s shoulder. After that, he gave a pep talk usually directed to a recruit.

“Don’t be anxious. You see, all you have to think about during a war is killing the enemy. Abandon all other thoughts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do your job. You only need to think about how to accomplish the mission given to you, that’s all.”


This slave was a middle-ranked slave that has accompanied Palmer since his first battle. Despite experiencing hellish training, his endurance was low. Because of how timid he was, even Palmer suggested he become a serf instead to keep him away from the front lines.

But as he gained experience on the battlefield, his combat abilities such as his swordsmanship and shieldmanship gradually improved, and he was able to accomplish the tasks assigned to him despite how timid he was. That was why he was entrusted with a big task this time. If he succeeded, he would be granted a baron pedigree in his homeland, the former Aubrey Kingdom.

It was a bomb that could kill so many people that not only could it turn the tides of war, but it could even affect the survival of a nation. Palmer’s slave was frightened but he made sure to hold the bomb tightly and strengthened his resolve.

“A message came from his majesty the emperor. It’s the order to drop the bomb.”

“Okay, I understand. Hey, let’s go.”

“…Yes, let’s go. Please fly as high as you can.”

Butler’s weight was 60 kg, Palmer’s slave’s weight was 48 kg, and the large magic bomb weighed 22kg. The wyvern that carried a total weight of 130 kg rose into the sky without wearing armor. The plan was to fly so high that no attack would be able to reach it after all.

“Are you going to slam that thing onto the ground?”

“No, if the protrusion in the middle is pushed and then twisted, it will explode 30 seconds later. Therefore, I plan to drop it from the same height as that mountain.”

“It’s hard to fly that high for me… but I guess it can’t be helped.”

As they reached their destination point, Palmer’s slave activated the detonator of the large magic bomb he was carrying and immediately dropped it. Right after that, he shouted.

“Please get away at full speed! Otherwise, we’ll turn into ashes in an instant!”

“O-ouh. You don’t have to panic that much, right? That bomb is supposed to take some time to explode after reaching the ground, isn’t it?”

“Whatever, just hurry up!”

Butler got pushed by Palmer’s slave’s ferocious momentum so he instructed his wyvern to leave the area at full speed and the wyvern responded by accelerating.

Twenty seconds later, the world shook.



“Hold on! You’ll die otherwise!”

The wyvern received the shockwave from below and started to fall. But thanks to the fact that they were already getting away from the location at full speed and the lack of purity in the magic essence that made up the majority of the large magic bomb, the wyvern’s wounds were shallow and it managed to recover somehow. As it slowly lowered its altitude and followed the return route calmly, the two witnessed an outrageous scene.

“Oi… this, how many people died?”

“…At the very least, everything within a one-kilometer radius of the explosion ceased to exist. There’s no human presence at all.”

“There was a fort over there, right? Not even rubble was left behind.”

“There’s nothing left. Be it the surrounding villages, people, farmlands, all of them disappeared from the map without a trace.”

The two of them gradually felt depressed at the realization of the outrageous things they had done, and when they returned to the base, they saw other wyvern soldiers preparing to fly away with Palmer’s other slaves carrying small magic bombs.

“Hey, those bombs are dangerous. It doesn’t matter if the other parties are soldiers or civilians, it just blows everything away.”

“Aah. The shockwave earlier reached all the way here. There’s no doubt you are the hero of this war. You can be proud of it.”

“You mean… more of those things will be used?”

“Aah. The thing you guys used earlier is a large magic bomb after all. Those who are going out after you are carrying degraded, smaller magic bombs, so they would no longer hesitate.”

Butler, who spoke to the count serving as the base commander, realized they were used as psychological pioneers.  So the wyvern soldiers that flew after them threw small magic bombs into the fortress one after another and achieved great results.

This was no longer a war, but a massacre. Almost all the peasants who had gathered to fight turned to dust, and more than 90% of the people inside the fortress died. In just one day, the radical anti-war faction disappeared and the Estoani Kingdom surrendered.

Following the war, the rebellions within the Deal Empire ceased to occur because of the horrific truth that spread around the Deal Empire that followed.

The neighboring nations were shaken by the surrender of Estoani Kingdom occurring much earlier than they expected. The next target the Deal Empire decided on was the Borghardt Kingdom.

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