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Chapter 77 – Empire 

Ever since the former Carling Kingdom became part of my territory, it had exceeded even the time when the Carling Empire was at its greatest. I now called it the Deal Empire instead of the Deal Kingdom. After conquering the Estoani duchy of the Estoani Kingdom, the capital was transferred to the Melville duchy, which was south of the Estoani duchy. While they gathered citizens from other regions, they didn’t retaliate.

According to the spies, that nation was divided into two groups: the “resisting to the bitter end” faction and the “surrendering” faction. Just before the siege, King Estoani escaped from the Estoani duchy, but since the place had been bombarded for almost half a year, he should have understood that he was no match for me.

After about three months of staring at each other, the other party began to reorganize their army. So they decided to resist to the bitter end? In the meantime, our magic technology was developing, and I learned that if you hit the magic essence—which made up magic power—under certain conditions and at a high volition, it was possible to unleash energy and magic essence faster.

…Simply said, the magic version of nuclear fission was born. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like an atomic bomb since it didn’t spread toxic substances after detonation, but it was very convenient. When I experimented with a small version of the bomb, a huge crater with a diameter of about 500 meters was created. Obviously, I didn’t want to test the large version inside my nation. 

That was why I presented a magic communication tool to King Estoani. This tool had a mechanism that lit up when a remote pressure plate was stepped on and could deliver letters directly to the recipient. It was an excellent tool once I got used to it and could be used like a chat messenger on a touch panel. It could only be used by a specified person and it was bulky, but they were minor things when you thought of the advantages of instantly communicating with someone in a distant land.

[“Surrender. Otherwise, all of you will die.”]

[“I will never surrender. Everyone is prepared to continue to fight.”]

After confirming that the magic tool had been delivered, I told him to surrender, but he refused. Since it couldn’t be helped, I ordered the wyvern soldiers I hired to drop a large magic bomb on a nearby fort. I only told them that it was “a slightly powerful bomb” but just in case, to drop it from a high altitude. I think the slaves among them knew how powerful they were, so they would attack at a safe enough height.

Instructions were issued with the magic communication tool as well. Dozens of minutes later, when I entered the southernmost area of the Estoani duchy, the fort of the Estoani county, I felt a shockwave. It was like an earthquake. The bomb was just that powerful.

I worried that the whole Melville duchy would end up completely obliterated, but King Estoani sent a message through the magic communication tool, so it seemed he was still alive. But the targeted fort wouldn’t be able to avoid destruction and the residents of the nearby village would similarly be completely wiped out.

[“B-bastard, do you have no conscience at all!”]

[“I already urged you to surrender. And you refused. That’s why I erased that fortress from the map. It’s just that simple. I guess the nearby villages got blown away as well. What’s wrong? If you say you want to surrender, I might be generous and accept it, you know?”]

[“What bullshit are you talking about? You wretched demon lord.”]

[“I see. Well, if you change your mind, I will accept the surrender anytime, you know?”]

They still wanted to fight, so this time I let the wyvern soldiers drop small magic bombs. The whole area around the castle should have turned into a burnt field. By the way, wyverns were capable of carrying two at a time and were capable of flying at high altitudes. Why didn’t the wyverns of the Masia Kingdom do that with bombs?

Anyway, the wyvern riders had collars that would tighten around their necks if they disobeyed orders, and the one who actually dropped the bomb was a slave who rode behind them, so there was little chance of being betrayed. It was a small magic bomb, too, so even if they turned around to betray me, I would survive. But it was crazy that 90% of the fortress got wrecked in just half a day. If our army went to the enemy now, they could no longer resist.

[“…How long will this continue?”]

[“As long as you don’t surrender, I’ll do the same to other duchy, but is it okay to keep going? You might get wiped out literally, you know?”]

[“If it’s you, you might really wipe us out with a nonchalant face… I’ll surrender.”]

The next day, King Estoani surrendered. It seemed more than 500,000 people died because this decision was delayed by a day. The conscripts gathered there, and the fortress alongside the surrounding villages must have been devastated by that large magic bomb. Although the responsibility was on King Estoani, the problem was to be dealt with by the people. Unlike the Estoani duchy, the people of the Melville duchy didn’t put up any resistance.

The large-scale bombing equivalent to a massacre in the fortress spread terror throughout the Melville duchy. Let’s see, let’s replace the villain with King Estoani and twist the story. The ones at fault were the upper echelons of the Estoani Kingdom who didn’t surrender immediately. Once it turned into the truth, I should tear down the ruling class.

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