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Chapter 78 – Mutually Assured Destruction

The magic bomb used in the Estoani Kingdom required a process of extracting a specific magic essence among the essences that made up magic power, and then compressing it while absorbing the generated heat, so if the purity lowered, the firepower would drop as well. It was natural for power to drop if the chain reaction was interrupted, but when the large magic bomb was made, the purity would definitely drop, so they wouldn’t be able to reach the expected theoretical firepower.

Since the formula used to calculate the power output was the same one for approximating nuclear power, it definitely was not precise. I never thought I’d end up using the formula at all in my lifetime, but it was simple and hard to forget once you memorized it. It’s E=cρR5/t2.

If the magic bomb technology got leaked, the Deal Empire might also end up bombed. There were no technological breakthroughs on missiles or the like, but anyone can get the idea of carrying a bomb and dropping it. With magic technology, they could also think about sending bombs from a distance. In the future, magic missiles will definitely be implemented.

It was mutually assured destruction. It was barely stopped thanks to ethics. However, things like ethics were unreliable in this world. One wrong move could lead to the extinction of mankind. Even in my previous world, there was no guarantee that mutually assured destruction wouldn’t occur after I died. Considering the number of nuclear weapons across Earth was more than enough to wipe out the planet dozens of times over, that danger was always there.

What to do if I wanted to prevent technology and strategy from being leaked to other nations? The answer was extremely simple. Destroy every other nation before the technology could spread. Back during the Mongol Empire, one of the most prosperous empires on Earth, when Genghis Khan reigned, they used similar cavalry tactics many times. It was the so-called “lure the enemies and crush them” tactic in my previous life.

However, there was not a single nation that had countermeasures for it. They were all thoroughly defeated before it could spread. Furthermore, the Mongol Empire had a reputation of excessive looting and massacre, which resulted in no outsider who lived to tell the tale. If the invasion was fast enough, it was possible to overtake the speed of technological development and information spread by the spies.

I intended to conquer this continent anyway. The schedule was just brought ahead a little bit. I declared war on the Borghardt Kingdom before the internal processing of the Estoani Kingdom concluded. I didn’t even recommend the other side surrender beforehand and dropped magic bombs on the Borghardt duchy’s fortress, their royal capital. Considering the future, it was better to kill off my older brother Alfred, and removing the palace with his harem was a good thing.

…Two hours passed after I gave orders. The castle collapsed from a single attack. Six bombs exploded within the fortress as planned, and reports said that any human presence within the fortress was completely gone. On the same day, the lower Terrence duchy and the Gra duchy—where I sent an invasion force—put up organized resistance. But the morale of the Borghardt army there dropped completely after a magic bomb detonated in the center of their army, and they ran away.

Operations that focused on nuclear weapons weren’t uncommon in games. Now that I applied it in real life, I had to ensure the premise that no one would be able to strike back. If I only did it half-heartedly with a single bomb, I would end up with a painful counterattack. In the case of utilizing a weapon that was too advanced, there was no going back.

The production rate was quite high, with a small bomb produced every two days. Since it would be disastrous if a bomb got stolen, I used them all before it happened. The bombs weren’t just weapons of war, but tools for mining and road development in the mountains. Because it was clean energy that didn’t leave radiation, it was a waste to only use it for war. Of course, before information about them would leak, I’d crush anyone before they could make any imitation.

Dozens of days later. After conquering the Borghardt duchy, the provisional government of the Borghardt Kingdom declared its surrender. They easily accepted the condition to convert to the Palpal religion, so I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. But come to think of it, their former king was excommunicated by the pope of the Knut religion. Considering the citizens didn’t have a strong faith, it seemed governance would be easy.

I wasn’t optimistic about the king of lust’s death just from this, so I offered a bounty for his head to make sure. His dozens of children must have died from the initial explosion, so I would like to think none survived. Having a total stranger who just happened to be your blood relative waltzing through the world later on would make things very troublesome, and claims to be the emperor’s nephew would be a pain to deal with.

With this, the northwestern part of the continent was almost completely under my control, and the westernmost nation of this continent, the Renan Principality, was an unfortunately dead civilization. I heard that some fellow claimed to be a king, but it lacked the scale of a kingdom. They did not adopt the Knut religion, and they still performed pagan rituals with sacrificial rites, so they didn’t need to be considered an enemy.

If they were just a nation of barbarians, the Borghardt Kingdom would have crushed them long ago, but since they still remained, they must have been strong and violent. But I didn’t have much time to gather information, so I declared war regardless. Rather than leaving people behind undeveloped land on the coast, it would be easier if I turned them into a vacant lot.

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