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Chapter 79 – Marriage

Since Linde-san just turned 15 years old, she was considered an adult, so we proceeded with the wedding. Considering how much I exploited her yet she still followed without much complaint, I think she could be considered a saint. That said, it seemed she became capable of bending unknown metal that not even a magic bomb could damage and then processing that metal into a sword. If Linde-san and I ended up in a quarrel, it seemed it would end up as a horrific marital quarrel.

It wasn’t like the wedding needed to be a grand ceremony, but I would spend a lot of money to show off the power of the emperor domestically and internationally. The source of money was taxes from the people. It was an example of a scum ruler who collected the citizen’s money as wedding gifts.

Well, both the Carling Kingdom and Estoani Kingdom also imposed additional taxes for the weddings of their kings and princes, because considering the amount of alcohol served to all attendees they wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

Then the day of the wedding parade came. Immediately after we left the castle, a bomb fell and hit the carriage that was in front of the one Linde-san and I were riding in. In addition, the carriage behind was also bombed. It made the motivation of the assassin hard to feel. Looking at the sky, it seemed that wyvern soldiers from the Masia Kingdom were dropping bombs.

Considering the power of the bomb, I wouldn’t die even if dozens of those bombs exploded on my head, and while Linde-san might end up hurt if she was caught by a direct hit… she also earned a minimal amount of poison resistance and resilience as she trained the slaves, so I think she would be fine. Rather, the air defense was so loose that I couldn’t help but laugh. I need to prepare anti-air guns around the royal capital.

The guard on top of the ramparts probably couldn’t catch the wyvern since it flew high above the clouds… Why must I think about such a thing during a celebration day? For the time being, the people in the carriages in front of and behind us were sent to be taken care of and replaced with spare personnel, and the parade continued.

I was thinking of giving closing greetings after going around the capital, but I changed my mind. I guess I should declare that the current king of Masia Kingdom and his aides be slaughtered, including their relatives. I also declared that Masia duchy, the core of Masia Kingdom, should be bombed into flatland. With the previous King of Masia dead in the last crusade, the three siblings there proceeded in a war of succession, which was won by the eldest son, who happened to be the most anti-Deal Empire among the three.

After that, I heard they were recovering their capital, which was devastated by civil war and corruption, but I never thought they would come directly to kill me. It wasn’t like this was the first time I was almost assassinated. Considering the things I’ve done, it would be weirder to earn nobody’s grudge, and I’ve been stabbed in the back several times…

But this was the first time someone ruined my plan spectacularly. Rather, despite what they did, the carriages were sturdy so nobody died, but on the contrary, the wyvern soldiers who dropped the bombs were sniped by the royal guard’s magic and crashed to their deaths… It was very unfortunate that they died instantly in the crash. I wish I cremated them alive instead.

If the bombs dropped were things we produced, things might be different, so I was glad the technology didn’t leak. Since Renan Principality couldn’t even last 10 days, I guess Masia Kingdom would be the next target. Let’s kill all people with high status, all the way to the south of Masia Kingdom, the papal territory.

“My current self could no longer say I am blindly in love with you like how I once was. You have slaughtered innocent people, erasing those who oppose you… earning deep grudges from the people of the nations you have conquered.”

“Well, it is true that the number of innocents I have slaughtered has reached millions. Even on the Estoani duchy, I erased a whole county, and I did something similar to Borghardt duchy.”

“…However, there’s no way to go back. Now that you’ve pushed your supremacy this far, choosing to turn back now is no different from choosing your own ruin.”

After the ceremony ended successfully, we were having a serious talk before our first night. The atmosphere was so heavy it was hard to believe we would proceed with night activity after this. Come to think of it, Linde-san changed the way she referred to me from “Palmer-sama” to “you,” but I think it changed around the time I developed the magic bomb. I think Linde-san’s favorability decreased sharply back then. Well, I didn’t put much effort into raising her favorability, so it couldn’t be helped.

“The majority of the remaining citizens are ecstatic that your rule is absolute. However, it is still not 100%. And as long as it’s not 100%, things that happened today could always happen anytime.

…If you, who give fear to people, feel fear about it, then I will bear half the burden. No matter what happens, as your Empress, I will kill my emotions and fulfill my role.”

After Linde-san said that, she smiled as she said “Now we officially become husband and wife, let me act cool a little.” To put it simply, she was saying “I will support you no matter what,” so perhaps her resolve was greater than mine. Truly, I think I got myself a good wife.

That said, when she embraced me, my heart almost pushed out of my body, physically. Well, the fact I didn’t suffer great damage even when Linde-san embraced me seriously, it made me feel my growth. It felt less painful than before, so maybe I would no longer faint even if I got buried in earth and sand.

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